Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3714

Ju Yongqiu greeted Li Tsui and Wu Xiaoli, sitting next to the shortfall.

It’s been a little bit of a thought… that Ju Yokosu saw the past in the first place in the wake of the Li Tsui.

Deeply looking at Li Yu Tsui, Ju Yokosu: “I don’t know anything about the kitchen, nor can I interfere with it.”

It is said that the outsiders cannot lead the internal course.

And Li Family’s kitchen, the foreigners are not necessarily able to command.


kitchen is therefore only responsible for the Lee Tsunami tsunami.

If you hear Jung-woo, Li Tsui won’t get a bigger head.

Indeed, this has been the way Li Family kitchen works for so many years.

Even if it’s Inn’s big shopkeeper, it’s not going in.

No one can walk into the kitchen except Li Family. This is Li Family’s dignity! Look at the Li Tsui Tsui, and Ju Yongzhou said, “The kitchen thing, you take care of it yourself, and I can’t do it, either.”

All right… Murnodded, Li Ting Dong Road: “Since you trust us so much, then the kitchen thing will be left to us, Li Family, and we will not let you down.”

Smile nodded, Jung-woo turned around and looked at Wu Xiaoli.

“I don’t know anything about Inn, do you want me to take care of it, or do you want me to do it under the outside leadership?”

“Although you may not know too well yourself, you’re the big shopkeeper, everything’s up to you.”

“If everything comes to ask me, then why would you use this big shopkeeper?”

Listen to Jung-woo, Wu Xiaoqiu has wrinkled his little face, and he’s nervous: “But I’m afraid, you’re not afraid of my business, are you?”

Lost Ben?

Listen to Wu Seung-soo, Jupiton smiled.

“Lost the original, who buys and sells it, guarantees that he will never lose it and never earn it?”

Pull over the shoulder of pats Wu Dae-woo, and Judo will be determined: “Whatever it is, be careful to decide, go ahead and implement it, and I believe you.”

“I will not blame you, even if I do.”

Speaking of this, Jung-woo stood up and walked over the clothing next to him.

Take your clothes off the shelf.

“I will never interfere with the Inn thing, and all the decisions will be left to you alone.”

But… This… hears Ju Yongzhou, Wu Xiaoqiao and Li Yu Tsui.

Zhou Yongzhou lifted his hand and stopped the two.

Quickly frowns, Ju Yokota: “I repeat, you listen carefully.”

Long breath, Jung-woo is looking at two humans: “I’m not going to interfere with Inn, and everything depends on you.”

“Watch out! It’s anything!”

Listen to Jung-woo, Wu Sui and Lee, and suck in a cold breath of air.

At the same time, it is clear that Jung-woo has no intention of continuing this subject.

“Well, I don’t want to hear anything about the cleaning of Inn anymore.”

Turn around and look at Li Tsui, Ju Yokosu, and say, “Yes, I let you choose Li Family’s outstanding brother, did you pick it out?”

Look at Jung-woo, Wu Sha Li and Li Yu, while laughing.

Apparently… although it is not known why.

Though I don’t know what Jung-woo thinks.

In any event, however, Jung-woo has absolutely no interest in the management and development of Inn purchasing prison.

Unless he wants to take care of himself, he will, whoever it is, whatever it is.


long as it’s about cleaning the Inn administration, it’s better not to talk to him.

And, think about it, actually, he doesn’t care what’s right.

A lot of things, the worse the way it goes, the more confusing it.

In the case of the Li Family kitchen, an exception, the whole kitchen would be completely disrupted if it was forcibly intruded.

And even if Jung-woo is not involved, the Li Family kitchen can definitely function and do all the work.

Zhou Yongzhou would only be bad, not make things better.

If so, why do you have to break up?

As for Wu Xiaoli, she was really new.

For Inn management and development, rocks are also touching over the river.

But in relative terms, Jung-woo doesn’t even have a new hand.

Absolutely the most complete outsider… although he is Boss, it is Inn’s full possession.

But you’re hard to force a big outsider to make a decision, and it’s in fact a shield from responsibility, not to resist burdensome performance.

As long as Jung-woo Nodded agrees.

As long as it’s Jung-woo’s board.


seems that everyone can be reassured.

Even if it fails, that’s what Jung-woo agreed to.

But in fact, is that really appropriate?

After looking at it, Wu Xiaoli and Li Yu Tsui were conscious.

In any case, Jules is definitely not going to interfere with Inn management and development.

Inn’s everything, major event or small thing, is up to both of them to decide, take a board.

If Inn works well, it’s the work of both.

If Inn doesn’t work well, it’s all a mistake.

After looking at it, Wu Xiaoli and Li Yu Tsui stood up and tried to leave.

Ju Yongzhou Odded said, “Well, what’s up, you go ahead, but…” Li Master, go and call your chosen outstanding disciple, as far as Wu Xiaoli, you stay, I have something to tell you. “

If you hear Jung-woo, Li Tsui has nothing to say.

Stand up and leave the Emperor’s suite.

As for Wu Xiaoli, a face was left red and continued to sit on the original position.

Li Tsui left, Jung-woo turned around and looked at Wu Xiaoli.

Pick up the teapot and fill up a cup of tea for Wu Xiaoli.

Then Ju Yong-fu sat down with a smile.

This Wu Xiaoli, this is a great job.

If Wu Xiaoqiao succeeded in convincing Li Yu Yuen, Ju Yokosu would never have been able to get those Dragon Transformation baskets, Inn.

Without an alcoholic Inn, it is impossible to get that Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace and Nine Nether Lands! Although in Wu Shirley’s view, she’s a good man, Judithi Woody, when she’s a big shopkeeper, is enough to pay her back.

But from the standpoint of Jules, it’s far from enough! Zhao Yongzhou has always insisted that there is a reward, and that there is a punishment! Since someone helped him, he had received a good gain, that would naturally be rewarded.

It can’t be said that people made millions of dollars for you, and you only paid hundreds of dollars back.

Payment and access must be proportionate, and everyone is willing to be united around him.

I’m afraid it’s too late to get away! Ancient language clouds: capable men choose the right leader to serve, and the princess has chosen to do so.

Neither loyalty is ever conditional nor principled.

Confidence is conditional… loyalty to parents is due to their breeding.

loyalty to the State is due to the existence of a family.

But trying to be loyal to someone, it’s really conditional.

Not anyone else can let your heart fall into loyalty.

Not everyone, they deserve your loyalty.

While the head of the mouth is to say that every human being has a strong word of justice and loyalty.

But in fact, the vast majority of the world’s people are not loyal to someone.

It is not the injustice of all, but no one deserves their loyalty.

Faithfulness… is absolutely not that cheap.

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