Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3749

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s inquiries, one of the engineers quickly introduced it.

This steel battleship was transformed on the basis of the Ice Emperor Steel battleship.

And the Ice Emperor Steel battleship, after millions of years of continuous improvement, has been irreversible.

Apart from not floating on the sea, this is definitely the most advanced, powerful battleship in the world!

Now, although improvements have been made to the Ice Emperor, in fact, steel battleship has been transformed into a complete closure of battleship.

All the functions of the Ice Emperor, the perfect inheritance.


This steel battleship is bound to have such and such defects.

It will take a long time to keep trying and getting better.

But the next job is to be tested quickly.

And trying to test this steel battleship, of course, can’t be done in this dock.

This steel battleship, although still far from perfect and without blemish, cannot be said.

But it’s possible to go into the ocean and do a series of tests.

And most importantly…

Even rough steel battleship, its properties go far beyond any other battleship.

It’s not just defensive…

This steel battleship, over 90 percent of the data, is more than double all battleship!

It’s not the Nightboy’s arrogance to talk like that!

You know, the most advanced battleship of the sheep is the armoured ship.

And the armoured ship, it’s just an ice craftsman, a million years ago, it’s just an original product.

Time has passed so long.

Ice’s heavy labor cost that much money, that many times, that many people.

How could it not have been a gain at all?

I heard this steel battleship is already available for full testing.

When Zhou Yongwondon laughed…

He’s planning on going back to the sheep island these days.

With this steel battleship as a ride, that’s really good.

For the sheep, this steel battleship is definitely the strongest, most powerful battleship ever.

No one can say a word in the face of Jung-woo’s demands.

Now, the whole ice craftsman is all over Ju Yongwoo.

Besides, it’s just a battleship in the district?

However, this battleship has different meanings for the ice craftsman.

The subject of the battleship was built by the King of Ice.

On that basis, the current steel battleship was born with constant improvement.

Usually, the eighteen engineers tried to keep this steel battleship.

Specially for Ju Yongwoo, regroup yourself into a steel battleship and let him go.

But Zhu Yoo-woo refused!


Ice Crown Steel battleship, internal structure is not reasonable.


the past trillion years, research has been designed and built according to the shape of the ship battleship.

And under the idea of Juo Yongwoo, battleship should be in the form of tomatoes.

It is therefore clear that internal structures and layouts need to be significantly modified.

From this point of view, even if you want to test it, you have to redesign it and reconstruct it.


is only more authoritative to test the new steel battleship in the new layout.

Otherwise, even if the Ice Crown test had a problem, it wouldn’t be useful.

After all, steel battleship, which will be produced in the future, is certainly not this structure and layout.

In the face of Jung-woo’s words, everyone has nothing to say.

Although they do want to leave the Ice Emperor, every word Ju Yokoo said is reasonable and irrefutable.

Under Nakana, those eighteen engineers could only agree to Jung-woo’s request.

They can’t find any reason to refuse!

It’s worth mentioning…

The reason you can’t send the Ice King out so much.

The main reason is that the Ice Crown is not built by ordinary metal.

The Ice Emperor Steel battleship is made up of mixed black gold.

This mixture of black gold is a very rare mineral, very rare production.

It weighs less than most metals.

It’s harder than most metals.

It’s stronger than most metals.

From Great Ancient Era, the sheep have accumulated so much black gold.

For the time being, there is still some useless, but there is not much left.

The rest of the mixed black gold can’t even be built by half battleship.

So, this ice royal steel battleship, probably on the world, is only one after another, a super steel battleship made entirely of mixed black gold.

Never before.


‘s unlikely that it will ever happen again.

After inspecting the Ice Emperor Steel battleship, the entire group returned to the Institute.

All of us gathered and held high-level meetings.

At the meeting, Zhou Yokoo issued a series of orders.

The iron battleship thing must be strictly confidential.

Even the Ministry of Military Affairs cannot be notified.

Over the next three years, the ice craftsman will have to do its utmost to design and build a brand-new steel battleship.

Structure and layout within battleship are redesigned according to the form of tomato battleship.

And the test is built with steel battleship, and the iron battleship is continuously tested in full.

To find and resolve all steel battleship problems and problems in the shortest possible time.

In the face of Jung-woo’s orders, no one has any doubts.

After all, although the Ice Emperor has completed the sewage test.

But in fact, the real steel battleship has not been designed yet.

Real steel battleship, and the Ice Emperor are completely different.

Changes must also be made, both structural and layout, even in shape.

Tell the Military Department now, it’s definitely not a good idea.

Three hours of meetings were held together.

Ju Yongwoo left the academy and returned to Purgatory Inn.

As soon as we get on board…

Ju Yongwoo had a pair of beautiful eyes.

It looks like the grand beauty is sitting right there.

Honestly, since Zhou Yongwoo heard that steel battleship had completed the sewage test and successfully floated on the surface.

He has completely forgotten the grand beauty.

Until he got back in carriage, right on those beautiful eyes.

It’s just a sudden realization that this little trouble has been waiting for him.

Unnailed shook the head, Jung-woo greeted the waffle.

Soon, the luxury carriage went all the way.

move towards Purgatory Inn’s way past.

On the way, Jung-woo didn’t think about the grand beauty.

Now he’s going back to the sheep island.

Before leaving, there were too many things he needed to deal with and resolve.


‘s too many things he needs to arrange.

So he really doesn’t have much time to go with this little girl.

Even though she can’t be chased away, it’s not good to drive her away.

But ignore her…

With Chu Yongwoo today, 60 Devil Body, there’s really nothing terrifying about it.

Even if this little girl did sneak attack, he could slap her.

When we went back to the purgatory Inn, the time had passed noon.

Under Sun Mi’s journey, Jung-woo entered the restaurant.

I heard Zhou Yongwoo has arrived, and Li Tian Tsui will soon be ready to cook.

When Chu Yongwoo is done, sitting in the diner’s emperor’s purse.

Eight meals of soup, already filled with tables.

By now, Devil Body of Ju Yokoo has been stuck in 60 Devil Body.

If you want breakthrough 60 Devil Body, you need golden light Barrier Breaking Pill!

golden light Barrier Breaking Pill!

By definition, Barrier Breaking Pill, made of golden light crystal crystals, is the main material.

And golden light crystals, that’s 60 Battle Physique sea monsters.

Very rare!

Ju Yongwoo has been at sea for so long and never seen golden light crystal.

So Zhou Yokoo purchased all of that many medicine ingredients and supplies.

But it’s still not possible to buy golden light crystal crystals.

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