Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3743

Look at it all the way…

Chu Yongwoo’s amazing discovery, this steel battleship is actually complete!

Steel deck, steel starboard, battleship, built entirely by steel.

Touch the steel battleship’s starboard gently.

Look at the steel plate on the starboard, that densely packed, more sophisticated than hair silk, and Chu Yongwoo can’t stop sighing.

Over the past trillion years, all the energy of the ice crafting has been used to build this steel battleship.

By now, they’re almost stagnant.

For this ice royal steel battleship, it has been irreversible and cannot be upgraded again.

But even so, the steel battleship went straight to seabed.


‘s no way to float above the surface.

Watching Ju Yongwoo gently touch the starboard, an engineer stood up and laughed: “We’ve reduced battleship’s weight to a minimum through a lot of magic.”

“But even so, steel battleship cannot float above the sea.”

“You touch that big piece of steel, from inside to outside, with at least thousands of magic tattoos!”

Listen to that engineer, Jung-woo wrinkled his eyebrows.

In your mind, the light shines…

Obviously, ships want to float above the sea.

It’s like birds want to fly on the blue sky.

All they need is enough float!

The difference is that what ships need is water floating.

And what birds need is air float.

On this battlefield of destruction, even birds, cannot fly.

There’s too much weight here.

Honestly, steel battleship is unlikely to fly.

Iron is steel. How do you lower the weight, and the effect is limited.

It is difficult for ships to weigh down to less than seawater floats.

Obviously, the research direction of the ice craftsman has been erroneous.

If it had been before, it might have been hard to think of too many ways.

But now it’s different…

By now, Zhou Yongwoo has eaten the ancient magic fruit, bringing the devil Battle Physique together!

And the devil Battle Physique can fly at low altitude.

Devil Battle Physique, why fly up.

Why can’t the other birds fly?

Just a little thought, Jung-woo found the answer.

Birds want to fly, depending on air float.

But this destroys the superweight on the battlefield, making birds weigh tens of thousands of times higher.

No matter how hard the birds try, they can’t allow the air to float more than their own weight.

So all the birds can’t fly here.

But the Devil Battle Physique flights on the wing of the devil!

And it is not just the power of the wind that the wings of the devil rely on.

The devil Battle Physique was able to fly, actually because the devil’s wings drive demonic energy, thereby generating tremendous fluctuations!

In other words…

It’s not the power of the wind, but the power of demonic energy!

Eyes on the steel battleship under your feet.

Between now and then, Jung-woo’s eyes, radiate sharp rays of light.

Iron battleship research is close to the polar.

On that basis, it is already difficult to achieve a substantial increase.

There is little room for upgrading simply by reducing battleship’s weight and increasing water buoy.

As for wind power, it may be possible to increase battleship speed, but it is difficult to provide sufficient floating power.

So then, to succeed in getting steel battleship on the surface.


direction of the study must be the application of demonic energy!

Of course…

The accumulation of ice craftsman billions of years is not a waste.

On the contrary, the ice crafting of billions of years of research is the basis of everything.

If steel battleship weighs, it can’t fall.

If seawater buoys, they can’t always be upgraded.


can steel battleship at such a stage be lifted by demonic energy alone?

If there’s no accident…

Reduce the weight of steel battleship, increase seawater float, increase wind float and increase demonic energy float.

These four directions must go together!

Only if we work together will it be possible for this steel battleship to float over the sea!

Between thinking, Ju Yongwoo opened the mouth and say, “Have you ever thought about other floats to drive ships, such as air floating…”

In the face of Ju Yongwoo, 18 engineers looked at each other.

Then there was no explanation, and the steel battleship air power system was opened directly.

wu wu

In a dramatic buzz, steel battleship on both sides and downstream, countless corridors were opened.

Tsunami winds, spraying out of the tunnel.

Look at that innumerable ventilation, Ju Yongwoo can’t laugh.

Obviously, the air buoy, they’ve thought about it, and they’ve been designed.

Unfortunately, it’s still useless.

The awkward scratches, Juo Yokoo goes on the road: “What about demonic energy? Demonic energy?


you heard Jung-woo, 18 engineers looked at him.

Next, they still haven’t said anything.

Direct activation of demonic energy suspended system.

in an instant

On steel battleship, countless sorts of magic tattoos are lit up.

At the same time, Zhu Yongwoo can clearly feel that the whole steel battleship is floating up a little bit.

But only a small piece of it rose and stopped and sinked again.

Look at Ju Yongwoo, an engineer’s path: “Not just sea water, air, demonic energy, in fact… we have even considered Qi of Chaos and cloudy ghost aura’s float.”

shrugged bladder, the engineer went on and said, “But obviously, floating doesn’t raise.”

Hear here, Chu Yongwoo is completely silent.

He just felt like he was shining. Maybe he could solve that problem.

Now I want to…

More than 100,000 people have been studying for millions of years.

I can think of it. How could I miss something?

Chu Yongwoo is smarter, and finally he’s just a man.

That many people, who studied it for so long, can be compared to his own wisdom?

Besides, Zhou Yongwoo is smart, but there’s no one out there who can be smart.

But the old words are good. The losers can’t lose!

In the face of the attention of 18 engineers, Zhou Yongwoo resolutely said: “Since all of this has been done, it can only increase battleship’s size.”

Shook the head…

One engineer opened the mouth and said, “The size, I’m afraid, will not increase again.”

“We Ice crafting existing technologies and processes, and we can’t build bigger battleship.”

Listen here, Jung-woo also knows his thoughts are a little amateur.

However, in the case of ships, Zhou Yokoo knew little.

In the face of a slight smile around 18 engineers, Ju Yongwoo felt a little out of line.

Ju Yongwoo is a gentle man, and waiting for leisure doesn’t get angry.

Now, Jung-woo is being pushed here.

It is not a sign of weakness that people live in a face and a tree.

One week, Chu Yongwoo realized, “Don’t say anything too absolute, who says this battleship size is never going to increase, what is absolutely happening in the world?”

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