Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3740

100 billion billion bills per year.

Specialized research funds for 100 billion billion bills per year.

Other costs of 100 billion bills per year.

All the inputs combined, not 300 billion dollars a year, not even coming down!

If it’s only one year, it’s fine.

But the problem is, it’s not a year or two!

Look at Wu Su Li’s appalling, the engineer’s shrugged bladder: “There’s no way, this is our threshold, or we can’t stand it.”


Wu Su Li has nothing to say.

Yeah, well, if you don’t pay for the craftsman’s salary, don’t you think they don’t eat at all?

How can people study if they don’t have enough money?

If you don’t do research, why do you have to sell ice craftsman?

As for other costs, it is even more inevitable.

If such a large industrial base is to continue operating, it will inevitably cost a lot.

This one is inevitable…

In the face of today’s situation, the eighteen engineers of the ice craftsman are also ineffective.

They also know that there is a lot of pressure.

But it’s really their bottom line, and there’s no way to lower it.

But who can answer that condition?


300 billion a year, $3 trillion a hundred years, $30 trillion!

How long can it take to have money?

You know, the Ice King was the last sheep Imperial Family.

Even if the Ice King died, Imperial Family had a lot of business left.

The day after the new emperor took his place.


Ice Emperor’s industry, which covers 3,000 islands of the Magic Lamb Islands.

Its total assets are simply incapable of statistics.

Don’t think 300 billion dollars a year, just now.

In fact, when the Ice King is still alive, this consumption has been these, and even more.

Now, countless years are over.

But in the past countless years, ice craftsmen consume less than 300 billion dollars a year.

In fact, don’t say 300 billion.

Except for the last hundreds of years, the ice craftsman consumes more than 500 billion bills a year!

This is no longer possible, and it has to be reduced.

300 billion dollars a year, it’s really the bottom line.

If we reduce it, we can’t sustain it.



If Zhou Yongwoo can’t meet these conditions, then each other would prefer the ice craftsman to collapse.

It was preferable to disperse to the construction plants to work, earn money and then continue research in private.

With the technology they have, knowledge, technology.

There’s no fear of making money.

Or that!

The eighteen engineers gave them the floor.

No more concessions can be made.

If these conditions cannot be accepted, there is no need to continue.

Of course, while it is not possible to reject each other’s conditions, Ju Yokoo could add additional conditions.

Only if they can agree and refuse to do so, that’s another thing.


it’s the other businessman, I’m afraid it’s coming right away.

If the other side disagrees, there is no way to cooperate.

But Chu Yongwoo is different, and although he has many ideas, there is no need to present them now.

You know, even now, it’s not working.

If it really touches the bottom line, each other will not cooperate in the future.



It doesn’t matter if they don’t say yes now.

Not now, not in the future.

Everything depends on Zhou Yoo-woo’s wrists, as well as on his ability to do.

Between thinking, Ju Yokota: “Well, if 100,000 craftsmen are willing to sign an agreement to work only for ice craftsman, then I am willing to complete this purchase.”


you heard Ju Yongwoo, the eighteen craftsmen showed an indefinite joy.


excited to see Ju Yongwoo, 18 craftsmen made promises.


long as 300 billion dollars a year is guaranteed, the 100,000 grandchildren of the Icelandic King are willing to remain forever in the reengineering of the Ice, and only to serve the Ice Devil.


If, one day, Jung-woo can’t guarantee 300 billion dollars a year.

This agreement is naturally ineffective.

For example…

The ice craftsman is bankrupt, so we can’t stay here alive.

Why don’t you starve everyone alive?

Others, even if intentions had been reached, had to start over and clear all provisions for the last time.

But Zhu Yoo-woo is different

For Chu Yongwoo, since it has been decided to purchase, it’s just a point of interest.

There’s something left for discussion after the purchase.

The convergence now does not mean that there will be good cooperation in the future.

It does not mean that it will be resisted in the future.

Man’s thoughts are changing.

Real powerhouse is impossible.

So Juo Yokoo is not at all rectifying clauses or something.

With the addition of the new agreement, Zhou Yokoo quickly signed a purchase agreement with the ice craftsman.

Completely reprocessing the ice, fully purchased.

Nor did Zhou Yokoo delay the signing of the cooperation agreement.

Two thousand boxes, 200 million superior magical stones, were delivered to the ice craftsman.

Ten trillion of them were used to buy ice craftsman.

Another 10 trillion, as operating funds for the next three years for the ice craftsman.

See Zhu Yongwoo so rich and imposing, so generous.

All the craftsmen of the ice craftsman are also smiling.

it’s time, they don’t have to worry about the Ice Reunion collapsing.

And everyone can be happy to continue work on steel battleship research and development.

After the purchase was completed…

Under the leadership of 18 engineers, Zhou Yokou formally received the ice craftsman.

Receiving here is not real estate.

The real estate deal is about to go to Imperial Capital City Lords Mansion for cutting.

What Zhu Yongwoo really received is actually a series of drawings and materials for ice crafting.

Don’t underestimate this information. It’s been a trillion years since the ice craftsman accumulated, consumed countless wealth and accumulated it.

Used to be, in Ju Yongwoo’s view, that information was too much, but it wasn’t much.

But when Ju Yokoo entered the data warehouse, he found out how bad he was.

It looks like there’s a lot of information and drawings in that information warehouse, and there’s mountains.

A giant warehouse full of tens of thousands of square meters!

Most importantly, this warehouse is not just one floor, but enough to have nine layers!

Nine thousand square metres, more than ten metres tall in a giant warehouse.

It’s full of classified information and drawings.

That’s the bottom of the ice craftsman.

The iron battleship, which once crossed the sea, was designed for these drawings and information.

Even though it’s time for ice craftsman not to build an armoured ship.

Instead, information on all armoured ships was sold to the warehouse of the Ministry of Military Affairs.

Shipyards built by the Ministry of Military Affairs are responsible for the construction of these armoured ships.

However, although the information was sold.

But what’s so easy with the files and the drawings?

Today, there are hundreds of ships that can produce iron armoured ships.

可是他们唯一能做的,不过是按图索骥,照bottle gourd 画瓢而已。


Ice King has been dead for millions of years.

But until today, iron armoured ships sailing on the sea are still the same.

There’s no progress.

It is not that people refuse to study, but that they do not understand at all.

It’s hard to eat information and drawings from the armoured ship.

However, there is no capacity to continue research and development on this basis.

It is not just a matter of capacity, it is not a matter of wisdom.

The key is to continue research and development on the basis of the armoured ship.

Then only steel battleship!

How can the ice craftsman bring forth the new through the old?

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