Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3747

Although now, the ice craftsman is already thin Western Mountain, and the line will be closed.

But the ice craftsman’s location, really great.

Moreover, the ice crafting industrial park is too large.

Great Clan, who looks at the ice craftsman, doesn’t count!

Although it is difficult to sell tens of millions of dollars in high prices, even if ice magic is pushed back into real estate.

But for those Great Clan, the powerful, they don’t weigh on short-term interests.

If you buy the ice craftsman, dismantle the building here.

Alternatively, the buildings would be refurbished and altered.

So, within a 10-kilometre radius, it’s enough to build a city in the city.

Even here, a commercial zone can be built that creates the sheep heart city.

So the entire industrial park, although Early-Stage invested a lot, is definitely a daily fight in the long run.

If you can buy the ice craftsman, it’s definitely a millionaire.

Too bad.

The ice craftsmen are not really going to sell the ice craftsman.

They’re actually trying to raise part of the money to sustain their research.

If they did not meet the list, nearly 200 provisions would not be sold.

And once it’s done, then we don’t have to buy it.

Because this ice craftsman and the building plate can’t move at all.

Otherwise, studies could not be carried out at all.

All the way into industrial parks, the luxury carriage drove to the institute where 18 engineers were located.

Turn around and look at the grand beauty.

As you can see, this little girl is hugging his face, and a pair of beautiful eyes are looking at Ju Yongwoo.

The head, between Zhou Yongwoo shook, turned down carriage.

This little girl, it doesn’t really matter.

from start to finish, she’s messing with Jung-woo.

Zhou Yongwoo asked himself that he was on his way, and even if there was a misunderstanding, it was their dog who looked down.

But now, Chu Yongwoo is pissed off, and she’s a drummer.

Who’s this supposed to be?

shook the head, Jung-woo also disinclined to pay attention to her.


it is, go with her.

I’m sure she won’t be embarrassed soon enough to leave.

Between thinking, Zhou Yokoo took a step and did it to the design building.

pata pa ta ta

Just a few steps out, back in the direction, and there was a blank footsteps.

The scepticism turned around, and the entrance saw that Sun Mi-young jumped off the carriage and ran all the way down.

When you see this scene, Zhou Yongwoo won’t stare, angrily said, “What are you doing?”

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s wrath, Sun Mei Renton poured his eyes and two tears, and appeared instantly.

She doesn’t want to do that, if she can.

But if she doesn’t, not only does she have to suffer herself, but even Sun Family as a whole.

You know, the devil will not be in the ranks of the military.

But even if the devil’s position is lower, it’s the army’s registered general!

The identity and status of any other person cannot be analogous and confronted.

Moreover, the largest number is due to low status.


highest chief of the military department is the current King.

The whole army, from the King, to Demon King, the Magic Handsome, and the Minimum Magic General.

Structurally, there’s a pyramid.

The more up, the less.


Above all, in addition to the need to stay at the border, or to the warriors of the great army.

Most of the devils will stay in this Imperial Capital.

As for the reasons, there is no need for more explanation.

Even Zhou Yokoo can’t leave, let alone the others.

As the sheep archipelago, the core of the 3,000 islands.

Lamb Heart has brought together the sheep islands, and most of the material and wealth of the 3,000 islands.

Whatever you want, it’s basically available here.

Whatever talent you want, there’s basically a way to recruit.

If it were other islands, it would not be necessary.

Do you really want to be major event or Imperial Capital?

When I saw Sun Mei cry, Zhou Yokowson was a little panicked.

Although, Ju Yongwoo wasn’t never seen girl cry.

But unlike before, it’s time this girl is crying.

To get her, but to be honest, Jung-woo really doesn’t know how to do it.

Unnailed, Jung-woo shook the head, turned to the design yard door and walked past.

If you don’t, then you can’t see.

She’s willing to follow, so let her follow.

Zhou Yongwoo is not afraid of anyone now!

As soon as we got into the design yard, Ju Yongwoo moved 18 engineers.

You know, three months ago, Zhou Yongwoo inspected the Ice Devil Rehabilitation.

Throughout three months, Jung-woo didn’t even show up.

If anyone else buys ice craftsman, we won’t be happy.

But Chu Yoo-woo is different!

It’s a steel battleship, Father of Steel battleship!

The reason Ju Yongwoo is the father of steel battleship.

Because of the Emperor and his grandchildren, all their efforts over the years have only reduced battleship’s weight and increased battleship’s dynamism.

According to their theory, steel battleship will never be built.

And under Ju Yongwoo’s shame, that suggestion was the only way and means to upgrade the iron battleship to iron battleship.

Over the past three months, 18 engineers have continued to calculate, culminating in conclusions.


approach proposed by Ju Yongwoo has doubled the size of steel battleship.

But battleship’s weight has risen by one in two on its original basis!

In this way, steel battleship can float over the water.

Especially after more than three months of renovation.

A hundred thousand craftsmen were transformed by day and night, and the Ice Crown steel battleship had successfully passed the sewage test a week ago.

The steel battleship, now floating out in the port.

Ninety percent of the battleship is not in sea water.

After a special paint was painted, it was completely hidden in the sea water, melted into one.

Only a small fraction of the battleship ridge is exposed to the sea.

It appears from the surface that the part of the sea is just a 100 meters long, large battleship with a fleet.

The steel battleship of 3,100 sixty five meters will rise from below the surface once the air spraying device is activated, driven by intense air flow.

By that time, the big steel battleship will be in front of everyone.

It’s not the worst.

After constant testing, this steel battleship has an unimaginable series of functions.

It is only minor that the battleship subject can be elevated above the sea through air spraying devices.

Most importantly, through a street tattoo array, you can even regulate battleship’s deposition!

Turn off a part of the magic array, this steel battleship, can dive into seabed, sail in the deep sea!

That’s horrible!


This steel battleship can be raised above the surface, becoming a giant steel battleship with 3,100 sixty five meters long.

If the air spray device is closed, the steel battleship is floating below the sea.

Just a 100 meters long ridge above the sea.

Moreover, steel battleship can also be controlled through the stripes of gravity.

Put it in seabed, or float over the water.

So, this steel battleship doesn’t fly except for it.

In the ocean, almost omnipotent!

This is far beyond everyone’s expectations.

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