Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3742

Listen to the engineer’s explanation, Juju Yokowson fell in a cold breath of air.

Indeed, there’s nothing formidable power for this Ice Warfare Armor, for ordinary cultivator.

But if it’s for the devil, it’s crazy.

Nine centimeters thick steel. How could that be?


best way to do this is to burn it down, soften it up, so it’s easy to break it.

But unfortunately…

It’s an ice armor, a whole variety of flames.

Even True Solar Fire can restrain, let alone the other flames.

And gently touch the Ice Royal Ring in hand, the way Zhou Yokou sorry: “This is too expensive and inappropriate.”

Look at Jung-Yoo sorry, the engineer handles it: “No, no, no, there’s nothing inappropriate about it, this ice royal bracelet that you should use.”

If you

hear that engineer, Jung-woo can’t stand it.

I looked at the engineer in the past.

As you can see, the 18 engineers around here are all serious.

Everyone is just as sure as they are.

See this scene, Chu Yoo-woo is getting confused.

But, well, just a little thought, he figured it out.

This ice royal bracelet is naturally precious.


‘s possible to sell a trillion dollars, if it’s sold out.

But if it’s so sold, it’s a hammer.

Ten trillion dollars, though a lot, will take three years for the ice craftsman.

But if you give this ice royal bracelet to Ju Yongwoo.

Then everything will be completely different.

With this ice royal bracelet, Zhou Yongwoo’s safety, there is absolute guarantee.

And as long as Jung-woo is not dead, he will continue to provide a great deal of money for everyone to spend, which is not a 10 trillion deal.


long as Jung-woo is alive, funding can be provided indefinitely.

And once Chu Yongwoo dies, the future of that ice craftsman will be bleak again.

At this moment…

The one who cares most about Zhou Yoon Anne is probably the craftsman of the ice.


Zhou Yongwoo doesn’t die, they have unlimited funds.

With financial support, they can be happy to do their research and invention.

And once Jung-woo dies, it’s nothing.


that’s not the case, how can this ice palm be delivered to him easily?

Touch the Ice Emperor’s bracelet gently, Ju Yongwoo is happy.

With this ice royal bracelet, we can go to the depths of the abyss.

There’s an Ice Warfare Guard, and there’s no need to fear that hell True Fire.

Between thinking, the craftsman across the street opened the mouth and said, “Well, these are the most valuable assets of our ice craftsman, and you can get into your ice palm.”

Hear each other’s words, Zhou Yokou Weighten, and then shook the head.

Ju Yongwoo must confess that his judgment on the re-employment of the ice was erroneous.

Used to be, in Ju Yongwoo’s view, the most valuable is the 100,000 craftsmen.

It was then these properties that Ice Devil worked hard.

Now, however, it seems that the ice craftsman has accumulated billions of years of information and drawings, which are the most valuable.

Others will certainly open the space fingerring and pack all the drawings and information away.

It is clear, however, that Zhou Yongwoo does not intend to do so.

These drawings and information are indeed valuable.

However, these drawings and information can be read.

These drawings and information can be used to transform them into products.

But there are only 100,000 ice craftsmen!


can be said that it is only meaningful to have this 100,000 ice craftsmen.

Once 100,000 ice craftsmen have been lost.

This information and drawings are just a bunch of scrap paper.

Nobody understands.

No one can build battleship based on information and drawings.

In the past, there was a high price for a shipbuilding plant, which purchased a set of drawings and information from the ice craftsmen for a strengthened iron armoured vessel.

But when the paper was brought back, the problem arose.

First it’s material, but it’s closed!

Other shipyards do not produce steel and allowances that meet the criteria.

In the middle of nowhere, ice craftsmen can only help them build smelters, send smelters and produce metals that meet the standards.

But then, they can’t build parts of all kinds.

Under the aegis, the ice craftsman can only help them build a workroom, send a craftsman and help them build parts of a variety of models.

But the next question arises, and the parts they built are not accurate enough to meet the standards!

Even if they were provided with accessories with precision.

But once it’s assembled, it’s going on.

Moreover, the iron armoured ships produced were damaged as far as they could be.

And the ice craftsmen built their own iron armoured ships, that’s all.

Even for hundreds of years, there will be no problems.


After more than 30 years of elusion, we have finally found ourselves ineffective.

In order to produce a new type of armoured ship, more than information and mapping are needed.

It is also necessary to have a large number of high-ranking artisans who can be constructed at the direction of engineers.

But then…

Isn’t that a different place to rebuild an ice craftsman?

Using information on ice crafting, paper, technology.

Even the craftsmen, engineers, who are responsible for construction, are craftsmen of ice.

What are you playing with?

Under the roof, the ice craftsman directly terminated cooperation.

For ice craftsman, short time help is acceptable.

But it would be better if the ice craftsman built it on its own.

So long, Zhou Yoo-woo took a decision.

This information and drawings are here.

It’s not safe to put it elsewhere.

If it’s always in the Ice Emperor’s bracelet, it’s basically full.

So, where did Ju Yongwoo get the space to accommodate the other babies?

Moreover, it is very important that such information and drawings be made available.

Those advanced artisans, as well as engineers, often need to be consulted.

Once taken away, it will affect work.

Between thinking, Ju Yongwoo raised his hand and raised his ice-cream bracelet and smiled and said, “How can I take a breath if you’re so generous and have given me such a valuable gift?”

Between words, Zhou Yongwoo refers to the information and the paper around him and smiles: “In return, this information and the paper will remain here forever for you to look at them at all times!”


you hear Ju Yongwoo, 18 engineers, all shined their eyes.

The smile on the face is more pleasant…

The next few days, Jung-woo didn’t leave the ice craftsman.

With the leadership of eighteen engineers, Zhou Yokou inspected all the factories and workshops where the ice crafting took place.


has to be said that this ice craftsman is still very insignificant.

big and small, there are more than 300 factories and workshops of various types.

The whole battleship needs everything that can be manufactured here.

Three days later…

With the lead of 18 engineers, Zhou Yokou arrived at the dock of the ship.


the first time, Zhu Yongwoo was close and saw that steel battleship!

This ice royal steel battleship, with a total length of 3,100 sixty five meters, stands above the port like a small mountain.

The steel battleship was inspected by Ju Yokoo, led by 18 engineers.

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