Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3708

Once Li Family really left, Inn in the prison was paralysed immediately.

Don’t say anything.

in the world, the senior chef is not that easy to recruit.

Especially if you can cook the best cooks like the Li Tsunami, and even if you can’t afford it.

Do you think it’s possible to hire some low-level cooks?

dignified Prison Inn, selling some 30-40 vegetables?

If so, why would the man come here to eat?

And if it’s struck by lightning, it’s as well.

Little Missy, does she know what she’s talking about?

Once Li Family leaves, do you want to call for a cigarette Inn’s drink?

That’s bullshit.

If that were possible, Li Yu would never hesitate.

Immediately with Li Family’s grandson, evacuate Flame Inn.

Where are you going with their homework?

You don’t have to say, the whole Imperial Capital, as long as his Lee Tsing opens, all the big Inn will sweep.

But the problem now is that Li Family, in any event, is not possible to leave Inn.

Prison Inn, the honor of Li Family.

Prison Inn, Li Family’s only Totem.

For Li family, revitalizing Inn is their lifelong dream.

Prison Inn, founded by Li Family’s ancestors.

Once we leave here, even if we earn more money, it’s just struggling on whilst at death’s door.

Once life is lost, that life is completely meaningless.

What’s the point even if we’re alive, even if we can earn more money?

The most letting Li Tsui spit blood.

That Jung-woo and Wu Suli, really don’t care about Li Family leaving.

Among them, Jung-woo knows what’s good in it.

But even so, Ju Yokota obviously doesn’t care about the survival of Inn Life and Death in prison.

And Wu Xiaoli, it’s just ignorance is a bliss.

There is no understanding of the importance of Li Family for the cleaning of Inn.

The desperate look at Jung-woo and Wu Si Li, between a time and a time, Li Tsunami is desperately desperate.

Why are you so careful to hand Inn over to two people like this?

One is heartless, one ignorance is a bliss.

I don’t want to live!

Look at Li Yu Tsui and laughed, but not at all.

Zhao Yongzhou also knows that the Li Tsui is definitely hard to suffer now.

But it doesn’t matter.

At least a year, Inn will be shut down.

By that time, Inn will return to the army again.

The purchasing of Inn’s ownership will also return to Li Ting Tsui’s hands again.

As a result, the Li Ting Tsunami will be very difficult for the time being.

But this suffering will not last for too long.

Between you and me, Ju Yokota looks like Wu Xiaoli, open the mouth and said: “Yes, I need a superior alchemic furnace, do you know where to buy it?”

The top alchemic furnace?

Listen to Ju Yong-fu’s question, Wu Sha Lizzie has thought about it and is going to open the door.

A desperate Li Tsui, but the brightness of the eyes.

between chuckled, Li Tsui was looking at the eye: this top alchemic furnace, but it’s worth nothing, and it’s generally in Great Clan, where the power is too powerful to buy money.

You don’t need to take pleasure in other people misfortune!


If you hear Jung-woo, Li Tsui will not have an embarrassing mouth but will not say a word.

Open your tongue for half a day, and Li Tsui finally cleaned up his feelings.

frankly, Old Ancestor of our Li Family, left a superior Divine Furnace, hehe, if you have enough sincerity, I don’t mind transferring it to you.

The top?

Divine Furnace!

And Li Family Old Ancestor passed it!

When you hear the Li Dae-wooden, Jupiton shines his eyes.

At the

same time, Wu Xiaoli, the next side of the world, also shines his eyes, whispering:


know. You’re talking about Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, right?

Yes, it is the legend that the fires of purification can be used to pill concocting — Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace!

Look at Jung-woo, the way Li Tsui was tempted by his face:

Then Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, can extract the fire of purification, and then the Than method, split a medicine pill into nine!


When you hear the Li Dae-wooden, you stare at your eyes.

It’s unbelievable to look at Li Dae-woo said: How can it be? You’re kidding me?

Cut it.

Zhou Yongzhou’s voice just fell, and Wu Xiaoli’s a curl ‘s lip.

Don’t look at that Lee Tsui, Wu Xiaoli: Don’t listen to him. It’s not like that.


you hear Wu Xiaoqiao, Ju Yongwoo will not be exhales one breath say.

Indeed, on this world, there is no pill furnace so irreversible.

We split a Dan into nine. That’s not the answer!

Lower consciousness looked at the past at Li Yu Yu, and it was so hard to see.

Obviously, Wu Xiaoli said it was true.

Wu Xiaoqiao is in the middle of Jung-woo’s disappointment and continues to wear it.

Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace is indeed powerful and can extract the fire from nine ghosts to pill concocting.

Except the Fire of Hell, and no one can induce it.

Only the demon King of that year’s purchasing prison, through his power, can lead to the Fire of Hell.

The change is general cultivator, and it is impossible to trigger the fire of purification.

And then, for example, that sounds like mysterious, irreversible fragmentation.

Indeed, Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace can do that.

At least one medicine pill can be divided into nine!

But it’s all premature.

You have to be able to refine a Ninth Grade medicine pill before you can do that.

Ninth Grade medicine pill, with that fragmentation, can be divided into nine First Grade medicine pill.

Sounds crazy.

But in fact, in the vast majority of cases, a thousand First Grade medicine pills are more than one Ninth Grade Medipill!

Who’s going to be silly, and split Ninth Grade medicine pill into nine First Grade medicine pill?

Listen, Wu Xiaoli, the Lee Tsui is unhappy.

Angry looks at Wu Shirley, Li Tsui is arguing loudly.

Who told you that unusual cultivator couldn’t trigger the fire of purification?

Yes, it is.

If the change is someone else, buying this Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, it is true that the fire of purification cannot be triggered.

But Jules is different!

Jung-woo, but the owner of the purchasing Inn.

The bottom of Inn is precisely a volcanic crater that goes to the depths of the prison.

In the pill concocting chamber underneath Inn Prison, there is a volcanic crater that passes to the abyss of the prison.

Even in the case of ordinary cultivator, the volcanic crater could be activated through that volcanic crater.

Therefore, for the master of Inn purchasing prison.


is no need to purify the power of the prison, and the same can trigger the fire.

Inn in prison was built entirely by the melting rock of the prison, not by human beings, as they imagined.


fact, the construction of Inn’s smelting rock was extracted directly from Volcanic crater.

The lava extracted from it became the building of Inn in prison, after solidification.

Listen to Li Dae-woo, the eyes of Ju Yong-fu, came out of the burning rays of light.


fire that can trigger the purification of the prison can be complemented by Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, which is the case with that fragmentation.

Even though Wu Xiaoli was right.

In the vast majority of cases, the value of a Ninth Grade Medipill is much higher than a thousand First Grade medicine pill.

But no matter what is absolute, no other provisionally, it is not included in Transforming Dragon Pill alone.

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