Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3712

Hearing the Li Yu Tsui Tsui, Ju Yongqiao questioned the right hand and turned around and looked at the past at Li Yu Tsui.

In the eyes of Ju Yongzhou, Lee Tsui Chuckled Road:

This door is open only to Li Family Bloodline’s son.

If an alien opens up, he will be directly transported into an incomplete prison and burned alive!

If you hear the Li Tsui Tsui Tsui Tsui,

So, then I want to go into pill concocting, and I have to have Li family next to you?

No, no, no, no.

LEE: It doesn’t have to be approved by our Li family, the magic password will be cleared, and then you can enter the pill concocting room with the password.

During the conversation, Li Tsui went to the front of the two gates.

In the eyes of Ju Yongzhou, Li Tsui stretched his hands to the edge of the two gates, each in two circles.

In a loud noise, countless, red magic tattooes have come out of two doors.

That was 3,000 extreme red tattoos, slowed off the two gates, and the steady stagnation was before the two gates.

When you see this scene, Jung-woo doesn’t need the Lee Tsunami Point.

With two bronze doors, Jung-woo stretched his hands out.

Only those three thousand pieces of magic that burned the flame, as the weary birds returned to their nests, and came to the hands of Jules.

oh, la la.

In a slight sound, the three thousand flame demons did not enter the hands of Jules.

Lower head, look at your hands.

On that clear fingerprint, there was a scarlet tattoo with a needle eye.

A total of 3,000 extreme red magic tattoos, full of two hands in Ju Yongzhou.

Obviously, that’s the magic password.

Through this magic password, even without Li Family Bloodline, access to this pill concocting crypton is as good as possible.

Between Zhou Yongzhou.

Li Xiaoping didn’t open all the doors, but smiled and pulled back: Try the magic password, see if you could open the pill concocting room!

You’re welcome, Jung-woo, and between your hands and your hands on the edge of the two gates, and they’re in the full limbs.

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In a boring, darkening sound, the earth was shaking.

At the same time, the two thick gates have narrowed in the direction of both sides.

With the opening of the two gates, there was a tremendous tsunami that had passed into the ears.


empty air is coming up, the temperature is higher, and it’s better than the unprotected 4-layer!


the face of such a high temperature, even if there were 60 Devil Body Li Tsunami, there was a little resistance.

Don’t say you’re in this pill concocting room.

Even if it’s so far away, it’s already stuffed, skin charcoal.

Ten steps back, the Lee Tsui laughed, “No, I can’t go in here, it’s in there, you can only explore it yourself.”

Look at the pain of the Li Tsui, Ju Yongwoo is not gonna be shook the head.

Obviously, the Li Tsunami must have been in prison 4-Layer.

But he must have been wearing a purchasing suit.

Otherwise, it would not be so bad.

Between thought and thought, Ju Yongzhou said, “Go ahead and help me with the rest of it.”

You’re welcome to hear Jung-woo.

Inn in prison is making every effort to change.


kitchen is also subject to extensive expansion, alteration and construction.

As the patriarch of Li Family.

As Inn’s chef.

Too much to think about, decide.

And most importantly, he’s going to choose the best one from younger generation’s brother.

Let him follow Jung-woo, go across the sea and build a homework.

To restore the honor of demon King, who was in prison.

Although there is little prospect, the Li Tsui has to admit that Ju Yokosu is justified.

Even if they wish to be smaller, they must try it.

If you don’t try hard, how do you know that can’t be achieved?

Don’t tell me how Li Tsui thinks about it.

On this side, after the Li Ting Tsui left, Ju Yongqiu turned around and entered the pill concocting room of Demon King in prison.

As soon as he walked into the closet room, Jung-woo was hit by the fire pillar and attracted all attention.

the pill concocting room is very large in size, with thousands of square points.


the middle of the closet, it’s a round of fire.

In that corrupt corridor, hu hu blows out the fire of purple red fire.

Look carefully.

And it is not known what the metal is made of it.

The reason why no metal can be judged is because all metals are burned red, they’re all the same.

And at this time, it will be burned with red fire.

He even took a cigarette.

Looking up, the closet’s up, is a channel for the bee’s nest.

The Fire of Hell, which spreads out of the earth, and the smoke that comes out of it, follows 3,000 pathways, and knows where it is going.

But just a little bit of memories, Jung-woo.

Remember, when we first came to purify Inn, Ju Yokosu had been looking at the great building of Inn in the prison.

Among them, the top of the prison Inn, the smoke is surrounded.

black fog, covering the day.


sky within 10 li is covered by the clouds.

Obviously, those black smoke are spraying from here, with 3,000 pipes, spraying over the dome.

Step forward, Jung-woo walked slowly to the vent around one meter of the diameter.

Lower your head and look down at the fire.

As you see, the bottom of the fire is a red, deep abyss.

And it is from the abundant Fire of Hell that spreads out of the abundant abyss.

Look at that scarlet-red, deep down.

Between a time and a while, Jules will not have to think.

From the point of position, it’s clear that the fire goes to the deepest depths of the prison!

Turn out your hand lightly, and the flames of Jung-woo sprayed into it touched the past.

Easy between, Jung-woo is not gonna be frowned.

The Fire of Fire of Fire, which is thrown out of it, is a curious rolling burn.

The temperature is high enough to compare the temperature at the core of the melting rock vortex when Jules robbed the wilderness.

If not Ju Yongqiu had been purified into a demon Battle Physique, it would not have been necessary to resist this horrific flame.

Think about it now that 60 Devil Body’s Li Tsunami will not be able to get near the flame. How could it be a fire?

Praise shook the head, Jung-woo, turn around and look deep at pill concocting.

inside the pill concocting room, a two-metre diameter with a great alchemic furnace of up to three metres.

This alchemic furnace, which was brought together by an unknown black metal.

And three Dao Cauldron suffices.

Its shape and specifications, and the majority of alchemic furnace not at all, are too different.



you think this alchemic furnace is unique, it’s a big mistake.

Although alchemic furnace is alive and sufficient, there is no surprise.

But alchemic furnace’s surface is surrounded by nine black Dragon!

Looks like the nine Black Dragon tails are haunted, and their bodies are surrounded by their bodies.

As for the dragon necks and the dragons, an ounce is surrounded by the mouths.

The nine dragons, like a corn, surrounded by the mouths.

There’s nothing but Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, and that flame spray.

For an Alchemist, however, it already has everything they dream of.

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