Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3746

With the passing of time, the magnitude of the battles that the devils will strike is also growing.

The means of striking are also increasingly heavy and brutal.

So if we can’t give Ju Yongwoo a talk as soon as possible.

If the anger of everyone cannot be eased as soon as possible.

Sun Family, though big, will fall apart sooner or later under constant shocks.

For the past three months, the grand beauty has sought to see Ju Yongwoo.

But Zhu Yongwoo has been closing pill concocting, and nobody’s gone.

Wu Su Li, while merciful to the grand beauty, is also afraid to disobey Zhu Yoon’s orders.

And even if she wanted to disobey the order, she couldn’t find Jung-woo.

In the pill concocting cabinet, Li Tianxi was afraid to approach, even though Devil Body was less than 40 years old.

So until Jung-woo pill concocting is over, cut out.

Wu Su Li finally found a chance to talk about it.

I heard Sun Mei wants to see himself and give himself a talk.

Chu Yongwoo remembered that very soon.

In Ju Yongwoo’s view, it was long overdue, and he had forgotten.

That day in court, Jung-woo said it very clearly.

That thing, it’s over.

If that were said, Jung-woo would not be counting again.

Even though Sun Mi-young still didn’t give him a talk, Jung-woo wouldn’t be that mean to catch a girl.

The woman who insulted her has died and everything has been eliminated.

As for the grand beauty, not at all was too guilty.

It’s just a quarrel, a verbal threat, that Juo Yokoo can endure.

If possible, Jung-woo doesn’t really want to see the grand beauty.

It’s over. See her again. It only reminds him of that day’s nest.

But obviously, if he can’t be given a satisfactory proxy.

Then even Jung-woo would let him go.

But the other demons will not let her go, let alone Sun Family!

Nonsense, Chu Yongwoo can only see this grandchild once.

But Zhu Yoo-woo’s time is really tight.

He doesn’t have time to come out alone to meet Sun Mei.

If she insists, see you on the carriage.

Soon, Jung-woo sat on Inn’s luxury carriage in purgation, and rushed over to ice crafting.

Half the way, the luxury carriage took a bend, and after taking over the grand beauty, he drove all the way to the ice.

The luxury carriage’s in the luxury car.

Jung-woo watched side Sun Mei Yin.


must be said that this grand beauty is the head of Imperial Capital.

Not only do they look beautiful, but the point is they’re really dressed up.

Sun Mei Yin, well dressed today, is even more beautiful, but it’s more human than flowers!

But Chu Yongwoo doesn’t really remember the grand beauty.

A beautiful woman, if he’s a bad attitude to him, he won’t like it.

frowned, Ju Yokota: My time is tight, what’s up, please say it as soon as possible.

I don’t even know if it’s tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex.

The Sun Mei can’t stand it for a while.

Most of the time, beautiful women have the advantage of the first.

But there’s nothing to do with a guy who doesn’t understand the mood, a beautiful woman.

Not happy with your mouth, Sun Mi-young knows that Jung-woo felt that way about her, not at all.

She has to hurry up and settle each other’s grievances!

And between Si, Sun Mei is breathing, pathetic Bamba’s way: I’m the one who offends you, and you can do anything to me.

With your lips, Sun Mi-young continues to say, “But in any case, please let Sun Family go!”

Yeah, you can do anything?

Let Sun Family go?


you hear the grand beauty, Jung-woo can’t get a fog.

Turn around and look at Sun Mi.

I don’t want to be anything to do with you or Sun Family, you can go.

Sun Mei was stuck in the house.

What’s going on?

As the sisters say, hear that.

Shouldn’t he put his eyes on red and strip her clothes off?

But now, he says he doesn’t want to do anything to her or to Sun Family.

You know, the grand beauty is not just Jung-woo.

She really hit, it was Jung-woo’s face, the whole class.

Therefore, it is not enough to satisfy Zhu Yongwoo alone.

If the other demons are not satisfied, it’s not over!

So even Jung-woo doesn’t really want to do anything to her.

Even Zhu Yongwoo, it’s not really about Sun Family.

she still can’t leave.

Can’t give everyone a chance to satisfy it.

Sun Family still can’t keep it.

And so far, the only way that Sun Mei can think of is to sacrifice himself and preserve the whole family.

Only then can the anger of all be eased.

As she said herself.

Jo Yongwoo is the grand beauty, and now she’s paying all of her money to Ju Yongwoo, believing that everyone will be satisfied.

But what makes her silent is, this guy says he doesn’t want to do anything to her!

Undoubtedly, this is absolutely the greatest humiliation for a beautiful woman.

Pick up the door, recommend the pillow, and they say they’re not interested!

Is there anything more embarrassing and embarrassing?

If you can, Sun Mei would really like to turn around and walk away.

I’ve never seen Ju Yoo-woo in my life.

But the problem is, she can’t go, and she has to talk to everybody.

Shame on the other side, Sun Mei is completely messed up.

Usually, she thought she could talk to you very easily.

But this conversation can’t be given out now.

She can’t force people to do anything to her.

From now on, I’m your man!


Hear the grand beauty, Jung-woo startled, staring at the grand beauty.

This girl is beautiful, but she seems to be having a problem with her head.

I told you not to do anything to her, nor to her family.

What’s wrong with him?

Though she’s really pretty, sexy.

But Chu Yoo-woo is not just an outsider.

If you don’t look at each other, there’s no emotion.

Don’t talk about being a couple. You can’t even be a friend!

Strong frowns, the grand beauty goes too far away and doesn’t look at Ju Yongwoo.

With red lips, Sun Mei’s drum said, “From now on, wherever you go, I’ll go, and you won’t leave me.”


the face of such a beautiful grandchild, Jung-woo can’t be lost.

What are you gonna do?

But it’s obvious that verbal rush is useless.

If you rush, you look too bad.

Quiet for half a day, Jung-woo doesn’t know what to do.

Nonsense, Jung Yokou coldly snort, close to the gods.

He wants to see when this little girl can follow.

All the way out, an hour later, the luxury carriage entered the ice craftsman.

As the core industry of the sheep, the ice craftsman occupies a large area of land.

The entire industrial park, vertically above ten thousand meters, various high buildings, buildings, is connected to a large mass.

The sheep were able to build on the Sea Territory and boasted 3,000 islands.

The King of the Unknown Ice, as well as the ice craftsman under his flag, played an important role.

If not the King of the Unknown Ice, as well as the Ice Devil, the iron armour is designed and constructed.

The sheep will never thrive today.

If the King of the Unknown Ice were not to die, there would be no one who could take his place.

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