Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3750

Look at Chu Yoo-woo and dump the gang and eat the food.

Sun Mi sat opposite Ju Yongwoo, but only with his stomach and a face of anger.

Not Sun Mei.

If she can eat these meals.

Then she would never be polite, and she would certainly pick up chopsticks and eat a meal.


These dishes on the table are the consolidation of 60 Devil Body.

Increase Devil Body strength, speed, patience, etc.


Sun Mei eats, no, but there will be no increase.

Instead, they can’t afford the horror energy they contain.

So she can only sit there foolishly, staring at Jung-woo to eat special food.

Hate looking at Zhou Yoo-woo


heart of Sun Mei is not surprising.

It’s just this meal. At least eat in 10 million!

Don’t look at Sun Mei’s shop. Every dress is expensive.


cheapest one, also worth a million magic stones.

But in fact, she can’t do a few clothes every day.

And every dress, it costs a lot.

A servant worth a million dollars, at a cost of at least 5,600 hundred thousand.

Plus the rent for the shop and the salary of the shopkeeper.

And Sun Mei’s own manual fee.

Actually, a dress doesn’t make much money.

Silence for half a day…

Sun Mei Yin will never be able to resist again. “What are you going to do to be satisfied?”

In the face of Sun Mi-young’s powerless voice, Zhou Yokoo finally moved.

Zhu Yongwoo is open to persuasion, but not to coercion…

You want to deal with him by rogue means, that’s purely much.

If Sun Mi always confronts Zhou Yongwoo.

That Jung-woo is probably never compromised, nor will he make a half concession.

But once Sun Mi-young is soft, Jung-woo cannot continue to be tough.

Squeeze, Ju Yokota:

“I’m not going to do anything to you, nor to target you Sun Family.”

“As for others, I don’t know what to do.”

“I can only assure myself that I am not angry, not against you, but not on behalf of others.”

Sun Yoo-woo was too powerless to hear.


Zhou Yongwoo is in that class, so many people.

In fact, Jung-woo doesn’t even know them.

And they have nothing to say.

On this, whoever starts the trouble should end it.

If you want to really end this, it’s important to see Sun Mei.

As long as the grand beauty leaves everything behind, follow Jung-woo.

All of them will be satisfied.

The other people do not have the right to interfere.

But the problem now is, Chu Yongwoo doesn’t feel that way for the grand beauty.

Jung-woo even wants to marry a wife.

And never marry a woman who despises herself, has no feelings for herself, or even hates her wife…

Even this woman is beautiful, beautiful, absolutely not.

I’ve been thinking for half a day…

Zhou Yongwoo has never figured out the right way.

Wu Su Li is here.


fact, from the moment Sun Mi-young entered Inn, Wu Su Li was already secretly worried.

Although Sun Mei is her idol, it’s about Jung-woo, and even if it’s an idol, it’s gonna have to come back.

Chu Yongwoo is the man she likes, and anyone comes to rob, and that’s absolutely impossible.

Before we got here, Wu Su Li was hiding in front of the door for half a day.

Until we’re sure that Jung-woo is really not interested in the grand beauty, that’s all.

But Wu Su Li knows that men are not allowed to tease.

What do you mean, male and female, the next floor hill.

Girl chasing men, it’s only a veil!

If the grand beauty is so tormented, it’s too late to come up with a problem.

So I knew it, actually not at all too much.

But Wu Su Li, still had to brace e oneself out.

sitting next to the table…

Wu Su Li watched Sun Mei.

Turn around again and look at Ju Yoo-woo.

Long breath, Wu Su Li: “You guys, I have an idea.”


Listen to Wu Su Li, Jung-woo and Sun Mei, and turn around and look at the past at Wu Su Li.

In the face of both eyes, Wu Su Li Doo:

“The Clothing Department is missing a section head, why don’t you let Sun Mei go to this section head…”

Look at Wu Su Li, Ju Yokota:

“What I want to know is how to give the outside world a talk, not how to arrange her work!”

Sun Mei is also nodded: “Yeah, it’s not going to happen if we don’t give you a satisfactory proxy.”

Just smile, Wu Su Li: “What’s the big deal?”


long as the grand beauty stays, most of the problems can be solved.

As for the true relationship between Zhou Yongwoo and Sun Mei, it is not possible for outsiders to know.

Listen to Wu Su Li, Jung-woo and Sun Mi, Masterton.

Not to mention that Wu Su Li’s proposal is very constructive.

There is no need for them to speak too much to the outside world.


long as the grand beauty stays beside Ju Yongwoo, it’s like Ju Yongwoo.

As for the pattern followed, it can be a servant, a companion or a husband or wife.

But these things don’t have to be published outside.

Chu Yongwoo has no right or obligation.

Even if you’re curious, Jung-woo doesn’t have to ignore it.

As for Sun Family

Ju Yongwoo will just take a while and go back with the grand beauty.

It’s like Jung-woo has completely forgiven Sun Family.

In this state of affairs, if anyone else is dealing with Sun Family.

It’s like it’s from the side, it’s against Ju Yongwoo.

Normally, no one would do so for no reason.

Listen to Wu Su Li, Jung-woo was silent for half a day.

That’s what nodded says: “Well, that’s all.

After that, Jung-woo picked up the napkin and wiped his mouth and then stood up.

Turn around and look at the grand beauty, Ju Yokota: “You stay here for a while, go to the garment department for head.”

After all, Jung-woo stopped staying and turned to the emperor’s suite.

When Zhu Yoo-woo left, the grand beauty finally grew loose.

So she saved her life and solved Sun Family’s crisis.

Although, as a result, it’s going to be on its own name.

But Sun Mei is satisfied.

Over the next few days, Sun Mei and Wu Su Li have officially expanded the garment department.

So far…

Inn, the refrigerator has finally been rehabilitated and can begin its business at any time.

As a result of the renovation, Inn was divided into three parts.

Under the leadership of Wu Su Li this big shopkeeper.

Inn was divided into four main sections.

The guest room, the catering department, the clothing department, and the kitchen!

Of these, the kitchen was outsourced and managed by Li Tian Tsunami.

The remaining three parts, Lord Wu Su Li, captured the Dinner Department, and the Sun Beauty Grabbed the Clothing Department.

The remainder of the guest room is under the full authority of Inn, the last shopkeeper.


Under the administration of the last big shopkeeper, Inn’s guest room in purgatory is called the best of the sheep!

The first Inn name of the sheep!

Since the best has been done, naturally there is no need for change.

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