Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3738

One hour later…

Ju Yongwoo and Wu Su Li arrived at the ice craftsman.

As a big buyer, Jung-woo and Wu Su Li received reception from all the top levels of ice craftsman.

It’s just a study, research.

Ice crafting, there’s nothing welcome to ceremony.

Directly put Jung-woo and Wu Su Li in Conference Hall.

Look at the poor conference Hall, and that mechanical table chair and bench.

The air is full of steel.

Leader of the Ice Rehabilitation is a steering group of 18 engineers.

All decisions concerning the re-employment of the ice are discussed by the group of eighteen people.

this time, about the sale of ice crafts, was also decided after the panel discussion.

The next three hours.

Eighteen engineers from the ice craftsman expressed their interest in the provisions.

Eighteen engineers, each with a different focus.

Focus is also different.

Eighteen engineers, a total of 70-66 conditions were proposed.

Only if all conditions are met will formal acquisitions be possible.

Once any one cannot be satisfied, the negotiations will be concluded immediately.

These are learning questions, and their brains are dead, and they like to talk about death.

For them, every condition they offer must be met.

Otherwise, their work could not go on.

Listen, eighteen engineers, you speak, I speak.

Zhu Yoo-woo’s eyebrows, the tighter the wrinkles.

As there is no staff member, no one can integrate the views of all.

Nor can anyone take a collective decision on behalf of this team.

* * * * *

Put your

fingers gently on the steel table, Ju Yongwoo patiently listens to their story.

Don’t look at the 200 conditions listed.

But after all, it’s about money.


long as there is enough money, all the conditions they set out can easily be met.

Speak up.

They’re going to need 100 billion to 150 billion dollars a year to sustain their research.


long as they are able to meet their respective research projects, they are given enough funding to study them.

Other things, they don’t care.

Nonetheless, the 18 engineers, everyone’s projects are different.

Each project, however, is necessary.

Without any project, the entire battleship research and development will be stagnated.

Look at this eighteen old man, Jung-woo knows that these guys are not convincing at all.

They are good at not negotiating at all, nor negotiating with you at all.

Talk continues as long as the requirements are met.

Can’t satisfy the demands, then get out of here.

For these old engineers, they don’t have any leisure husbands to bullshit you?

Time is as expensive as this treasure, so much time to study the data for a while?

Although there was no witness, Zhu Yongwoo believed.

Those guys who are interested in buying ice craftsmen are definitely stuck on this switch, and their noses are swelling.

The business community accepts one thing, which is — it’s a long day price, and it’s a lot of money.

You can’t be too bully.


You opened 10 trillion dollars, listing nearly 200 conditions.

Shall we give ten thousand less? Can we cut two conditions?


it’s a normal businessman, who would be more true.

Ten grand. Is that money?

What’s the big deal?

But for these eighteen old men, it’s completely different.

Design, research, withholding numbers.

Nor are they allowed to make mistakes, but errors are usually made in silk.

The so-called silk, it’s ordinary person’s hair.

If there’s more than one error, it’s definitely wasted.

The mistakes are more than one, and they are already unacceptable.

You got 10,000?

Don’t you have to force these old fellows to die for precision?

That’s almost 200 conditions, you’re going to cut two.

But without any one, the research can’t go on!

Eighteen major engineers, studying 18 battleship projects, respectively.

Eighteen projects were combined to build battleship.

Failure to meet any requirement would lead to a complete stagnation of a study.

For example…

Is a battleship, and the starboard is steel, but the bottom of the ship is wood?

Or vice versa, the walls on the boat are steel, but the deck of the gang is wood, is that called steel battleship?

These old engineers are stubborn, but they’re really cute.

They don’t, like that profiteer, always do something with a skull.

For those profiteer.

If they’re going to sell the factory, it’s going to be much higher.

And in any case, there will be room for each other to bargain.

It must not be too harsh…

Moreover, some of the conditions listed would certainly be in place.

Even if cut, there are no so-called clauses.

In this way, each other’s negotiating team has finally yielded some gains.

You can’t talk, we can’t talk about anything.

How many faces are left to each other’s negotiating team?

Think of the place where you are.

All major companies have professional negotiating teams.

Among them, senior negotiators, more highly paid, were hired.

It’s good now, dozens of people, even hundreds of negotiating teams.

wu wu was talking to you for half a month, and you didn’t drop a penny, and none of the conditions were deleted.

Isn’t that a negotiating team?

And in fact…

It’s about a trillion dollars deal. Can Boss be here himself?

All right…

Boss personally led the team, talking for six months, and you’re not going down, and one condition is not going down.

Boss, don’t you want a face?

If it wasn’t for these old fellow meals, stubborn, the ice craftsman would not be able to take over Ju Yongwoo.

Look at 18 engineers, Jung-woo soon made his judgment.

Prices need not be taken into account, which cannot be discussed at all, nor do they have to be discussed.


conditions they put forward should not be deleted.

Don’t look at the conditions, but they’re all necessary.

For Chu Yongwoo, the most important now is not the purchase price and the terms of purchase.

It’s how to tie 100,000 people to ice crafts.

If that is not possible, there is no need to talk about anything.

Although it is said that the reinforcement of the ice into real estate would also yield uneven gains.

But Chu Yoo-woo weighs, not these.

Finally, patience listened to 18 engineers, listing all the conditions.

Ju Yongwoo is long and relaxed.

While all the conditions sound a lot, very harsh, it is necessary to look at the real steel battleship.


only thing that Ju Yongwoo cares about is to tie 100,000 craftsmen to ice craftsman.

As for others, it doesn’t matter at all.

Between thinking, Zhu Yongwoo looked around for a week and said, “All your conditions are acceptable to me!”


Hear that earth-shattering word from Zhou Yongwoo.

Eighteen engineers, with their eyes on the clock, tightened their fists.

It’s hard to meet a buyer who can accept all their conditions.

Look at the excitement of 18 engineers, Ju Yongwoo shakes his hand and shakes his head, “Don’t be happy too early, I have a premise.”

“As long as you can prove that steel battleship is likely to be built, I’ll vote on this money, otherwise…”

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