Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3752

Imperial Capital’s condition is better, and it’s not Ju Yongwoo’s place.

In any case, Zhou Yokoo must return to the outer sheep island as soon as possible and look at the process of building on the island of Sky.

Understand what happened to trade with the Snakes.

Until Ju Yongwoo left, Li Tianjin couldn’t pull Li Family’s genius out.

Used to be, in Ju Yongwoo, just pick it out.

Just get out of Li Family for a few days and try to cultivate it.

But Li Tian didn’t think so.

For the eloquent Li Tian Tsunami.

Everything is either done or done is best done.

Thus, within the family, Li Tian Tsunami conducted a series of screening and examinations.

Li Family is now missing, but Li Family is missing, actually relative.

You know, Li Family’s purgatory Demon King, which is Demon Race’s first best hand.

Although time has passed for so many years, Li Family has not been able to break at all.

Li Tian Tsui is the son of Li Big Demon King, but not the only grandson of Li Big Demon King.

事实上,魔羊群岛的三千岛群之内,Li Family 的子孙,却超过了70 million !

Although they’re all just Li Family branches, they’re not Li Family’s main artery.

But in any case, they are the descendants of Li Da Demon King.

It’s all 17 daughters of Li Da Demon King, forming branches.

It’s really not that easy to pick out the elite from tens of millions of Li Family grandchildren.


transmission of information alone will take less than a short time.

Furthermore, after receiving information, screening began in the most grass-roots villages.


first floor is drawn up, and without two or three years, the selection cannot be completed at all.

面对与此,朱横宇也not at all 着急。

What do you mean, you can’t eat hot beans!

If Li Family really can select a lot of genius.

It’s also a great thing for Jung-woo.

To that end, Zhou Yokoo has devoted a high-level meeting to that end.

The meeting was attended by Zhou Yoo-woo and Li Tian Tsui in the kitchen, Wu Su Li Su Li in the garment department, Sun Mei in the shopkeeper and the catering department, and the goat in the guest room!

At the meeting, Zhou Yokoo announced the formation of a new section – Department of Security!

The new Department of Security is composed of Li Tian Tsunami.

Members of the Department of Safety and Security are made up of elites selected by the various branches of Li Family.

Temporary strength is 3,000!

After the meeting, Ju Yokoo was no longer involved.

It’s time to leave…

By the people.

Zhu Yongwoo sat in the luxury carriage and drove over to ice.

This time, Jung-woo won’t leave too long.

Three more years, less one year, and he’ll be back.

Thus, while separate feelings remain unavoidable.

But in general speaking of that, it’s not too sad.

All the way to the ice craftsman, Zhou Yongwoo is ready to take the Ice Emperor Steel battleship back to Devil Lamb Island.

But when Zhu Yongwoo arrived at the dock, he was about to board the Ice Emperor Steel battleship.

But above the dock, a rhythmic battleship attracts all the sight.

It’s silver, pointless steel battleship, more than 30 metres long.

The general repair is long and beautiful.

Floating above the surface of the sea, looks like a crawling shuttle.

In the middle of Ju Yongwoo’s sighs, the chief engineer stood up.

The chief engineer was selected from 18 engineers after Zhou Yongwoo took over the ice craftsman.

Eighteen engineers, all of them, were very low.

But it seems to Zhou Yongwoo that this is clearly inappropriate.


do you mean, snakes don’t have heads, birds don’t fly!

On many occasions, it is very important that a leader who can stand up at a critical time and lead us forward.

Thus, out of the eighteen engineers, three were selected by Ju Yokoo.

After 18 engineers voted, a total engineer was born, as well as two deputy engineers.

Its internal division of labour is not much described here.

In conclusion, Zhu Yongwoo does not need to be contacted by every engineer.


is only necessary to reach out to the master engineer, as well as to the two deputy engineers, that it be in control of everything.

Back to the docks…

Look at Chu Yongwoo’s sights, the master engineer stood up and explained it in detail.

This steel battleship was built up.

Only 30 metres long were built because of the construction of battleship metals, that’s all.

No more, no more.

Construction of battleship metals, called hybrid white gold!

It’s precious, even on the black gold!

Hybrid white gold, almost the strongest, hardest metal.

Almost inviolable if used to build armour and armaments.

Moreover, even with external force, it is less important to be able to cause damage to battleship.

This hybrid white gold has memory functions.

Even if damaged, Qi of Chaos in the air could be extracted for rapid repair and recovery.

Don’t look at this white gold battleship.

But it’s precious, but it’s still above the Black King battleship!

Most importantly…

This white gold battleship is designed and built according to a whole new concept.

Its internal structure and configuration are the most recent findings.


structure and layout of the new steel battleship are best suited.

The reason for building this steel battleship is simple.


is hoped that Zhou Yongwoo will keep the black gold battleship and be adapted by everyone.


The first real steel giant ship, they still hope it’s this black gold battleship!

After all, this black gold was built, and the Ice Crown steel battleship was built by the King of the Ice.

There is an irreplaceable symbolic significance for ice crafting.

Moreover, steel battleship, built by mixed black gold, can be kept permanently.

In exchange for the rest of the gold, there’s finally a lifespan.

Of course!

Hybrid white gold is more precious than black gold.

Unfortunately, the number of mixed white gold is too scarce.

Even if all mixed white gold is consumed, only one steel battleship, more than 30 metres long, has been built.

In a sense, it’s basically cant be considered steel battleship.

At least, it’s definitely not a steel giant!


the face of everyone’s insistence, Jung-woo can’t say a word either.

After all, the ice craftsman was made by the Ice Demon King himself.

As the offspring of the Ice King, of course they want the first steel giant, the Black Golden battleship!

Instead of using ordinary iron, a general battleship is intended to be phased out.

And most importantly.

The new black gold battleship, in fact internal structures and layouts, is not suitable for new steel battleship.

Although steel warfare armour has been built on it, battleship’s speed has been significantly reduced by its relationship with steel armour.

The weight weighs by one in two.

But the momentum has remained unchanged.

In this way, the black gold battleship rate is just less than 30 percent faster than the iron armour ship.

It would take at least a month to return to the sheep island on a black gold battleship.

And this new white gold battleship is different.

Its size is smaller, its weight is lighter and its speed is naturally faster.

According to data provided by the master engineer…

It takes only three or four days to get back to the sheep island, if you take the white gold battleship!

Faster than the sheep now.

And it’s a little bit faster. It’s almost doubling!

I heard this white gold battleship can be more than three days, less than four days.

And then he crossed the distance and returned to the sheep island.

Knowing here, Zhou Yokowson made a decision from the good and the right way.

With such a quick battleship, he can’t take a black battleship.

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