Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3751

For the guest room, Wu Su Li is actually just macro control.

Specific things, actually, don’t interfere.

Wu Su Li’s interference with the guest room.

It’s like ju Yongwoo’s intervention with the catering department.

After all, Wu Su Li worked in hell Inn for over a decade.

对于炼狱Inn 上任大shopkeeper 的能力,还是无比信任的。

Inn’s last big shopkeeper in the purgatory, Ju Yongwoo.

Although hair and beards are white and wrinkled on their faces.

But in fact, this guy has unparalleled experience and knowledge.

He knows more about luxury than everyone, what taste, what kind of hierarchy.

As a result, he is in charge of the guest room, almost two candidates.

If he’s not working well, it’s not going to work out for anyone else.

With the arrival of the grand beauty, Inn was finally on the right track.

Sun Mi-young has integrated his own garment shop into Inn’s garment department of the refrigeration, formalizing a well-equipped clothing department that produces a full service package for sale.

And most importantly, the arrival of Sun Mi-young has added the least needed energy and fashion to the clothing department!

Wu Su Li’s old costume industry is more good at making classic, elegant costumes.

Not very good at designing and producing popular, fashion costumes.

On the contrary, Sun Mi-young is the most popular and fashionable costume she designed and produced.

In combination, it’s called perfect and without blemish.


Including workshops for renovation, recruitment and training of staff.

Efforts are made to provide the best services to all.

Li Tian Tsui, you don’t have to say much.

All the work in the kitchen, he can totally take it.

Even if an alien wants to interfere, he’s probably nowhere to go.

Finally, the guest room, older than… the sheep, don’t have to worry about it.

It is worth mentioning that the sheep is the last shopkeeper in prison.

Now, the sheep has been in prison for more than 30,000 years.

No one knows the hell better than he does, Inn.

No one is better suited than him to run Inn’s guest room.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Inn Supreme Ex – is the tence status and status of the refrigerator!

The hell with Inn, Jung-woo can finally rest his mind.

After giving Wu Su Li 300 billion dollars.

At least for centuries, and for thousands of years.

Inn, hell, doesn’t have to worry about bankruptcy because of the loss.

Before leaving Lamb Heart Island formally, return to Lamb Island.

Chu Yongwoo is on his way to Demon King’s building again, looking at the takeover of the legacy ball.


It’s only three months, less than four months in Ju Yongwoo’s opinion.


should not be possible to buy many legendary balls.

But I never thought I’d be surprised to know when I arrived at Demon King’s building.

In just over three months, Demon King has collected tens of thousands of heinous balls.

The devil can walk, the eyes of the devil, and the devil can snip!

Three kinds of magic balls, though different numbers.

But each of them is over 3,000!

Look at Ju Yongwoo, and the shopkeeper of Demon King Building explained.

In fact, Demon King’s building is not just Imperial Capital.

The sheep islands have a total of 3,000 islands.

Demon King’s building is built in the core islands of the 3,000 islands, with the Demon King building.

Over the past three months, the Demon King Building has simply mobilized all divisions to Headquarters.

not all external acquisitions.

Tens of thousands of heinous balls have a total value of over 300 billion magical stones.

But now, Jung-woo has no more money.

No, Jung-woo just got back to Purgatory Inn.

Three trillion dollars will be left to Wu Su Li, all of which have been drawn back.

To buy that tens of thousands of legendary balls.

After simple discussions, the Demon King Building will have a total price of 3,200 hundred and three billion billion bills.

Down to 300 billion, all zeros wiped out.

Ju Yongwoo is happy.

Next, these three legendary balls, Jung-woo, are still commissioning Demon King’s building for purchase.

With this deal, Demon King’s building is completely relaxed.

Obviously, Jung-woo is not a big liar.

Acquisition of these three legendary balls must also have the heart to build a private Legion for themselves with these three inheritance balls.

So this time, Demon King Building not at all requests for deposits.

Just signed a paperwork with Jung-woo, just forget it.

Put all the inheritance balls in the ice royal bracelet, and Zhou Yokoo left Demon King building all the way.

So far, Ju Yongwoo finally has a glimpse.

Unlike the Great Clan, the big guys.

Ju Yongwoo’s roots are too shallow.

Everything he wants can only be earned with his own hands.

This tens of thousands of heinous balls are the foundation of Ju Yongwoo’s flight.

With this tens of thousands of heinous balls, Zhou Yokoo will be able to build a business and break a path.

All the way back to Purgatory Inn, Jung-woo drove to pill concocting, entering the abyss of purgation.

it’s time…

To buy those three legendary balls, Zhou Yokoo spent 300 billion dollars.

In this way, the Inn side of the purgatory will not have enough funds to ensure that Inn is not bankrupt.

So Ju Yongwoo must gather some Fire Crystal stones and put them at Wu Su Li’s.

If all the fire Crystal stones are safe, they don’t need to be used.

But once Ju Yongwoo left this time.

Inn, the purgatory, has experienced huge losses, and may even be bankrupt.

Wu Su Li can sell these fire Crystal stones in exchange for magic stones in order to maintain the everyday consumption of Inn in purgatory.


took three days to gather 3,000 boxes of Fire Crystal in the abyss of hell.

The three thousand boxes containing Fire Crystal stones are the big wooden boxes that were used to install magic stones.

If all Fire Crystal stones were sold, they would be enough to replace 300 trillion magical stones with a huge amount of money.

With this money in place, Inn will never be in danger of bankruptcy.

Not only that…

If there’s a problem with the ice craftsman, it can also be supported by selling Fire Crystal stones, raising part of the money.

But in fact, Ju Yongwoo is not worried about the ice craftsman over there.

Zhu Yongwoo has left it to the ice craftsman for 2 trillion magic stones.

Saving some flowers, it’s not a problem to spend 5-6 years.

And most importantly…

So far, steel battleship has been tested for success.

Even if Ice’s heavy salary is depleted, it can apply to the Ministry of Military Affairs for financial assistance with steel battleship.

With steel battleship, the military department would never cheat money.

So the ice craftsman over there doesn’t really need to worry too much.

The only thing to worry about is to get Inn over here.


case the food reform fails, it is likely that there will be a huge loss.

Although the probability is not large, Zhou Yokoo is afraid to lose his mind.

After the retrieval of Inn, and the Ice Devil’s work.

Zhou Yongwoo is finally leaving and returning to the sheep island.

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