Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3705

Li family’s best, or cooking.

Once the kitchen is completely taken, Li Family really doesn’t have to ask.

From the point of view of the Lee Tsunami…

The whole hotel room, and the catering department, aren’t they all serving the kitchen?

The guests in the living room, don’t you want to eat Li Family cooking?

Shouldn’t it be Li Family’s kitchen for a customer from the catering department?

After packing up Inn’s drink in prison, Li Family will gain much more than 30 per cent of total profits!

In the face of such a good proposal, the Li Yi Tsunami could not be refused even if it was stupid.

So in the morning of the next day, Li Tsui and Jung-woo were together.

To the Department of Military Affairs, household procedures had been completed and a series of agreements had been signed.

Soon, it’s done, it’s officially entered into force!

And then he put the contract in the secondary ring, and Jung-woo wouldn’t have to laugh.

It’s true.

Li Yu Tsui’s account is indeed perfect.

According to his algorithm, half of the profits of the prison Inn were largely removed from him.

However, the goal of Jung-woo is not to purify Inn itself.

Moreover, Li Yu Tsui’s algorithms, although sophisticated, are, in fact, not so.

Indeed, Li Family contracted the existing kitchen of Inn Prison.

But who says that an Inn can only have a kitchen?

If you need it, Jung-woo can totally build another kitchen.

Not even ten more. That’s not a problem!

This does not change the business project.

Nor did it change the institutional framework of the Prison Inn.

Neither Lee nor the Department of Military Affairs cared.

Li Ting Tsui, although very precise, clearly he’s still missing a lot of things.

For example, a vegetable, coming out of the kitchen, gave a price of 1,000 magic stones.

This price, which includes the cost of vegetables, also includes the cost of loss, as well as the cost of artificial work.

But then, Inn of Prison, how much do you have to sell this food, is not related to the kitchen.

Same meal, the shop outside, sells you 100.

But going to Howard Inn, selling you a thousand is cheap.

Li Family, even if he wants to sit down and sell a hundred meals at a price to the Department of catering.

But why would the catering department agree?

Didn’t you say that after Li Family, the catering department had no food to sell?

Or that, you Li Family don’t sell. Let’s build another kitchen, okay?

I can’t. We’ll build 10 more, okay?

Of course.

It’s all just a real loophole.

In fact, Judo Woodat’s all really going to do this.

Or that, the goal of Yokota is Dragon Transformation, not Inn himself.

Household procedures have been processed and a series of agreements have been signed.

Zhao Yongzhou paid 300 billion dollars and bought it all, Inn!

In this regard, the whole prison Inn became a private product of Ju Yongzhou.

Even if Li Family contracted the kitchen, it was actually borrowing the kitchen equipment of Inn in prison.

As for the construction of the kitchen, it is also true that Zhou Yongzhou is still in place.

If Zhou Yokohama’s heart is broken, it can even expel the kitchen.

Who stipulates that the kitchen must be located in the main building?

Buy a building next door, or a kitchen!

Of course, Jung-woo won’t do that.

For Jung-woo, his goal is from start to finish, and that’s Dragon Transformation Four!

So, after the cleaning Inn.


first thing in Ju Yongzhou is to order Wu Xiaoli to start eating and rehabilitating immediately.

And the first thing that diet is rehabilitated is that it will be in the first floor of the hall.

All the odd grass around the pool is transferred to the roof of the Prison Inn!

How kind of people do it…

Three days later, all the odd grass around the first floor of the water was transported to the roof of the prison, Inn.

Then Ju Yongzhou will purify Inn’s top of the prison and be completely forbidden!

From this moment on, the Emperor’s suite on the Inn top of the prison became the home of Jukosu in Imperial Capital.

No more external operations

And as for the paradise of the miracles, it became a private garden in Jules.

No one will enter without the consent of Yokohama.

In fact, don’t say it’s a garden anymore.

In addition to Jung-woo and Wu Suli, even the top of the Emperor’s suite is likewise prohibited from entering.

After successful return of all Dragon Transformation’s four treasures…

For Inn in prison, Zhou Yongzhou basically left himself in exile.

For Inn of the Prison, Ju Yokosu did only one after another thing.

It’s the job of purchasing Inn for three big pieces.

The guest room, the catering department, the kitchen.

Among them, everything in the living room has not moved.

From the top to the bottom, the positions of all have not changed.

There has

been no change in the work actually done.

The catering department, it’s left to Wu Xiaoli.

Once to 6-Layer’s guest room, all empty and transformed into luxury rooms.

As for the service staff in the rooms, Wu Xiaoli himself was recruited.

A small part of this may be selected from the original guest room service.

The inadequacy of the part is open to expropriation.

In general,

This new restaurant, Jung-woo, was completely handed over to Wu Xiaoli.

Everything in the catering department, all right, is given to Wu Shi Shi Li.

Jung-woo will never intervene.

In fact, even if Jung-woo wants to intervene, he doesn’t know how to intervene.

I don’t even know what to interfere with.

It’s the kitchen.

Everything in the kitchen, Jung-woo, even if you want to get involved, that’s not intrusive.

The whole kitchen belongs to Li Family.

The internal management of the foreigners cannot be inserted.

Wu Xiaoli can’t do that, and Jules can’t do the same.

Three big sections, all kinds of sections.

For example, the Department of Safety and Security, the Department of Logistics, the Ministry of Engineering, the Department of Training, the Department of Personnel, etc., has more than 20 sections.

All of them are integrated and managed by Wu Shipkeeper, the big shopkeeper.

That’s not why Wu Siu is so smart.

It’s not because Jung-woo trusts Wu Sui.

It’s true that Jung-woo has committed himself in advance.

As long as Wu Xiaoli succeeded in convincing Li Ting Tsui, he made him do the big shopkeeper of Inn.

In fact, from inside.

Jung-woo also doesn’t know that Wu Xiaoli is too young and that experience is too lacking.

And you know, it’s bad to throw such a big Inn, and throw it to Wu Xiaoli’s management.

One bad, the whole Inn will be bankrupt.

But for Jung-woo, Dragon Transformation is already in place. Who else thinks about purchasing Inn?

If half a year, or a year later, Inn was shut down, that would be a good thing.

By that time, Ju Yokosu will be able to return the prison Inn to the military department.

After more than 300 Dragon Transformation bags, Ju Yokota can spill it.

From this point of view, Jung-woo would have preferred that Wu Xiaojung be infinite.

It’s good to give Inn the purgatory sooner.

As a result, Ju Yongzhou packed all sections of the prison Inn outside the kitchen, all of which were handed over to Wu Xiaoli for management.

For Ju Yongzhou, it is to hope that Inn will die long ago.

For Wu Xiaoli, this unreserved trust is sufficient to allow her life and Death to be reported.

that world, even her biological parents, could not rely so much on her, so unreservedly supported her.

Take the Suzuki cloud.

So good for him, isn’t it just a chess in Su Family?

Su family ever trusted him.

Why did Su Family ever have unreserved support for him?

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