Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3703

Jung-woo has a martyr in his rank!

And Lee and his family were unaccounted for.

Even if Jung-woo shot Li Tsui, there would be no big problem.

Even if convicted, it is entirely possible to apply for guilt.

In any event, as a magician, the killing of several ordinary people is not too big a problem.

At least, life and military service will not be lost as a result.

If you hear Jung-woo, the Lee Tsui won’t laugh.

Indeed, despite his reluctance, he had to admit that Jules was right.

In fact, Jung-woo doesn’t have to do it on his own.

You can buy the house of Inn in Zhou Yongzhou.

You can buy super expert and kill Li Family.

And even if Jung-woo took him for a while, he couldn’t.

But as time passes, the status and status of Jules will surely gradually be raised.

Once Jung-woo really rises, Li Family really doesn’t have a place to stand by.

Li Family’s ancestors are indeed strong, but, in the end, Li Family’s ancestors are just Demon King of more than 80 paragraphs Devil Body.

Zhou Yongqiu, before us, is completely possible and has the opportunity to be the presence of Li Family’s ancestors over shoulders.

Even if there was one day, Ju Yokota went beyond Li Family’s ancestors and became Demon Sovereign, it would never be possible.

Li Ting Tsui, a man with a long vision.

It was because of the long vision that he would not be moved by the immediate interests.

Inn’s development planning cannot be drawn up, and he would never agree to sell Inn.

At this juncture, and also because of the long-term vision, he is absolutely afraid to enter into a dead enemy with Yokota.

By now, Ju Yokota will have the strength, the future, the wealth.

The rise of Jules is really just a matter of time.

So, in the long run, he is, in any case, not guilty of guilt.

Even if he’s guilty, he can’t be a dead enemy like that!

between thought and thought

Li Yi Tsui also fell bright and stood up and went back to the back.

A moment later, the Lee Tsunami came along with a golden axis.

Back to the shortfall, the Li Tsui directly pushed golden axis to the middle of the shortfall.

“This is Inn’s deed, which represents my endorsement and consent!”

During the conversation, Li Xiaopaused went on, and then he said, “Take this deed, you can go to the Department of Military Affairs and take care of it.”

Look at the axis on the table, Jupiter, it’s empty, it’s not moving.

Seeing this scene, Li Tsui shook the head, smiling: “In fact, even if you know a set of development plans, it’s useless for me.”

Li Ting Tsui is a cook Grandmaster, his cooking, inheritance from his ancestors, Demon King!

If it’s in the kitchen, the Li Tsui is definitely horizontal, omnipotent.

But he was asked to run an Inn and raise it up, but that was definitely not his big deal.

In fact, while purchasing Inn’s ownership, it was in the hands of the Lee Tsui.

However, Inn’s operations are directly accountable to the Department of Military Affairs.

Li Ting Tsui was not good at all, nor did he want to do those jobs.

Listen, if Li Tsui Tsui, Jupiton showed up surprised looking.

What do you do when you don’t run Inn? ”

In the face of Ju Yokota’s enquiry, Li Tsington openwide was unknown how to answer.

At the same time, Wu Xiaoli is also a smile in his face.

shook the head, Wu Shirley pulled Raju’s sleeve and said, “Li Tsing Master, who is in charge of cleaning Inn’s kitchen, don’t you know?”

What? It’s…

Listen to Wu Seung Li, Jung-wooden when I got up.

Before he came, he really didn’t study the Li Tsui.

Look at Jung-woo’s embarrassing face, Wu Sha Li is busy, and he says, “Those high food at your usual point are Master Lee, and the rest of Li Family, who cook!”


you hear Wu Seung Li, Jung-woo shines his eyes.

You know, on this world, it’s not money, it’s material, it’s gonna be delicious.

Like pill concocting, cooking requires super skill and talent.

Look at Ju Yongzhou, Li Tsui’s long sigh.

Look at Jung-woo, Li Tsui’s lonely introduction…

Li family left behind after demon King died in prison.

Demon King of Purchase, not only has super combat power.

And most importantly, demon King of prison is good at cooking all kinds of delicious.

Li Family’s grandson, although he was unable to inherit demon King’s purchasing power.

But the path of cooking is perfectly immense.

The son of Li Family inherited the Fire of Demon King of the Purgatory.

Cooking up, just twice the results for the half of the effort.

With the fire of purification, Li Tsui can cook all the food under 60 Devil Body!

That’s why it was the Devil Body of Li’s Tsunami, 60!

Because the Devil Body position of the Lee Tsunami was unable to breakthrough 60 Devil Body without taking away the nefarious fruit.

Thus, as of today, the Devil Body position of the Lee Tsunami remains at 60.


Sixty paragraphs, Devil Body above cultivator, are all General of the Department of Military Affairs, as well as at all levels.

Therefore, the luxury cooked by the Li Tin Tsui is sufficient to meet all the needs of cultivator outside the military department.

Don’t look at Li Yu Tsui!

If it’s on the outer goat, it’s enough to exist with the sheep Sword Sect Section, Master mention on equal terms.

So far, Li Family has more than 300 people.

And these more than 300 people are fully responsible for cleaning Inn’s kitchen.

The whole cleaning house Inn doesn’t need to recruit cooks outside.

Li family’s grandchildren are enough to shoulder all the work in the kitchen.

Listen to the Lee Tsui presentation.

For Inn in prison, Jung-woo finally has a little concept.

Obviously, Li Family is the soul of Inn Purgatory.

If the Li family left the prison Inn, Inn was afraid there was only one empty shell left.

However, it doesn’t matter at all to Jules.

His goal is never to purify Inn.

It’s inside Inns Lobby, where more than 300 transforming Dragon Pill’s medicine ingredients.

That was billions of years ago, demon King of Purchase planted himself.

Now, no one knows what that is, baby.

It’s only a rare grass.

After more than half an hour…

The Li family was finally covered by the Li family.

For Li Family, Jung-woo has finally learned.

After hearing about the Lee Tsui, Wu Xiaoli finally put his heart down.

Clearly, Li Family is focused only on cooking pathways.

Not interested in Inn’s business.

In fact, Li Family is not very good at all, not even thinking, to run Inn personally.

For the children of Li Family, the path of drilling and cooking is the meaning of their lives.

It’s hard for them to run Inn, not only to run bad, but also to be very painful.

Li family mentally and physically ally exhausted had been allowed only after the operation had been completed.

And Jules looked at each other, and got Jung-woo’s consent.

Wu Xiaoli finally put down his mind and seriously looked at the past at Li Yu Tsui.

The eyes look at the Li Yu Tsui, and Wu Xiaoqiao’s brief introduction gives rise to his own development planning.

In Wu Xiaoli’s opinion…

This purchaser Inn, although it also provides good food.

But the main business of purchasing Inn is not food, but accommodation!

Ninety per cent of the area where Inn is purchasing is used for accommodation.

The remaining 10 per cent, including Inns lobby of that incomparable gigantic.

Inn in Prison, while also providing catering services, is only a subsidiary function, which is too small.

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