Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3716

Wu Xiaoli’s goal is only one, which is to get lost as soon as possible! Originally, this bag has always been the Department of Military Affairs fighting.

The loss of more than 100 million magic stones per year is accompanied by the payment of 100 million rent to Li Family.

Now, this burden falls on the shoulders of Jung-woo, and all the losses will be covered by Ju Yongzhou.

Although under the new agreement, Ju Yokosu has no longer been required to pay Li Family 100 million rent per year.

But Inn lost hundreds of millions of dollars, but he still had to resist Yokohama.

One year, close to 100 million losses, must be taken from Jules’ waist bag.

Look at Wu Xiaoqing, Jung-woo is not gonna be laughed.

Lost money?

What terrifying is that? Now, Jung-woo has nothing to do with it. By now, Zhao Yongzhou even paid 300 billion dollars to buy Inn.

There are also more than 280 million dollars left on it.

One year lost less than 100 million, and it was completely under no pressure for Jules.

You know, even if you confiscate the purchase of Inn in prison, Ju Yongwoo will purchase other buildings for use as an island of Satan, located in Imperial Capital.

And want to buy a suitable building and keep it for a long time.

In a year, the costs are combined, and I’m afraid not with 100 million.

By now, Jung-woo has taken the whole purchasing Inn back into his pocket.

Underground 2-Layer, as well as two floors above the top, have terminated their operations and been classified as private places.

The oldest emperor’s suite, is the home of Ju Yongwoo at Imperial Capital.

And the floor below the Emperor’s suite, as the Island of Sky, is located in Imperial Capital.

Thus, even if one billion dollars are lost annually, there is nothing in fact.

Jung-woo is safe enough to resist, or even ignore! Between thought and thought, Judo Wood took out a big box.

It means that big trunk, Ju Yokota: “This is 100,000 super magic stones, and you send someone to move away as an Inn operating fund.”

Look at that big box’s super magic rock, Wu Shaolington smiled.

Obviously, this guy is too rich to have money to the point where it’s pointing.

For others, a year has lost billions of dollars and absolutely cries cannot be reconciled.

But for Jung-woo, the cost of maintaining hundreds of millions of dollars a year is not normal?

And either Jung-woo or Wu Si Li are convinced.

Loss are only temporary… Once the Department of catering is officially opened, it will enter a period of insane profit.

By that time, a year won’t profit billions of dollars. That’s not gonna happen! Looking deep at Wu Shirley, Jung-woo is serious: “This money is for you, but it’s the first and only one, and I hope you understand.”

Nodded, Wu Xiaoli said, “Don’t worry. With this $100 million, I can make sure that Inn from the Prison is shining up, and you will be rewarded in the future.”


In the meantime, Jung-woo stood up and said, “Well, give you a moment, arrange for a moment, and then we’ll turn around together.”

“Well…” I heard Jung-woo take himself out again, and Wu Shillington was happy with his eyes.

The bird jumped up, Wu Xiaoli quickly ran out of the Emperor’s suite to arrange for something specific.

In the next half of the year to one year, Inn’s catering department will still operate only internally and will not be external for the time being.

However, it does not amount to non-renewal and does not promote it.

Building on one side, propaganda on the other, is the best.

Until more than half a year later, the Ministry of catering was rehabilitated, and publicity and outreach were largely in place.

We’ll be able to amaze the world with a single brilliant feat! Since time is so good, Wu Xiaoli will not have to be so hasty.

Twelve members of the team were summoned, and Wu Xiaoqiao will have a series of ideas, detailing them.

Twelve assistants then started discussions and studies at Wu Xiaoli’s command.

Wu Xiaoli gave them three days of time.

Three days later, they had to come up with a programme that would make Wu Sue happy.

If they can’t make Wu Seung-soo happy, then sorry, please make another move.

After a series of orders were issued, Wu Xiaoli changed his favorite dress and then drove to the Emperor’s suite, and then to Ju Yongwoo.

Look at Wu Shirley in blue’s long skirt, as beautiful as that.

Jules don’t have to laugh, this long dress, obviously not new, has been slightly broken.

But honestly, this blue dress is really good for Wu Xiaoli.

Inn, Yokota and Wu Shili left prison, riding in Inn’s luxury, drove the trade zone all the way to the trade area… to the trade zone, and Ju Yongzhou was in a big seller, down the carriage.

Previously, in the sheep islands, the goat Sword Sect disciple’s uniform was the luxury, the supreme end, the biggest clothing.

But now, in Imperial Capital, this clothing is really weak.

It is not easy to say that native habits… are in Imperial Capital, but they wear rotten ones.

Wherever you go, you’ll be underestimated.

It is true that Zhou Yongzhou’s dresses and dresses are a little untenable and have nothing to say… In order to avoid a series of problems, Jules has to change.

On the other side of the road, those ordinary stores, Jung-woo is probably not in.

Otherwise, even if these shirts were replaced, the situation remained unchanged.

Still being overlooked by consciousness.

No attention will be given to it, not to it.

Only those super luxurious high-end brands will Jules look a little bit.

In the middle of the road, under the leadership of Wu Seung-soo, two people went into a luxury dressing shop.

Just in the door, with a few rhino eyes, it came in.

It looks like… more than 200 square, built in a luxurious store, with three beautiful shops.

On the shelf around, all kinds of beautiful clothes are flown.

Every one, it looks like a beauty wheel, and it’s fascinating.

Sighly looking at that beautiful shirt, Jung-woo doesn’t have to be sighted.

It is a well-deserved commodity in the luxury store.

Walk all the way, Jung-woo didn’t see any girls wearing such clothes.

So, as you can see, this shop’s shirt is definitely not the ordinary person that can buy.

When you see Jung-woo and Wu Sha Li come into the door, all three shops are just a slight look and don’t do it.

In the view of three shops, Jules and Wu Si Li, it’s just two poor people who come in and open their eyes.


If you can’t afford it, why waste your mind?

Let them finish, and then leave.

Don’t doubt these shops’ judgements.

As an outsider, never laugh at the nutrients of the profession.

People did this, and they’ve been doing it for years.

Occupational eyes are definitely not what those amateurs can do.

Basically, a few years ago, Jung-woo was still a beggar.

至于吴秀丽本身,不过是Inn’s lobby 的前台。

The shirt here is basically irrelevant to her.

Just look at what she’s wearing, the price of 300 magic stones, and I don’t know how many times she’s washed, and she’s a little faded.

Wu Xiaoli, like a man who can afford a luxury brand?

Apparently not! As a result, three shops, using their own vocational vitamins, were judged instantaneously.

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