Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3664

With thunderbolt shuttle, Suzuki clouds can explode in an instant manner.

Even if the power of the opponent is much stronger than himself, it will be sure that the other side will be taken away.

Look at Suzuki’s clouds, Ju Yongzhou shook the head:

“This thunderbolt shuttle is indeed formidable power, but you must be careful when you use it.”

“This thunderbolt shuttle, former owner is Wu Wah, and if you do not want to exorcise Su Family, this thunderbolt shuttle will never be easy to use.”

Deeply nodded, Suzumi Cloud: “Don’t worry, I won’t use thunderbolt shuttle.”

“Even if I want to use it, I can definitely guarantee that all those who have seen this thunderbolt shuttle will not have the opportunity to speak again.”


the face of the Suzuki cloud, Jules Faintly smiled, not at all said much.

It’s so precious that it’s hard to say it’s not going to work.

And who can guarantee that there will be no disaster on the move?

In fact, with the innate talent and talent of the Suzuki cloud, just give him enough time.

Even if you’re guilty, what about Wu Family?

Of course, all of this presupposes that the clouds must grow as soon as possible.

Look at Suzumi Cloud, Jung-woomer Nodded.

Suzukumoto is a good one, and now three hundred sixty pieces of magic blood have been eaten.

The future of the clouds is all the more promising.

Others, in the face of such opponents as Suzuki Cloud, I’m afraid the killer will be assassinated long ago and the clouds will be removed.

More than that, just say now, as long as Ju Yokosu is willing, he can easily kill the clouds.

Yusuko Yun Yun Yun, I don’t know what to do with life!

Suzuki Yun’s arrow is, indeed, outstanding, or even achieved perfection!

But the unseen shield that Ju Yokosu just captured has completely killed Suzuki Yuk.

In front of the hidden turtle, all arrows fired by the clouds of Suu Yu will be returned.


Suzuko clouds don’t do it, and once the Suzuki clouds do it, that’s the same thing to do with him.

What did he take when the Suzuki clouds were blocked?

He has no choice but to turn his head down.

But in fact, Jung-woo would never do that.

The clouds of Suzuki are taking Ju Yongzhou as their own tornado.

Why didn’t Jung-woo try to make Suzu cloud his own target?

Moreover, the Suzuki clouds are not useful for Yokota, but rather for positive competition.

How could Jung Yongqiu fall and do it behind Suzuki’s back?

Don’t look on the surface of the Suzuki cloud, and it seems that a lot of immoral things have been done.

But Jules can understand.

As a family boy, there’s a lot of things he doesn’t have to do.

Now Su Family, it’s not the time for Su Yun to be the owner.

As for those who dig Jules, send Jules to the most remote, most dangerous islands.

Similar instruments are, in fact, the most normal commercial means.

Though it looks despicable, shameless, unacceptable.

But that’s the reality. That’s society!

Even if you’re unhappy, Jules can only endure it.

the world is a triumph, survival of the fittest.

People dig the corner, and that only means that they’re not strong enough.

The most impoverished and dangerous places have been arranged, which only means that they are powerless and isolated.

In fact, Jung-woo is not all sitting here waiting for him to be killed by Su Family.

朱横宇也已经安排下了一连串的杀招,等着Su Family 呢。

Jung-woo is also a commercial tool and manipulates everything through power.

There is nothing morally immoral, despicable.

And don’t say how Ju Yokosu thinks…

Zhou Yongzhou and Suzu Yun, between the road and the hill where King Nether Soul was once stationed.

In the heart, Jung-woo turned around, suggesting that Suzuki clouds would wait a little bit.

Then Ju Yongzhou went all the way to Peak Hill.

Looking for the body of the three colleagues in the Wu Wah pool soon.

Actually, it’s a corpse, and it’s not too accurate.

With more than 300 Nether Soul’s hanging, the three partners of the Wu Wah pool have been completely torn apart into pieces.

The only one who stays in his place is those three suits.

As for the fleshy body of the three cultivator, the thoroughly, which has disappeared, cannot be left without a bone fragment.

In a wave of hands, Ju Yokosu will disperse three suits of purification on the ground and earn a secondary ring.

Looking around a week, confirming there’s nothing left behind.

Ju Yongzhou, that’s why he turned around and ran the way to Suzuki Cloud.

Then, together with the Suzuki clouds, it took more than a week to reach the Grand Canyon to 3rd-layer.

Look at that canyon, incomparable gigantic.

The bottom of the canyon, the red flame of the bear.

The temperature, even far apart, can burn your hair!

Feel that high temperature, Jung-woo doesn’t wrinkle his eyebrows.

Such a high temperature, not at all!

Look at Jules’ grief, Suzuki’s clouds have to laugh.

between righthand turns, Suzuki clouds took out a small jade bottle and threw it lightly to Jules.

“This is…”

In the face of Ju Yongzhou’s doubts, Suzuki’s clouds are fresh: “This is Waterwater Dan, which can be temporarily, united up with a shield, isolated from the cool heat in the canyon!”

Waterwater Dan!

Hear this name, Jupiton Wood wrinkles up.

This waterfall, Sixth Grade medicine pill, is very expensive.

For too little information, before coming to this inferior prison, Ju Yongzhou didn’t at all prepare for this waterfall.

Now, however, it seems that this waterfall is a necessary item to enter an incomplete prison of 3-Layer.

“Many thanks to you, otherwise I don’t know how to get into this 3rd-layer purification!”

“You don’t need to thank me. This bottle of water, Dan, is actually left by Wu Wah Jin, and it was supposed to be yours.”

Listen to Suzuki Yun, Jung-woo is out of nodded.

How could the family of Wu Wai be unaware of the circumstances of this inferiority?

Similar water Wardan, there must be more preparation.

And between the righteous thinking, Suu Yun Yun Yun will continue the path: “This water, though essential, is not enough to become a war.”

3rd-layer of the unsafe prison, the fruit of this watermelon is still very good.

But the 4th-layer of the unserviceable prison, the water is completely useless.

Waterwater Dan formed the water screen, and only three rest times were available in 4th-layer.

Hence, it is not enough that you want to go into the purification of 4-Layer and get the ravage fruit.

水华丹真正的作用,是保护cultivator ,使其能进入无尽炼狱3rd-layer !

A total of 4 – Layer

First Layer, called the Devil Palace!

2nd floor, called the vampire plain!

3rd-layer, called the brand canyon!

4th-layer, it’s a real fugitive!

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