Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3715

For individuals and individuals, loyalty is a high, rather than a bottom.

For States and peoples, loyalty is the threshold of virtue, not the ceiling.

If Wu Xiaoli, Li Tsing, loyal to Demon Race.

So there’s no doubt that it’s very easy.

No need to do anything, they’ll be loyal to Demon Race.

But it’s really hard to be loyal to Jung-woo.

In order to gain the loyalty of others, justice and punishment must be fair.

Zhao Yongwoo spent a lot of money on Wu Xiaoqiao.

But, in relative terms, Wu Xiaoli has created more value for Ju Yokosu.

For the time being alone, this purchasing Inn is not the value that Wu Xiaoqiao has created for Ju Yokosu.

After all, this purchasing prison Inn, bought it at 300 billion dollars.

Wu Xiaoqiao, although successful, has appointed her as Inn Grand shopkeeper in prison.

Such a return would be sufficient to match her contribution.

But that’s about to be refined with more than 3,000 Transforming Dragon Pill, who is not at all given the due gift.

This is unacceptable to Jules, no matter what.

If conscience is ignorant, it will not be given to Wu Xiaoqiao.

So, you don’t need anyone else, you just turn it off, you never go.

However, there is a heart for Wu Xiaoqiao, but at some point Jung-woo does not know how to give it.

Three thousand Transforming Dragon Pill, that’s a terrible fortune.

If, one day, Jung-woo really formed a Poison Dragon Legion.

That’s a man who’s enough to sweeps away from the whole world, who dares to fight any Legion, not to fall under the wind.

So great, Jung-woo doesn’t know how to give it.


But even if you give her all the money on her, it’s not enough.

The only thing Jupiter can do is think of it from the long run.

This work is remembered here, and it can only be slowly given… However, although it cannot be given all, once and for all.

But I can’t say it, because it’s not full, so just don’t give it up.

Give it not all one thing, don’t give it another.

Pick up a cup of tea and drink a cup of tea.

Then Ju Yongzhou slowly raised his head and looked at the past to Wu Xiaoqiao.


the face of Jules’ attention, the red ear was wrapped up in Wu Sullington.


haven’t seen Jung-woo in the last few days, Wu Xiaojung, very much in mind.

Although I don’t know when to start, I don’t know what it is.

But Wu Xiaoli knew that she already loved this boy very much.

Although, this feelings may not be love.

But she’s no cure, she’s obsessed with this boy.

His tenderness, his guardian, his drowning, made her harder to resist.

Look at the red Wu Si Li, Ju Yokosu: “In any case, don’t make yourself too tired.”

“Things can be done not one day, slowly and slowly.” “Well, lovely Nodded, Wu Xiaoli Road:” After the beginning of a hall, the rest will come slowly and desperately. “


gentle look at Wu Shirley, Ju Yokosu Avenue: “If it is urgent, do not put all the burdens on your shoulders.”

As a superior, most importantly, it is not the ability to work, but rather the knowledge of good faith.

A group of talented and capable people can be united.

They are divided according to what everyone is good at.

You just need the Lord to take full care of it.

Specific jobs are best suited by professionals.

Well, I heard Jung-woo, Wu Xiaoqiao, and said, “I’ve realized this since the last conversation with you.”

paused, Wu Xiaoxizi Road: “I have formed a team of twelve people dedicated to helping me manage the cigarette Inn.”

Appreciate Nodded, Ju Yokota: “That’s right.” You alone can’t do much if you’re exhausted. “

“Inn’s guest room continues to operate according to past models and should not be problematic.”

As for the newly opened catering department, the first floor has also been constructed and is open.

It is clear, however, that this is not a good time for formal external business.

After all, time has passed for a few days.

Advocacy and outreach have just begun.

If it was too urgent, many problems would arise as a result of advocacy and outreach issues.

In most cases, without knowledge, business will not be too good.

And once the first artillery opens the door doesn’t ring, I’m afraid the whole keynote will be fixed.

I’m afraid it’s hard to push Inn’s drink to the peak.

If you hear Jung-woo, Wu Xiaoli has never been serious before.

She’s been very anxious all the time.

There is an urgent need for early construction, early start-up, early profit.

But now it seems that she’s too much more than looking for instant benefit.

As Ju Yokota said, if trade opens in a situation of insufficient publicity and diffusion, it may be more cheap than profit.

Once we open the door, we hit the mute.

Then think about it later, and I’m afraid I’m going to pay millions of times more.

Look at Wu Seung-soo’s serious face, Ju Yongwoo continues to speak.

Inn’s catering department is expanded on the basis of the original catering department.

Now there’s only one floor in the lobby, and it’s done.

However, two to six Layer are still in the process of being repaired.

Moreover, in the twelve courtyards, the various desktop chairs and meals, as well as the site construction, have not yet begun.

If catering services are introduced now… even if propaganda is strong, it is not appropriate.


would be difficult to change once everyone was impressed.

When everyone thinks that the cleaning Inn is just his/her tea, eating fruit, dessert, talking about a place of love.

So this impression, or positioning, is hard to change.

Therefore, Wu Xiaoli should not rush out the food and earn money.

The entire catering department should be pushed out as a whole after it’s completely built.

Obviously, this is definitely not the work that can be done in one or two days.

Not even a month or two, it can be done.

There can be no opening without about a year or so.

Listen, Jung-woo came out of a sophisticated analysis, and Wu Sha Li’s eyes were getting brighter.

Under the analysis of Yokota, Wu Xiaoqiao’s brain, that blueprint, which had been blueprint, has gradually become clear.

“But we don’t have much money, and the living room has been lost, and if we can’t profit as soon as possible, we…” Although Wu Shaolino is at all talking, what she wants to say is clear.

The Department of Military Affairs has ceased to subsidize Inn’s losses since Zhou Yongzhou purchased the prison Inn.

Based on the income of the Department of Visitors’ Premises, it is not possible to cover the entire Inn.

It is worth mentioning that, although it is now a loss, it does not mean that the living room does not earn money.

However, the money earned by the Department is not sufficient to support all the expenses of Inn as a whole.

Basically, now every month, millions of magic stones will be lost.

In the next year, millions of dollars have been lost, close to 100 million magic stones.

It was in order to reverse the loss as soon as possible that Wu Xiaoli was so anxious to drive out a diet.

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