Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3665


first two floors of the uninhabited prison, Jung-woo, have seen it.

Whether it’s a maze or a vampire plain, it’s just in name only, but it’s in reality.

As for the branded canyon, it’s just listening, it’s scary!

Look at Jules’ serious face, Suzuki’s clouds don’t have to laugh.

The branded canyon, actually, is more than the first two floors, not just in name, but also in reality.

The branding canyon is on the right side of the barrier.

The fire of the bears in the Fire of Fire, wherein the bears are not purified, and there is no stop to roast the rocks above them.

And it is the earth that branded the valley of the iron that has not purified the rocks above it.

In the fire of the Fire of Hell, the earth of the branding canyon will always be red, and its temperature will be high, even if it is compared to the true brand.


ground of the brand canyon is really as hot as the red brand, and temperature is even higher than the brand.

Therefore, once entering the branded canyon, it is necessary to run swiftly.

Whoever dares to stand on the ground, the temperature on the ground will burn his feet completely into charcoal!

If it’s just high temperature, that’s all.

As is well known, as long as they run fast as possible, the shorter the time on both feet.

Even though the ordinary person who has never been rehabilitated, after exercise, can run quickly from the burning plate.

But the problem now is that 3rd-layer, with no scrutiny, has a higher gravity than 2-Layer, and is much higher.

It’s really hard to run in such an environment of supergravity.

Moreover, the size of this branded canyon is equally immense, as in the first two floors.

It takes about half a year to find the entrance to 4-Layer, even if it’s good luck.

If it’s bad luck, even in the last year, it’s not a rare thing.

Who can run all year in a state of speed?

And most difficult, even if the entrance to 4-Layer was successfully found, it would not be useful.

It’s useless for the water screen of Waitan, in the real purgatory.

The only way you want to get into a real fugitive prison is to find Fire Spirit Fruit in the brand canyon!

Fire Spirit Fruit, is a geologic.

It is the magic fruit of the fire of purifying the Fire.

After you eat fire Spirit Fruit, not only can you upgrade cultivator’s control capacity and increase the temperature of the tactical flame.

Above all, Fire Spirit Fruit can significantly increase fire resistance!

Only find, and eat enough fire Spirit Fruit, and have enough flame resistance.

Only qualification to enter the prison 4-Layer.

If luck is not good enough, it can’t be found, or too many Fire Spirit Fruit.

Then it will never be possible to enter the real purgatory.

Otherwise, even if you break into it, you’ll burn it into ashes in a short time!

Listen, Suzuki Yun, Jupiton came over.

It’s a big game you’re chasing me.

It’s a little bit more than Jupiter.

As far as Jules themselves feel, the atmosphere of the competition is really not felt.

Can’t say who runs fast, who can get the wild fruit?

But now, Jung-woo finally got a little game feeling.

The real game, actually, is in this branded valley.

Whoever runs faster will have a greater probability of finding Fire Spirit Fruit.

Whoever’s better luck can find more fire Spirit Fruit.

And whoever has sufficient flame resistance first, he can enter the Fire and participate in the looting of the wilderness fruits.

思索之间,朱横宇opened the mouth and said :“既然如此,那么接下来,咱们是不是该好好休息一下,然后再进入这烙铁峡谷呢?”

Push on nodded, Suzuki clouds think so.

For more than half a year, both energy and strength have been consumed very much.

Take a good break, conserve strength and store up to energy.

Even in the branded canyon, I’m afraid the performance will be very poor.

A bad one, but it’s done.

If enough fire Spirit Fruit could not be found as soon as possible, there could be insufficient flame resistance.

Once the water is light, it will be out of the brand canyon.

In that way, they could be completely outrageous with the ancient devil Dan.

It’s called sharpening an axe does not delay the work of the chopping firewood, rest well and prepare for better progress.

So, in the next week, Suzuki clouds and Jung-woo, they didn’t go anywhere.

All in the vicinity found a corner of the circumvent, conserve strength and store up to energy, adjusting the state of affairs.

Until a week later, Suzuki clouds and Ju Yongzhou drove into the entrance to the infested prison, 3rd-layer.

After looking at each other, Suzumi Yun Yun and Ju Yokosu took out a waterfall.

This waterfall, though medicine pill, does not need to eat.

As long as the magic is injected, Waterwater Dan automatically assembles into a water screen that completely covers Devil Body.

Jules and Suzuki clouds will soon come together with their own scenes.

Under the veil of the water screen, the temperature around it was so high that it disappeared.

And those who replace them are no less cold, no less than the feeling of temperature.

Surprised to see the water veiled around your body, Jules and Suzuki clouds looked at each other, followed by steps to move towards an unserviceable prison of 3-Layer – the branded canyon.

Going down the bottom of the canyon along the road, Suzuki clouds and Ju Yongzhou are running fast.

Only a few blinking hours, Jules and Suzuki clouds, then one after one, went to the bottom of the canyon and fell into that red fog.

Jules and Suzuki clouds finally entered the real brand canyon.

Look around, everything here is scarlet red.


earth is red, the mountains are red, and even the rocks on the dome are red, and the rays of light are widespread.

This red, not the color kind of red.

It’s the red type of brand burned.

The red is bright, the light is bright…

The whole brand canyon, red light ten thousand zhang, hot waves!

Even under the veil of the water, Zhou Yokosu can still feel that horror wave, a storm coming.

The most horrendous thing is that the gravity in this branded canyon is several times higher than the vapour plain.

If not Jules had eaten enough magic blood, I’m afraid they wouldn’t have been able to run.

If you can walk slowly, it’s superpower.

Between the sighs, the sound of the Suzuki cloud ranged from the side: “Old rules, you left me right!”

Zhou Yokohamo Nodded.

At the same time, the Suzuki clouds and Ju Yokosu took a step, around one, and went all the way.

The branded canyon is definitely not just in name only, but also in reality.

On the

ground of the canyon, the fire burned red by the fire of the purgatory, even the blue smoke.

If it’s not a waterscreen blocking, I’m afraid it’ll be barbecued directly!

Even if there is a seabed, the screen will soon be boiled by high temperature.

In the noise, the water in the water screen, quickly evaporated, melted into water steam, dispersed in the air.

All the way between the Mercedes, Jung-woo knew that he had to find Fire Spirit Fruit as soon as possible.

Otherwise, it would not be possible to stay in this branded canyon for a long time.

But this branded canyon is so large.

The Fire Spirit Fruit, though not rare, is definitely not everywhere.

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