Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3748

Whether it’s the King of the Ice, or his grandson.

All they wanted was to build a steel battleship.


battleship they imagined was actually battleship built entirely by steel.

I never thought that battleship could go deep into seabed, in seabed stealth!

So horrible battleship, how horrible!

Once such battleship, really goes into the battleship.

That battleship, built entirely by iron, will be invincible!

Moreover, after destroying the target, it is possible to sink under the sea water at any time and to leave.

It’s called “no shadow to go missing.”


‘s absolutely no way to take them!

After three months of continuous searching, tidy up.

This steel battleship is definitely a battle, a victory!

Moreover, after victory, no matter how many enemies are surrounded, they can spill away without a trace.

With such battleship, the ocean is too big to go!

And all this, actually, is just a word from Jung-woo.


the eighteen engineers did was to realize the idea of Juo Yongwoo and build battleship in Ju Yokoo’s ideal.

Although Jung-woo knew himself, he was just pushed to the corner.

According to the knowledge of the ship, one answer is available.

But the eighteen engineers don’t think so.

At the beginning, the eighteen engineers, perhaps also, thought Zhu Yongwoo was just being forced to be pissed into anger.

But when I go back, I think a little bit about it, it’s not right.

If Chu Yongwoo had no idea, then why would he invest so much money to support them in continuing their research?

If there

is no absolute certainty, how can Zhou Yokoo invest so much money without any demands?

from the start to finish, Jung-woo didn’t try to persuade them to produce ordinary armoured ships for profit!

You know, Jung-woo’s money, it’s not a big wind.

Unless Chu Yoo-woo’s money is picked up in a ditch.

And the money there is, whatever he takes, not just the money.

But is that possible?

As a result of repeated discussions, everyone finally came up with a unanimous answer.

Obviously, Chu Yongwoo is so generous that he can smash his weight into it.

It’s because he has broken the biggest hard switch on steel battleship.

Once the ice crafting is purchased, steel battleship can be built immediately.

Otherwise, a lot of things can’t be explained at all.


When everyone knows that Juo Yokoo arrives at the design yard.

Eighteen engineers, all the first time they came by, warmly welcomed Zhou Yongwoo.

Whether they wish or not, they must admit it.

This steel battleship was designed by Zhou Yongwoo.

What they have done is purify it and build it.

Looking at each and everyone is excited, with eyes full of caravan of worship and admiration.

Ju Yongwoo doesn’t get a fog water.

What happened, three months gone, how did these guys get so crazy?

between ju @ – @ yo and confusion.

An engineer was excited to open the mouth and say: Maestro reporting to the devil, as you envisioned, we have completed the iron battleship rehabilitation and completed the initial sewage test!


So excited to see the engineer, Ju Yokota: What, the steel battleship, is it floating on the water?



excited to look at Ju Yongwoo, on the other side of the engineer’s path: as you said, this steel battleship is perfectly floating above the surface.


What are you waiting for? Show me.

In the face of Zhou Yongwoo’s orders, no one dares to slow down.

The first time I was hugging Ju Yongwoo, going outside the door.

from the start to finish, nobody even looked at the grand beauty.

In the face of this scene, the grand beauty, who has always been very confident of his gesture, suffered a great deal of damage.

Anyway, she’s Imperial Capital.

Are these people blind?

She’s lazy enough to talk about him.


Are they blind, too?


Why would she say that?

The drummer cheeks, and the grand beauty, while reluctant, can only move further behind the entire group.

But just a little too far, an engineer stopped her.

Cold looking at Sun Mei, the engineer said solsolemnly: Who are you, following us?


In the face of that engineer’s interception, Sun Beautiful Times.

Yeah, who is she?

In fact, she’s not anybody. She’s Sun Mei Yin!

But obviously, her identity is useless here.

Look at Sun Mei, the engineer: Where we’re going, it’s a highly classified area, and you can’t follow the past.


the middle of the conversation, the engineer is headed.

Soon, two heavily armed soldiers stopped in front of the Sun Mei.

In the face of this scene, Sun Mei Yin is angry and has not done anything.

It’s an ice craftsman. It’s definitely not anybody. It’s a hobby.

Innocent, Sun Mi-young had to return to the luxury carriage and wait for Jung-woo to come back.

Zhu Yoo-woo entire group, soon arrived at the beach, and saw the modified steel battleship.

On the docks of the ice craftsman, a coloured black, roughly 100 meters long, beautiful steel battleship, over sea water!

It’s confusing to look at that beautiful steel battleship, Ju Yongwoo Road: What’s going on? How did this steel battleship get smaller?

Frowned, Ju Yokota: If I remember correctly, this steel battleship is not 3,100 sixty five meters long.

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s inquiries, the 18 engineers laughed at the same time.

In fact, the battleship on the sea is actually the back of the real steel battleship.

After a series of decorations, it became like this.

This battleship usually comes in this form.

Once the fighting is over, an air spray device can be activated to lift the entire battleship out of the water.

In the laugh, the eighteen engineers did not explain much.

Instead, a series of orders were issued quickly.

With an order.

See only the sea water at the docks, and it rolls.

at wu wu, the black battleship was slowly rising from the sea.

Between the waves and the waves, under the eyes of Zhou Yoo-woo.

Long three more than a hundred meters, giant steel battleship like small mountains, has finally slowed down from the surface.

Look at those two sharp, unparalleled steel battleship.

Zhu Yongwondon was shining his eyes.

In a short period of three months, the battleship modification was completed.



excited, Zhou Yongwoo is looking at the eighteen engineers: How about this steel battleship, can you officially sail?

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