Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3739

Although Zhu Yongwoo did not finish his words, in fact, everyone knows what he was going to say.

But no one can prove that.

Between now and then, the entire conference Hall, is in an incredibly awkward silence.

In the face of this situation, Jung-woo shook the head: “How can I invest if you can’t prove the viability of steel battleship?”

“What if you can’t build steel battleship in ten years?”


Everyone is right.

In fact, they’re not without that concern.

However, even if they knew so, they could not let go of their research.

For a week, Zhu Yoo-woo’s voice was floating in Conference Hall…

Think about it, ten years later, if you still haven’t studied iron battleship.

Then the money is completely depleted…

By that time, in pursuit of their dreams.

The more than 100,000 craftsmen will definitely leave.

By that time, there’s only a lot of real estate left, standing here.

The question

now is, are these properties worth 10 trillion?

Even if the ice craftsman were to be levelled, then all construction caused the sale of the building plate.

I can’t sell $1 trillion in total!

Listen to Ju Yongwoo, one of the engineers said, “What you’re worried about, and we know, a lot of buyers before, raised that concern.”

“But what if we study steel battleship? Then you’re not developed!”

Listen to that engineer, Jung-woo can’t laugh.

The cold circle looked around for a week, and Zhou Yokoo clearly did not agree with them.

Even ten years later, what about steel battleship?

Chu Yongwoo bought it, but it was just an ice craftsman, not at all to buy this 100,000 craftsman.

What he really bought was this big piece of real estate.

What if we study steel battleship?

Once this 100,000 ice craftsman turns around and leaves, Juo Yokoo is like nothing.

Techniques are people, knowledge is people, and crafts are people.

Even if the iron battleship was studied, Zhou Yokoo would not have any harvest.


The 100,000 craftsmen can turn around and leave.

With their technology to build steel swords, processes and knowledge, they apply to the Ministry of Military Affairs for funds.

And then it takes a very short time, and they can build a whole new factory for steel battleship.

By that time, Zhou Yongwoo may only be able to re-establish the land with the ice, wanting to cry.

Hear Ju Yongwoo’s heart, open his mouth.

Between now and then, everyone’s silent.

Look at everyone’s silence, Jung-woo said coldy: “If I only buy this property, I’d rather wait a while before the ice craftsman goes bankrupt.”


Listen to Jung-woo, eighteen engineers are finally rushing.

In the rush, an engineer said, “You don’t have to worry about it, whether you don’t study steel battleship, we won’t leave, but this is our ancestry!”

Home industry?

shook the head, Ju Yokota: “How can I believe you said this?”


the middle of the conversation, between Zhou Yongwoo’s hands, he took a dozen pieces of paper on the table.

Cold looking at you, Ju Yokota: “Oral agreement, I don’t believe in it, I do have good faith, and if we sign a contract, we’ll all be reassured.”

Look at that white paper. Eighteen engineers don’t speak anymore.

Although no one is willing to enter into such a contract, they are not idiots and understand.

Ju Yongwoo’s fears have proved justified.

Look at the situation of eighteen engineers.

Zhou Yongwoo is honest: “You can’t taste the conditions you put forward.”

“Well, if you can’t satisfy it, this ice craftsman will never take over!”

Faced with this strange insistence, 18 engineers look at each other in shock.

In previous negotiations, each other’s focus had always been on prices and the provisions they listed.

Only Zhou Yongwoo, the price and the terms, he answered quickly.


only thing that Ju Yongwoo cares about is the attribution of 100,000 artisans.

Silence is long, finally…

An engineer stood up and said, “Please give us some time, let’s have a little meeting to discuss.”

Hand over Ju Yokota: “No problem, you guys go to the study.”


you heard Ju Yongwoo, 18 engineers stood up and went to the door.

Clearly, this meeting cannot be held in front of Ju Yokoo.


To see this scene, Ju Yongwoo stood up and stopped them.

When you heard Jung-woo, everybody stopped, and the scepticism of Ju Yongwoo looked at the past.

Stand up, Juo Yokota:

“You don’t have to leave. I’ll leave.

Between words, Jung-woo took Wu Su Li and left the Conference Hall.

He took Ju Yongwoo away, and 18 engineers came to their seats and discussed it warmly.

And Zhu Yongwoo and Wu Su Li were taken to the guest room, waiting for silence.

In fact, it’s not just Jung-woo who cares about it.

Every attempt to buy an ice craftsman will certainly care about that.

There is, however, a sequence in everything.

If there is no price at all.

If not even the provisions could be adopted, there was no need to talk about them.


smart thing about Jung-woo is, he knows what to talk about, what to talk about.

Prices and terms cannot be said.


terms offered by the eighteen engineers are already the floor.

What we can talk about is the attribution of the 100,000 artisans.

If 100,000 craftsmen cannot be tied to ice craftsman, Zhou Yokoo will not be buying.

The time passes one second…

Finally, three hours later.

The sky has been completely dark, and that’s where it finally came to the conclusion that Zhou Yongwoo was again invited to the Conference Hall.

* * * * * * * *

An engineer stood up and said, “After our discussions, we can sign an agreement to make sure we don’t leave the ice craftsman, but…”

paused, the engineer continues to say, “If we want to stay here forever, you must provide at least 100 billion bills of specialised research funding per year, while ensuring the salaries of 100,000 artisans and maintaining the Imperial Capital average.”

I was surprised to hear that engineer, Wu Su Lighton.

100,000 craftsmen, Imperial Capital average salary.

This is crazy!

And on this basis, 100 billion bills of specially funded research is going crazy every year!

You know, this 100,000 craftsmen, they’re all top technologists.

According to information provided by each other,

All the craftsmen of the ice craftsman, with an average salary of close to 100,000 magical stones.

A month later, the payroll is going to be billions.

A year later, that’s hundreds of billions!

“You guys, this is horrible. Who can do this?” ”

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