Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3702

But Jung-woo also knows that he won’t send Inn to Wu Xiaoli.

This little girl, it’s too strong.

She has her principles, she has her conduct.

It’s still that word. There’s nothing to do with it!

Between you and me, Jung-woo quickly thought and then said, “If you dare not, then I will not force you, so…”

“If you succeed in convincing him to make this purchase case, I’ll mention you doing Inn’s big shopkeeper.”

What? Big shopkeeper?


you hear Jung-woo, Wu Seung-soo’s breathing, the Houston is rushing.

Are you kidding me? She’s a girl, how can you do big shopkeeper?

Big shopkeeper, but restaurant actually got a hand.

Inn’s elite, wholly held in the hands of shopkeeper.

Even Jung-woo, the actual owner, has to manage Inn through Grand shopkeeper.

Find out the whole Imperial Capital.

Thousands of Inn, no big shopkeeper, were held by girls.

However, there was a heart to refuse, but Wu Xiaoli had to admit that she was really too excited.

If you can really be the shopkeeper of Inn’s big shopkeeper, then she won’t be alive in her life!

For Wu Xiaoli…

Inn’s big shopkeeper, that’s what she’s dreaming about.

Before today, Wu Xiaoqiao’s greatest dream is to be the Prime Minister of the Hall.

In addition to that, there is no higher recourse.

But now, Grand shopkeeper’s position is in front of her.


long as she’s nodded, Inn’s big shopkeeper, it’s not her fault!


“You’re not kidding, are you really kidding me?”

“If you want, I really want to send Inn to you, if there’s half a lie,”

Just half, Wu Xiaojung’s great-good extend the hand, stuck the mouth of Jung-woo.

Feel Wu Sha Li’s soft little hand.

The nose smells like Wu Xiaoli’s little hand, spreads a wave of humor.

Jung-wooden closed his mouth…

Look at Ju Yongzhou’s detention and embarrassing, Wu Xiaoli is not laughed by pu chi.

By now, she believes she already understands.

Indeed, this purchasing Inn is a gift that she sold.

But both of you know that Wu Xiaoli won’t want it.

So, Wu Xiaoli put his heart down.

Ju Yongwoo bought a purchaser Inn to give her a present.

Only though she had her own insistence and refused to accept it.

How do you mind if she’s going to be a big shopkeeper?

If she doesn’t want to make a big shopkeeper, then why do you have to buy this purchasing Inn?

Obviously, Wu Xiaoli misunderstood.

But this misunderstanding must not be revealed.

After all, Jung-woo really has no way to tell Wu Xiaoqiao what he really wants.

Sweet look at Jupiter…

Wu Xiaoli said, “Well, since you’re not afraid, I’ll be the big shopkeeper, hehe…”

Look at Wu Seung-soo’s face, the head says, “Don’t be too early, it’s all premature, and you have to successfully convince him to do it.”

“I’m not as big as you, coward.”

“I’m a man, a little coward, and I don’t know what I’m talking about.”

Hear here, Jung-woo. There’s no doubt.

Although it was not long enough to contact Wu Xiaoqiao, Ju Yokosu had a deep understanding of her.

As Wu Xiaoli himself said, she wouldn’t do without knowing anything.

“Turn around and go back to Demon King’s government!”

In a minute…

Demon King, in the lobby, Jung-woo and Wu Xiaoli, met again the Miage man with that grey white hair, Li Dai!

Li Ting Tsui, the sixty-fourth grandson of Demon King of Hell.

Now the physical attribution of Inn in prison is in his hands.

Without his consent, even the Department of Military Affairs would not have the right to sell the Prison Inn.

On the contrary, even if the Ministry of Military Affairs does not agree, the sky tsunami can be left alone and sell the prison Inn to anyone.

Ultimately, this purchasing Inn, is Li Family’s industry.

Of course, Li Tsui wanted to sell, not that easy.

After all, the Department of Military Affairs made a lot of money for the cleaning of Inn.

Not in full, that’s impossible.

If all arrears were to be paid in full, the figure was almost 300 billion.

I don’t know. Look at Jung-woo, Li Dae-woo Road, “What’s going on? Why don’t you just go home so fast?”


the face of the Lee Tsui question, Jules is smiling.

Wu Xiaoli, sitting next to him, smiled and sitting straight.

“You want to revitalize Inn’s heart, we understand, and it’s not hard for us.”


It’s curious to look at Wu Shirley, the bright eyes of the Li Tsui, and say, “Look at what new statutes you have to do to make Inn an exaggeration!”


the face of the Lee Tsui question, Wu Xiaoli was not laughed at by his mouth.

After Jung-woo’s eyes, Wu Xiaoqiao said, “The way is actually simple, and I say, I believe you can understand, but…”

Speaking of this, Wu Xiaoli’s stomach stops like that.

When you see this scene, the Li Ting Tsui is first a mess, but it will soon be clear.

Once it comes out of the way, it’s known by the Li Tsui.

It doesn’t seem necessary to sell the cleaning Inn.

Anyway, Inn, this purchasing prison, would have been for him.

As long as he knows how to rehabilitate Inn, he can do it himself.

Look at Jung-woo, look at Wu Xiaoli again.

Li Yi Tsui wanted to say he wasn’t that kind of person.

But even if he knew himself well, no one would believe that.

Look at Li Yu Tsui, and Ju Yong Woo won’t laugh.

Turn around gently, Jung-woo looks at Wu Xiaojung, and he says, “It’s okay, though you say so.”



you hear Jung-woo, Wu Shirlington was surprised.

Look at Wu Su Li’s surprise, Ju Yong Woo-woo and a smile: “You don’t have to worry too much.”

“Come on, Li Tsui is not like that, nor can we measure the belly of the gentleman in the hearts of the little man.”

“Second, even if Li Tsui was such a man, he wouldn’t have done so.”

paused, Ju Yongqiu looked at the past and said, “Although Li family still possesses Inn, Li family’s whereabouts are irrefutable.”

Listen to Jung-woo, Wu Xiaoqiao has been thinking so well for a while.

But soon, Wu Xiaoli thought about it.

Zhou Yongzhou is the new magician, with an unlimited future.

If Zhao Yongqiao had developed development plans, the Li Tsui tsunami was selfish in repentance, placing development planning at its disposal.

Regrettably not to sell Inn to Ju Yongzhou.

Then die of sin, Jung-woo, and become a dead enemy of Ju Yongzhou.

Although there is protection from the Department of Military Affairs, Zhou Yongzhou is afraid to go to prison to clean up Inn.

But outside Inn, he can hurt Li Family’s son!

Even if Li Tsui and his family were demon King’s descendants, they were useless.

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