Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3741

Look at the countless drawings of the warehouse, Ju Yongwoo is not allowed to laugh together.

Naked shrugged bladder, Juo Yokota: “This is too much paper. I can’t take it!”

Can’t you take it?


you hear Ju Yongwoo, an engineer won’t be able to hold it.

Look at Ju Yongwoo, the engineer said, “Don’t you have a secondary ring, just put it in a secondary ring?”

Unnailed shook the head, Juo Yokota: “My subgenial ring is more than a hundred meters in diameters, only one arena size.”

Listen to Jung-woo, 18 engineers, look at me, look at you.

After a meeting was held to discuss it.

An engineer swiftly turned away.

When he returns again.

I’ve got an ice blue space bracelet in my hand!

Solemnly handed over that ice blue space bracelet to Zhou Yokoo, an engineer who said, “This is the Ice King Your Majesty, who wore the bracelet and gave it to you as a signing gift.”


Look at that gorgeous space bracelet, Ju Yongwoo can’t afford to stare at his eyes.

The Ice Magic King, who had ruled the sheep for billions of years, was the old Magic King.

He carries a space bracelet with him. It must be worth the city!

Just give it to him in vain. Is it really appropriate?

“Is it really appropriate that your ancestors treasure is here?”

Hands off, the engineer said, “It’s all right, for us, the crown, the cane, and the robe, the value and significance of the memorial.”


the face of that engineer, Chu Yoo-woo can’t speak anymore.

It is clear to them that the Ice King left their most valuable legacy, the idea of steel battleship, and a series of drawings and information.

Apart from that, only crown, robe, cane, a little memorial.

As for the rest, it doesn’t mean much.

If they need it, they don’t even mind selling it for money in the city so that they can continue to study it.

A little bit loud, and Jung-woo didn’t have any redress.

Happy to take that baby blue space bracelet and play it carefully.

Look carefully…

The ice blue’s space bracelet is embedded in 81 blue space crystals.

The so-called crystal diamond is cutting off space crystals, cutting them into diamonds in general, hundreds of lashes.

In the light of the sun, that space hand flashing rays of light.

Try to inject Divine Consciousness into the space bracelet.

Look carefully, this space bracelet has eighty-one spaces.

Every space, it’s a diameter up to 100 meters of minus space.

This bracelet will have eighty-one sub-rings.

Look at Ju Yongwoo, and the engineer smiled and said, “This space finger rings with eighty-one spatial crystals.”

These eighty-one spatial crystals are not random.


Once triggered, a set of Ice Warfare armor can be assembled to protect the body from all harm.

Ice armor!

When you hear each other, Juju Yongwondon stares in his eyes.

The legend is that whenever the Ice King comes to battle, he brings together an Ice Warfare Armor.

It is with this Ice Warfare armor that the Ice Emperor can cross and turn to no enemy!

The eighteen craftsmen across the street, Chu Yongwoo, have no idea.

He doesn’t understand, these guys, why would they send such a strong baby to him.

You know, this is the heart of the Ice King Magic Project!

Look at Ju Yongwoo and look suspicious.

The engineer was patient in explaining…

The Ninth Ice Brigade is going to be the strongest formidable power.

Unfortunately, the power of the Ice is one of the only heirs.

Historically, only the Ice King, once had it.

With the fall of the Ice King, no one can play the Nine Ice Front’s real formidable power anymore.

Although the Ice Warfare Armor can still be assembled, the strength of the Ice Warfare Armour has been significantly reduced and is no longer unbreakable.

In Demon Race’s history…

If, demon King, hell, is the most destructive existence.

The Ice King, then, is the most defensive.

It’s worth mentioning that the hell Demon King, again known as Demon King!

And the Ice King, it’s just a short name.


full name of the Ice King is… the Ice King!

In the public arena, the names of the two must be Demon King of the Purgatory, and the King of the Ice.

This is because Demon Race’s history has seen a lot of fire Element and ice attribute energy.

If it’s only Demon King, or the Ice King, it’s not just these two.

However, the words of Demon King in the purgatory, as well as the Ice King, will never be repeated.

After all, the power of hell and the power of the Unseen is the only inheritance.

It was with these two powers that they became an unparalleled Legendary!

It is worth mentioning that the demon King of Purgatory, and the King of the Ice, are actually present in the same era.

Demon King is Demon Race’s first best hand, but he is unable to defeat the Ice King.

炼狱Demon King 的攻击,根本破不开玄冰魔皇的玄冰战甲!

Failure to prevail does not mean defeat.

Indeed, the battle between Demon King and the Ice King is basically the opposite.

Demon King of Hell beat up the Ice King’s ass, just couldn’t break each other’s Ice Warfare Armor.

And the Ice King, while he can hold it, has nothing to do with the fire Demon King.

The battle between the two men, Demon King, cannot really defeat the Ice King.

Overall, however, it is absolutely top-heavy.

It is therefore not inappropriate to say that demon King is Demon Race’s first best man.

Ju Yongwoo tried to bring that ice royal bracelet over his wrist.

Next moment…

Zhu Yongwoo took a long and deep breath, instantly triggered the Ice Warfare Armor with a space bracelet!

ka-cha 嚓嚓……

creak creak

In a blatant sound, an ice blue rays of light, quickly brought the past together towards Juo Yongwoo.

With Ju Yongwoo’s eyes, an ice blue ice armor, quickly builds up on the surface.

At first, there was only one piece of paper thickness.

But as time passes…

After only three breaths time, the thickness of the ice armor reaches three fingers!

frowned, looking at that glittering and translucent, but only three fingers of ice armor.

Ju Yongwoo can’t wrinkle his eyebrows.

How much can this thin ice armor do?

Look at Chu Yongwoo frowning, and everybody’s out of words.

After a while of silence, an engineer finally couldn’t help but explain it.

The Nine Unknown Ice Brigade was planted by the Ice King.

Although the thickness of the ice armor is not too thick, it is also due to the small shape of Zhou Yongwoo.

Moreover, even though thickness is three fingers, its intensity is very high.

Ninety-nine clouds of ice come together, naturally the ice.

And the hardness of the Ice is far above steel.

And most importantly, this Ice Warfare Armor is not really used at all.

The Ice Warfare Armor, in conjunction with the demonized Devil Battle Physique, can make the most of it.

It is well known that the demonization will bring the devil Battle Physique together.

And the size of Devil Battle Physique is multiplied on the basis of the body.

Battle Physique, the devil of Zhu Yongwoo, is three meters six!


this form, once the Ice Warfare Armor is activated, it is thick enough to have six fingers.

The thickness of adult men is about five centimeters.

Six fingers thick is nine centimeters.

So once the demonization begins, the devil Battle Physique is gathered.

The thickness of this Ice Warfare is up to nine centimeters.

There’s a wall thick enough.

It’s harder than steel.

How much power does it take to wear a steel plate after nine centimeters?

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