Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3711

Long sigh.

JAG: So, you pick younger generation from your family, the best brother, and I’ll bring you a ride.

In the face of Jung-woo’s demands, Li Tsui’s smile, shaking the way: useless, third Grade’s magic relatives, no future, no meaning.

Just smile, Ju Yokota: Even if it’s meaningless, try it. What if it works?

This one.


Yeah, though hopefully successful, very little. But what if it works?

Looking at Li Dae-yuan: Return 10,000 steps, Li family should not give up completely, even if it is destined to be unsuccessful.

If efforts were to be followed, they would eventually fail.

Then under nine fountains, if Li Family’s ancestors had a soul, they would not be blamed.

But if you don’t even look at the test, then Li Family’s ancestors, if they know under the fountain, I’m afraid they won’t forgive him, um.

Listen to Jung-woo, Li Tsui Tsui is trembling.

Just one in an instant, the Lee Tsui is all wet and sweaty.


Even if it is known that there is no future, how can it be presented to Le Zurizon?

In many cases, efforts are not necessary to pursue one outcome.


process of pursuing is, in itself, meaningful.

As Li Family’s grandson, the pursuit cannot be abandoned because of hardship.

On the contrary, it is precisely because of the difficulties that it is necessary to work harder and more to pursue.

All right.

take a long and deep breath, and the Li Ting Tsui Tsui said, “Wait a minute, I’m going back, choosing Li Family Young generation, the best genius to come.”

Looking deep at Jung-woo, Li Tsui, for a week of honor, is no less serious: as for everything else, please.

Okay, but when it comes, remember bringing Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace together.

Jules smiled at nodded.

If you hear Jung-woo, the Li Tsui Tsui is bleak with a smile:

In fact, Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace has been repressing Volcanic crater in the pill concocting closet in Inn Prison.

So, the Lee Tsunami really doesn’t have to go home to bring it.

If Zhou Yokota wants to use it, go straight to pill concocting, you can see it.

If you hear the Li Yu Tsui, Ju Yong-fu opens his mouth and can’t say one word.

Look at Ju Yongzhou, the Li Tsui is not gonna be laughed.

Then Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, a part of the prison Inn, can’t be taken away.

Once Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace is taken away, volcanic crater has lost his repression, and I’m afraid it spreads immediately.

By that time, the whole Imperial Capital, I’m afraid, will be ashes.

Look at Li Tsui laughed heartily, Jung-woo knows that he was hit by Lee to plot against him.

This guy, selling something that was supposed to belong to Jung-woo again.

Together, new agreements have been signed.

Surprised to look at Li Dae-woo, Jung-woo knows that this guy is absolutely not easy.

Don’t look on the surface, it’s like Jung-woo has been in the plot against Lee.

But in fact, Li has been plot against Jupiter.

Had it not been the real goal of Yokota, it would have been Dragon Transformation.

I was really given a hit by Li Yu.

As for now.


Li Ting Tsui is an entertainment and excitement.

And Ju Yongzhou, even bigger than harvesting.

Say, there are 3,000 First Grade Transforming Dragon Pill, and what else can’t be forgiven?

Following the determination of the location of pill concocting’s cryptop, Ju Yongzhou, for the first time, closed down the basement of Inn, under 2 Layer, and no one was allowed to enter.

Not to mention the pill concocting room located in Inn Ground 3-Layer.

Under the leadership of the Li Ting Tsui, Ju Yokosu went down the stairs and went deep into the earth.

Between the way forward, Ju Yongzhou and Li Yu Tsui soon arrived in a basement cave in SPlendorous and majestic.

This underground cave runs 100 meters away.

The temperature in the cave is even more scary.

The ordinary clouds will burn in the immediate vicinity of high temperature and intense combustion.

Even the walls around them are red, as if they were burned red.

Feel around familiar temperatures.

Look around the familiar environment.

Everything here, and endless prison, 3rd-layer, branding the valley, is really impressive.

Looking at the opposite hole, the two red doors, full of magical tattoos.

Ju Yong Woo is not getting his eyes up, and it is clear that within this door, it should be the pill concocting room of Inn Purchasing Prison.

This secret room was built by Demon King of the year’s purgatory.

take a deep breath, Jung-woo, take the steps, move towards the two gates.

Just one step.


haven’t waited for Jung-woo’s right foot.

in an instant, a fierce flame came out of those two doors.

For a single moment, the fire of the Blaze of Hell was filled with the whole cave.

Feel that high temperature, Jung-woo is not gonna be frowned.

Others, in the face of such a gentle flame, will surely be burned to flee.

I’m afraid I’ll just cut back into the tunnel.

In fact, it’s the luxury that’s been hiding behind, and it’s just the bad thing to hold, waiting to see Jupiter wolf.

However, it was not thought that, in the face of such a terrible flame, Yokohama had not taken a step back.


long as it was at the heart of the prison, Jules had suffered such high temperatures.

Even when we rob the ancient magic, the flame temperature of Jules is hundreds of times higher than it is here.

In order to resist that horror to a very high temperature flame, Ju Yokosu ate into Satan!

You know what?

That’s enough for Satan to exist with Transforming Dragon Pill mention on equal terms.

That Transforming Dragon Pill does not directly alter Battle Physique of cultivator.

Transforming Dragon Pill’s real value lies in the possibility of pretending to be Dragon Race, thus entering Dragon Transformation Pond and washing Battle Physique.

So have True Dragon Battle Physique!

And this entry into Devil Dan is different.

Into the role of Devil Body, is direct tempering.

Put Ninth Grade Bloodline, direct tempering into Battle Physique!

Under the burning of True Fire in the Fire of Hell, Ju Yongwoo used to enter Satan.

With the strength of solidification within the Fire, all fluctuations have been blocked.

If it’s on the floor, it’s the world.

Once Zhu Yongzhou is under the cloak of Satan, I’m afraid the entire crash battlefield will tremble.

The whole Demon Race, Dragon Race, Phoenix Clan, Monster Race, and all of the stars Immortal Sect are aware of the first time.

By that time, I’m afraid Jules will be nailed and stabbed in the eyes of everyone.

No one can tolerate the present life of Battle Physique, the five major races of the crash battlefield.

But, well, Jung-woo hides all the fluctuations by harnessing the screening effect at the heart of an incomplete prison.

Thereafter, they were burned under the wilderness of the fruit and the fire of True Fire.

Successfully brought together Battle Physique!

Thus, by now, the fire of the district purchasing is no longer possible to harm Ju Yongzhou.

Even True Fire, at the heart of the prison, I’m afraid there’s nothing to do with Ju Yongqiu.

In the sight of the Lee Tsui.

Ju Yongqiu smiled and took a step forward, looking at the fire of hell, moving towards those two gates.

The wolf that Li Tsui wants to see, there’s no chance to see.

One way to two burning doors, Ju Yokosu stretched right hand, lightly pushed on the door.

And it was only on the door that was burned red, and the flame of the bear was lifted up.

And between the flames, there is a red magic tattoo, and together, floating over the two gates.

Don’t! Stop it!

Seeing this scene, that Lee was a shock, screaming out loud.

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