Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3707

As a result of the alteration, the first floor of the building was transformed into a high-profile luxury restaurant.

The main provision here is juice, alcohol, and drinks.


main food provided here is basically a variety of cakes, dessert, and fruit spelling.

The only hot meal, basically, is cooking barbecue.

Obviously, whether it’s cooking roast or cake, dessert, fruit, and all kinds of drinks.

Neither the kitchen is required to be involved, and it is entirely possible to establish a small kitchen in one building and to produce it on the ground.

If we had to go through the kitchen, the speed would be slow.

In particular, when Inn has other clients, conflicts can easily arise.

If Inn picked up ten wedding festivals simultaneously.


catering department hosts hundreds of people to eat at the same time.

Please, when can I come up with all kinds of food?

Besides, like juice, drinks, and cake dessert, it’s all very simple.

It’s just for good food. There’s no nutritional need.

Nor does it have to do anything to Devil Body.

It’s clear, this place is prepared for young people’s love.

Although consumption here is absolutely high to scare.

But it’s not food, it’s emotional, it’s atmosphere, it’s luxury, it’s high, it’s atmosphere, it’s backup.

So everything here, though expensive to scare, is really not very much about cooking.


‘s no need to go through the kitchen.

Because it’s sold here, it’s not food.

It is the most romantic thing in itself to be able to bring your girlfriend here.

It doesn’t matter, even if it’s so simple.

It’s already extremely luxury and romantic to sit here.


Wu Xiaoli has also established minimum consumption for each card.

Just get in the door, sit down.

Then don’t consume tens of thousands, don’t even want to go.

It’s not a big guy who doesn’t need flowers to get in and out of here.


you hear Wu Seung Li, Ju Yong Woo will not have to shine his eyes.

After Wu Seung-soo’s alteration, this building is really a Japanese fighter.

Inn was overcrowded only when he had eaten.

But after Wu Seung-soo’s alteration.

Even if it’s not a meal point, young men and women will sit here full.

After all, men and women are in love, and there is no time for this concept.

Not at 9: 00 a.m. I can’t be in love.

It’s not 3 or 4: 00 p.m. Nobody’s dating anymore.

Even, in order to generate income.

Even at night, Wu Xiaoli has no time.

So far, Wu Xiaoli has reorganized Inn’s entertainment section, which specifically plans a number of songs.

By night, these programmes will be on the rehabilitated pool stage.

Young men and women are here. Look at the show is also very good.

But then, this day, in the first floor of the fight, the kitchen was excluded.

Every cent of the money here will fall into Jules’ pockets.

And never have a penny, falling into the luggage of the Lee Tsunami.

So, there’s no reason why Lee didn’t blow up.

And if it was just a lobby, it would be more convenient, nor would the Lee Tsunami be acceptable.

However, through Wu Xiaoli’s approach, the Li Tsunami suddenly found that he had entered into dozens of agreements, although the coverage was very broad.

But there’s too many loopholes, really.

It’s not…

Wu Xiaoli has built another kitchen outside the kitchen.

In the face of this, however, the Li Tin Tsunami can only roar but cannot change.

It’s just a kitchen.

If, in the future, Wu Xiaoli would be 12 more courtyards, with twelve kitchen kitchen, why would it not be possible?


accordance with the contract signed, Wu Xiaoli is fully entitled to do so.

And Li Yi Tsui was completely incapable of stopping it.

Maybe someone would say it’s stupid about the Li Tsui, isn’t it?

Actually, it’s not Li Ting Tsui.

Indeed, he was attracted by a good prospect and had not been taken into account at all.

And the Li Tsui is so confident about Li Family’s cooking path.

In the light of the Li family, they were the soul of Inn purchasing prison.


any case, Inn in prison can’t leave Li Family.

In the light of the Li Tsui Tsui, Ju Yongwoo and Wu Si Li, the Bar was sealed with Li Family, looking for Li Family.

It’s Jung-woo and Wu Sui, and it’s time to do everything possible to tie Li family up in prison, Inn.

All the heart of the Lee Tsunami is used to stop and reject such a tie.


At the time of the conclusion of the agreement, no conditions were mentioned in that regard.

Lee was so upset, and he thought that if he was upset, he could totally kidnap Jules and Wu Xiaoli.

You’re not good to me, you’re not profitable enough, so I’m leaving with Li Family.

到时候……看你们这dignified 炼狱Inn ,拿什么招待客人?

An Inn, what about a guest?

It can be said that Li Tsui’s algorithm, it’s very good, very good.

And it has to be said that Li Tsui’s calculation is reasonable and correct.

But for Jung-woo, he doesn’t even care about purchasing Inn.

He was even ready to return Inn to the Department of Military Affairs at the end of the year.

Anyway, Dragon Transformation has arrived. Where does he care about Inn’s death?

So even if Li Tsui is going to go now, Jules is not afraid.

All right, let’s go.

As for Wu Xiaoli.

She really doesn’t care about Li Family’s stay.

In any case, Wu Xiaoli is too young to consider a lot of things at all.

Can’t you imagine a super luxury Inn cooking, not even the streets?

Can’t imagine…

But Wu Xiaoli doesn’t care about it at all.

Her experience and experience.

Her talent and wisdom are not enough to make her look so far, so deep.

In fact, Li Family, if it’s really gone, can’t get rid of Inn.

But now the question is, Jung-woo doesn’t care if Inn can go on.

And Wu Xiaoli didn’t realize the importance of Li Family.

Once and for two, the direct result was that no one took Li Family as a matter of business.

Of the three people in the office as a whole, only Li Tsui Tsui, took himself as a matter of concern.

Two others, but not at all.

If Li Tsui is going to be kidnapped now, he says he’s leaving with Li Family.

So, either Jung-woo or Wu Si Li, they’ll applaud it.

Where does love go? Nobody cares about you.

That is exactly the greatest sadness of the Lee Tsunami.

After Wu Xiaoli’s words, Ju Yongzhou Odded.

And then turned around and went to Li Ting Tsui Road and said, “I think it makes sense that this thing doesn’t have to go through the kitchen, it’s too much trouble, or it’s easier to build a new kitchen.”

You! She…

If you hear Jung-woo, there’s no tongue between Li Tsui Tsui’s tongue.

At this point, what can I say about the Lee Tsui?

According to the contract, Jung-woo and Wu Si Li are fully entitled to do so.

The only thing that Li family can do is take Li family away as a hostage.

But in the current state of affairs, it’s clear that the two guys across the street had to leave Li Family.

I just opened my mouth, and Li Tsui Tsui said, “Don’t you worry about our Li family leaving?”

In the face of the Li Tsui Tsui, Wu Xiaoli looked at Li Tsui Road and said, “You’re going to stay, you’re right, you don’t have to ask us if we agree.”

If you hear U Seung-soo, Jung-woo and Li Dae-dong, one word can’t be said.

For Jung-woo, as Big shopkeeper, Wu Xiaoli, this is purely ignorance is a bliss.

Once Li Family’s gone, who’s in charge of Inn’s drink?

Do you want to call for a foreign sale?

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