Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3744

Listen to Ju Yongwoo, 18 engineers first.

Think carefully, they have to admit that Zhu Yongwoo’s words make sense.


‘s really nothing in this world that’s absolutely absolute.

If, as everyone has said, everything has already been done and cannot be added.

Then why do you keep studying this steel battleship project?

A moment of silence, the engineer clearly refused to show weakness.

Even more powerful than Ju Yongwoo.

Most importantly, science, researchers, dealers will not be too tall.

Especially with regard to academic issues, that is not the sand in the eyes.

One, two, no ambiguity.


Ju Yongwoo was haunted by 18 engineers to be embarrassed.

But in turn, isn’t it embarrassing that 18 engineers, by a purely unambiguous word?

That’s the most embarrassing thing.

shrugged bladder, the engineer’s path: “And without adding battleship tubes, the problem now is that our available technology does not support us in increasing battleship size.”

“For the time being alone, our technology only supports us in building such a large ship.”

“More than this ship, we can’t build it.”

Meet each other directly, and Ju Yongwoo is here too.

If he doesn’t say anything, it seems that he won’t stop.

Shame on you, Ju Yongwoo pointed to the direction of the nail deck: “Why can’t you increase, so you can cover up the upper deck with steel plates, and the size will increase?”

In the face of Jung-woo, the engineer couldn’t help but say, “You’re just messing around. It doesn’t make any sense, okay?”

Laugh at it, Ju Yokota: “I care if it means anything, don’t say that arbitrary.”

Between words…

Zhu Yongwoo turned around and walked to the next platoon before the shelf.

There are dozens of ship models on the shelf.

Pick up the model of two ordinary wooden boats, Ju Yokoo turned around and faced 18 engineers.

In front of everyone, Juo Yokoo poured one of those wooden boats over another.

Look at everybody, Ju Yokota: “Even if you can build a ship so big, can you just pull two ships up so big?”


The engineer said, “You’re meaningless, though doubling the size, but doubling the weight!”

I just want to tell you, under the available technical conditions, I succeeded in doubling battleship’s size! ”

“Moreover, the doubling of the size of this increase does not need to accommodate a large amount of machinery and equipment, as in the second half, as long as one shell is built.”

Listen, Jung-woo’s story…

At the beginning, we all had a face to face.

But keep listening, everybody’s face, getting serious.

Indeed, every battleship requires the installation of large amounts of machinery and equipment.

There can’t be only one shell…

Otherwise, are we going to drive by paddles, people?

Silence for a while…

One of the engineers said, “Go get the steel battleship model, prepare the water cabinet, let’s test it.”

With the orders of the engineer, everyone quickly moved on.


A transparent water cabinet with no colorless crystal clicks was taken over.

Then somebody took the water with the bucket, and fell into the water cabinet.

On the other hand, two engineers held a steel battleship model of how long one meter was.

Although the battleship is small, it is the same proportion as the real steel battleship.

Whether size or weight, the proportion is the same.

First, try to put that steel battleship model in the water cabinet.

Obviously, that steel battleship is not floating.

As soon as you get into the water, you just sink straight down to the bottom of the water cabinet.

In the face of that, it was not surprising.

After all, such tests have gone through numerous times.

Straight ahead…

Engineer responsible for battleship construction, took the same proportion of steel plates, sealed the upper space in battleship.

Iron battleship shape, like a cigar.

But as battleship, it’s only half the cigar.

Now what they’re gonna do is put the other half of the cigar on hold.

It took only half an hour, and the space above battleship was completely closed.

Look at the battleship model in hand, all engineers want to cry.

Is this battleship?

It looks like this is a two-headed tomato!

However, whatever the shape, that is not the point.

The point is, can this battleship float above the surface?

(c) Tunneling

In a water sound, that cigar battleship was placed in the water cabinet.

With everyone’s attention…

The cigar battleship just went into the water and sinked to the bottom.

See this scene, everybody’s disappointed in shook the head.

Seeing to slow down at battleship at the bottom of the water cabinet, everyone knows that this idea has failed.

At a time of disappointment for all, Zhou Yokoo opened the mouth and said, “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.”


When you heard Ju Yongwoo, everybody turned around and looked at the battleship model.


Of course, the lower part of battleship, with a lot of magic.

But the upper half of battleship is dark.

shook the head, an engineer opened the mouth and said; “In fact, that tattoo does not provide too much float and has little impact.”

In the face of this claim, Ju Yokota: “Even if the difference is small, it’s important, or… do you lazy to paint magic?”


you heard Jung-woo, the engineer closed his mouth.

How can you live like this?

Soon, someone caught that battleship model, carefully on the upper half of the cabin, carving out the magic tattoo.

Turn around, three hours passed.

Look at the hundreds of thousands of new magic tattoos, Jung-woo’s satisfying nodded: “Well, now it’s time to continue testing.”

Between words, Zhou Yongwoo himself picked up the battleship model.

cautiously, put that battleship model in the water cabinet.

oh la la…

a light sound, that battleship just went into the water and sinked into the water.

When I saw this scene, 18 engineers around, London made disappointing sighs.

But at this point, mutation starts!

With everyone watching, that battleship just went down gently, and then floating up to the water again!


See this scene, everybody on the scene, screaming out loud.

Look carefully, that dark steel battleship, like a tail of black fish, floats above the surface.

Of course…

This kind of floating is not the kind of floating of a regular ship.

If you compare this battleship to being a tomato.

Then only the back of the ketchup, on the surface.

More than 90 per cent of ships are covered under sea water.

See this scene, everybody’s gone.

Is that a success or a failure?

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