Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3704

Listen to Wu Seung-soo, Li Tsui doesn’t have to wrinkle his eyebrows.

Wu Xiaoli said everything, he knew everything.

But what about that? What does this have to do with the development of the Prison Inn?

Look at Li Tsui’s face, Wu Xiaoli’s mouth laughs and continues to explain.

In Wu Xiaoli’s view, the shelter conditions of Inn purchasing prison have not kept pace with the tide of times.

And the cleaning of Inn’s guest room is really too high.

Money doesn’t come to live, but people who want to live don’t have to live.

Moreover, while the price of the guest room is high, in fact, the profits obtained are not high.

In Wu Xiaoqiao’s development planning, the Inn project for purchasing prisons remains unchanged.

However, the main operating projects, as well as the sub-venture projects, are subject to proper adjustments.

Simply speaking, it’s the function of purchasing Inn, transferring it to the diner!

The Inn to 6-Layer guest rooms will be cleaned up, all empty, and the Inn room will be replaced.

Under 6-Layer, catering is predominantly.

Over 6-Layer continued to provide guest room services.



you hear Wu Xiaoli, Li will wake up and face the horror.

Look at the shocking face of the Li Ting Tsui, Wu Xiaojung: “The Department’s documents only provide for a project that cannot be changed, but do not say that the proportion of the project cannot be adjusted!”


if you hear Wu Xiaoli, the Li Tsui Tsui is on the way: “Those regulations are, in fact, secondary.”

In fact, those regulations, most of which were added to the Lee Tsunami.

This is not a problem since he can add and naturally delete.


According to Wu Xiaoli’s adjustment, the main business of purchasing Inn is from accommodation to catering!

Look at Li’s shocking face, Wu Xiaoli does not move.

And smile at Li Tsui, Wu Xiaoli continues to say, “Once to 6-Layer, a total of twelve halls have been transformed into a restaurant room for the wedding celebration.”

Listen to Wu Xiaoli, Li Tsing’s eyeballs, staring at the boss.

This reform, too, is too big.

Previous alcohol Inn, although there are also catering services.

But basically, 80 per cent of the clients they serve are residents of Inn in prison.

But according to Wu Seung-soo’s development plan, the main reversal is completely reversed.

Look at the face of the Lee Tsui, Wu Xiaoli said, “As long as I say to reform, Inn in prison will not only be lost, but will fight for money every day!”

In the meantime, Wu Xiaoli Microton followed by said with a beautiful smile: “As for the profitability or profitability, there is no need for a little girl to talk about the analysis.”

Well, um…

If you hear Wu Seung-soo, Li Tsui will not have to be even nodded.

Speaking of food, Lee Tsui needs someone else to introduce him.

How much for every diet?

After cooking food, how much is the cost?

One meal, what’s the price for sale?

The overall profits will be as much.

It’s all in the hands of the Lee Tsui.

All this is the work of the kitchen.

According to Wu Xiaoli’s thoughts…

Just a little bit, the eyes of the Li Tsui and the rays of light were fired.

Sighly watching Wu Shirley, Li Tsui finally got it.

No wonder Wu Sha Li won’t say he’s afraid of repentance.



long as the main part of the camp is changed, Inn from prison will certainly come to a beautiful tomorrow!

Li Family is in town, Inn…

With the location of Inn, and the luxury atmosphere in the Inn building, gold and jade in glorious splendour.

There is no need to doubt, Inn from prison, that will definitely be the greatest, most luxurious and most archived IN.

No one, dare to fight Inn in prison!

There’s no Inn, but it’s better than Inn in Prison!

In the morning of the next day, Zhou Yongzhou, together with Li Yuan Tsui, drove to the Department of Military Affairs and handled the process of cleaning Inn’s family.

After one night of detailed talk, the parties signed a series of agreements.


Li Ting Tsui is really a remorse concept.

You want to recover the prison Inn, change it to run it.

While guilt is made for this, the Li Ting Tsui tsunami will naturally be able to close the expense of the military.


can even, in turn, use the strength of the high ranks of the military to kill Jung-woo.

However, this concept was finally eliminated by a proposal by Ju Yokota.

Zhou Yongzhou’s proposal is…

Separate the whole prison Inn into three.

The first part, for the Inn Traditional Hospital Department of Prison, is primarily responsible for the settlement of Inn in prison.

Part two, for Inn’s catering department in prison, is primarily responsible for the cleaning of Inn and for catering outside.

Part three, for the Inn kitchen in prison, is primarily responsible for providing excellent food for Inn in prison.

Three major sections, namely, close links and separate operations, do not interfere with each other.

Simply speaking, three companies share the Inn building in prison.

Between each other, they don’t belong to each other

But the business between them is interconnected.

Of the three major sections, the kitchen is fully owned by Li Family and belongs to the private industry of Li Family.

Li Family’s mission is to take care of the kitchen and, according to orders, to provide Inn in prison with good taste.

The purchase, processing and cooking of food is entirely the responsibility of Li Family.

The cooking of beauty will be sold directly to Inn’s catering department at a reasonable price.

This so-called reasonable price, of course, requires repeated consultations.

Not as much you want to sell as you want.

The cost of food, as well as the consumption of cooking, together with the manual costs of cooking by cooks.

Plus the site fee, all sorts of consumption…

Finally, and most importantly, a certain profit is added.

Ultimately, a price acceptable to both sides is set.

After the vegetables are delivered to Inn’s catering department in prison, the pricing of each meal will naturally change again.

For example, the kitchen sent a price for a $100,000 magic stone.

But here’s the high-end Inn, the price is at least triple, and the price for external sales is 300,000 magic stones.

Without selling this price, there is no cost at all.

Overall, the whole kitchen was contracted to Li Family.

All they have to do is run the kitchen, cook enough, and it’s good enough.

Everything else, they don’t need to think about.

As for the regulations of the Ministry of Military Affairs, the so-called 30 per cent red, naturally, was cancelled.

Li family wanted to earn money, but their way to earn money should be to cook.

To cook more delicious food and increase sales.

So make a big profit…

With regard to this proposal made by Ju Yokota, Li Tsui is indeed unable to reject it.


guest room, Li Family really doesn’t want it anymore.

Over the past trillion years, the living room has proved to be a huge package.

Even though it’s not a profit, it’s definitely not good enough to compare with huge consumption.

As for the newly opened catering department, Li Family does not want it.

After all, market opening is not a simple job.

That’s more than just bringing guests here.


series of strategies must also be developed to compete with other Inn.

The study asked, that was really big.

In the end, Li Family wanted to do the most, or cooking in the kitchen.

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