Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3710


the face of Zhao Yongzhou’s enquiry, Lee Tsui Chuckled said:


‘d like to sign a kidnapping agreement to kidnap Li Family with Inn in Purgatory.

Once an agreement has been signed, all food from Inn in prison will be supplied only by Li Family kitchen.

Besides, Inn can’t open a new kitchen.

If you hear the Li Tsui, Ju Yong-fu frowned.

Seeing this scene, Li Tington was nervous.

Once Jung-woo refused this provision, he really couldn’t cry.


really not convenient to look at a nervous Li Tsui, Jung-woo Road: without opening a new kitchen, I really can’t promise you that.

Listen to Jung-woo, when Li Tsington was prepared for that funeral.

When Lee was desperate,

Zhou Yongzhou continues the path:

The new kitchen must be open, like the first floor of the hall, not really easy, but…

Although the new kitchen can be opened, the new kitchen can be run by you, Li Family!

Yeah? That’s right!


you hear Jung-woo, Li Dae-dong shines his eyes.

Look at Li Dae-woo’s excitement, Ju Yongwoo continues the way: So, let me list a provision, see how it looks.

In the

middle of the conversation, Jung-woo was thinking.

Good time, Jung-woo said it.

Under the new agreement, Inn and Li Family were permanently abducted.

The new agreement provides that Li Family shall not cook food for any individual or group other than Inn in prison.

In exchange, Inn in prison also uses only the beauty cooked in Li Family’s kitchen.

There are 17 new agreements.

But to be honest, it’s actually a tie to each other.

Simply speaking, Inn in prison sells only Li Family food.

Li family cooks only for Inn Purgatory.

Even if a new kitchen is to be opened, there must be Li Family.

The new kitchen ownership is also owned by Li Family.


profits created by the new kitchen are also owned by Li Family.

Under a series of articles, Li Family was tied together with Inn Purgatory, who died.

Faced with this scene, Jung-woo is really powerless to spit.

Originally, the Li Sung Tsunami was dead and refused to kidnap Li Family and Inn in prison.

But now, it’s Li Dae-woo who begged Ju Yongwoo to tie Li Family’s death to Inn in prison.

And for that reason, the Li Tsunami will send Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, a worthwhile Nine Nether Lands!


the face of such demands, Zhou Yokosu is really ignorant.

In less than ten days.

Jung-woo got a whole purchaser from Li Family, Inn.

Three hundred and forty-four sets of Dragon Transformation four, as well as a respectful Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace.

The future Ju Yokota will, therefore, get more than 3,000 Transforming Dragon Pill.

speaking of that, Jung-woo, get too much from Li Family.

Up to Jung-woo has been unbearable and continues to be stripped.

But now the question is, not Jung-woo wants to strip Li Family, but Li Family begs him to take it off.

If you don’t strip, they can’t be comfortable.

If you don’t strip, they won’t feel safe.

If possible, Jung-woo would love to direct the purchasing of Inn to Li Family.

But now the question is, Jung-woo can’t speak and believe.

Before that, Jung Yongzhou had promised to send Inn to Wu Xiaoqiao.

Although she wouldn’t want it, Jung-woo then promised to make Wu Shipkeeper.

In so doing, Ju Yokosu has no way of returning Inn to Li Family.

And Li Family doesn’t want to purify Inn at all.

Li family don’t at all have proven to be capable of running an Inn.

There is no doubt that Jung-woo is a good man, a noble man, a man who escapes from the low level of fun.

So many benefits from Li Family, Jung-woo was really sorry, and that tribulation was looted.

But now the question is, Jules has no way to tell anyone what he gets.

Under the clouds, Ju Yokosu can only repay Li family in other ways.

Between Siu Yongzhou and Li Yu Tsui, after signing a new agreement, took Lee Tsui to the Emperor’s suite.

In the Emperor’s suite, Ju Yong-fu poured water for himself and had tea for Li’s Tsui Tsui.

Then Ju Yongqiu sat opposite Li Tsui.

There’s a lot to say, he has to talk to Lee about.

Otherwise, his conscience is not going to go through it at all.

Silence for a long time

Zhou Yongzhou opened the mouth and said:


don’t worry about the cleaning of Inn, I’ll never pay Li Family any more.


If you hear Jung-woo, Lee Tsui is serious:

Under the new agreement, half of Inn’s profits, I’m afraid, will fall in Li Family’s hands, and you don’t have to feel guilty.

Hands up, Jung-woo. Look deep at Li Dae-woo Road:

What, Li family keeps cooking on this, becoming a businessman not just in name, but also in reality?

If you hear Jung-woo, Li Tsui will be the first one, even if he loses his head.


Great Ancient Era, Lee Great Demon King of Li Family, which is a crossroads to the invincible super Great Demon King!

Once, Great Demon King of Li Family, but the super Great Demon King, who fought Demon Race’s invincible.

But by now, Li family is becoming increasingly zero.

So far, more dead and dead are tied up with the Prison Inn, becoming a businessman with a focus on cooking.

It is clear that, regardless of their will, they have departed from the path that their ancestors have already taken.

From Aristocratic Family, a Demon Race soldier, gradually melted for a businessman Aristocratic Family.

Silence for a while.

Li Yi Tsui finally sighed and laughed: Many things, I didn’t really want anyone to know, but…

Li Family’s magic relatives and degrees have fallen sharply since Great Ancient Era’s war!

When you hear the Li Dae-wooden, Jupiton turned his eyes up.

Generally, Demon Race’s magic relatives and degrees will not be reduced.

It will remain on a stable value and will remain constant.

Only if the cultivator of Demon Race had been unfavourable to demon and even betrayed Demon Race would he and his offspring have experienced a dramatic decline in magic relatives and degrees.

The doubts are looking at the Li Yu Tsui, the path that Ju Yongzhou does not understand: Why? What did Li Family do to reach future generations?


the face of Jung-woo’s questioning, Li Yu Tsui said, “Who am I going to ask?”

If Li Family really did something against Demon Race, how could the Department protect Li Family?

Smile shook the head.

Li family’s magic relatives and degrees fell to the bottom of the valley immediately after the war between his ancestors and Star Immortal Sect sect sect sect master. Peak.

So far, Li Family’s magic relatives and degrees are all three Grade.

No one can go beyond Fourth Grade’s magic relatives and…

If you hear the Li Yu Tsui, Ju Yu Yu will finally taste it.

It is not surprising that the Li Ting Tsunami, even at the expense of a great deal of interest, has to be kidnapped with Inn in prison.

No wonder Li Family, in any case, is not allowed to leave the purgatory Inn.

Originally, Jung-woo thought he plot against Li Family, taking advantage of Li Family.

But now it seems that the plot of the Lee Tsunami is not very small.

Obviously, three Grade’s magic relatives and beneath are not well placed to manage the fire.

And how can you cook a high level of beauty if you can’t manage the fire?

Only in Inn in the purchasing prison, through Volcanic crater under Inn, will there be no fire in the purgatory.

Li family can only continue drilling the way to cook and survive in the world.

Once you leave the purgatory Inn, Li Family can’t do anything.

Even the simplest, the most basic Level 3, I’m afraid it’s not good to cook.

So not Li Family is willing to be a businessman.

It was a reality that forced them to become a businessman.

Leaving Inn, Li Family is more than the most common, without innate talent civilians.

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