Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3753

Zhu Yongwoo chose to ride to Bucking battleship and return to Lamb Island.

As for the Black Golden battleship of the Ice Emperor, it stays here for renovation.

In the

name of the first steel giant ship, leave it to the Black Golden battleship.


The first steel battleship in the name of Zhou Yongwoo will not be polite.

Look at that silver white steel battleship, Chu Yongwoo knows.

Demon Race, the first steel battleship in history, is this white battleship.

Between the heart and heart

Ju Yongwoo looked at 18 engineers for a week and said, “From now on, this white gold battleship is called Skywalker!”


Hear Ju Yongwoo, 18 engineers, Dayton frequency nodded.

Skywalker, white gold battleship!

Demon Race’s first steel battleship!

Very good. Very good.

All of us are inspired by the intense drums of the heavens and the earth.

And then the shock was trembling…

With everyone’s eyes, a rainbow of seven colours of sunshine fell from above the sky.

Suggested on that silver white white white white white white-collar.

At the same time, another seven sunshines fell from the dome and fell on the top of Ju Yongwoo.


Look at that seven colours of sunshine, 18 engineers, all caught up.

If the other cultivator were here, maybe he didn’t even know what it was.

But you know, there’s 18 engineers standing here, but the ice craftsman!

As the descendants of the Ice King, they know exactly what it is.

A similar scene took place when the Emperor of the Unknown Ice built his first iron armoury ship.

Two rainbows, falling from the sky.

One pitch on that armoured ship.

Another pitched on the forehead of the Ice King.

The seven sunshines are the gods of the land!

Seven colours of sunshine were fired, and that ship became the ancestor of the armoured ship.

And the King of the Ice is the father of the Iron Navy!

Never thought about it, a million years later.


Goddess of the Inland have come back.

The day the Devil battleship became the ancestor of steel battleship.

And Zhu Yongwoo, as 18 engineers judge, became the father of steel battleship!

The strength and hard intensity of this white gold battleship have been greatly enhanced under seven sunshine injections.

Not only that, this white gold battleship will also get together, matched by battleship strength and hard strength, seven colours!

If you don’t break this line, you can’t hurt this steel battleship.

And ju Yokoo, who has also received seven sunshine injections, will certainly not be harvested.


long as you’re on steel battleship, you can summon seven colours to protect yourself.

Of course, this effect will only work when Ju Yongwoo is on steel battleship.

If Chu Yongwoo leaves Iron battleship, it will not be possible to bring the Seven Colors to a close.

Too bad…

Heard the master engineer, after the seven sunshines were explained.

Ju Yongwoo can’t sigh, face to face.

What a wonderful place to be if it falls on Black Golden battleship.

Black gold battleship is larger and strategic.

It would be crazy if black gold battleship, too, had seven colours.

Look at Ju Yongwoo’s loss, the master engineer can’t laugh.

Obviously, Chu Yongwoo knows too little about battleship.

For battleship, there are great benefits, small ones.

Although white gold battleship is smaller, it is more than 30 metres long.

In terms of length alone, only 10 per cent of black gold battleship.

But it’s not necessary to say that Bucking battleship is better than black battleship.

Because the size of the relationship, the speed of the black battleship, and the degree of flexibility, is never possible with the white battleship mention on equal terms.

Black gold battleship is too long, too rough, too big.

Horizontal rhythms against wind waves, though strong, are not at the same level compared to Bucking battleship.

It’s also a 10-centimeter iron stick.

If the length of the stick is thirty meters, it’s easy to bend.

And if this stick is only three centimeters long.

That’s barely powerful enough to bend him.

Black gold battleship, which lasts three or four hundred metres, if the internal structure and layout are unreasonable.

An unfortunate wind stops the waist.

And that white gold battleship, which is more than 30 metres long, is different.


‘s no wind wave in this world that can break up such a tiny white gold battleship.

Moreover, white gold battleship, because of its small size, has a black battleship that will never be faster and flexible.

So, in this vast ocean.

White gold battleship is truly invincible.

While black gold battleship is also known as invincible, it is relative.

White gold battleship, even though it’s the ancestor of steel battleship, has seven colours in its ancestral land!

But that black battleship doesn’t suck too much.

That black battleship though cant will consider steel battleship’s grandfather.

But it’s definitely the ancestor of the steel giant ship.

As a steel battleship, the ancestor of the giant ship!

Black gold battleship will receive five colored injections from the gods of the land!

And, black gold battleship will get the five-colored end.

Although it is not possible to compare to the Bucking battleship, it is enough.

Next, with 18 engineers.

Ju Yongwoo entered the Skywalker’s White Kim battleship.

The whole battleship, in addition to the middle flat cabin, stretched two sides of the duck mouth.

Like a mighty sword, spreading above the water.

Look inside the cabin, that solid internal structure and layout.

Ju Yongwoo can’t shake his head off.

This battleship structure is so strong.

Even in a state of full speed, we hit the reef, battleship will not change anything.

Hybrid white gold, but memory functions.

Even if it changes shape, it will be restored quickly in a very short time.

The most satisfying thing about Ju Yongwoo is the space in the cabin, very big!

The white gold battleship cabin is divided into two upper floors.

First Layer, below, is largely filled with various propellant facilities.

Some of the remaining space was built into warehouses.

And the 2nd-layer up there is completely empty.

In addition to the necessary pillars, as well as the buffer walls.

The entire 2-Layer cabin is 200 square!

The happiest thing for Zhou Yoo-woo…


top of the platinum battleship is open.

Once the roof at the top is opened, this white battleship road between fast as lightning is absolutely cool.

And once the roof is closed, the white gold battleship will become a submarine.

At the rate of underwater, it’s still as fast as mine, as lightning.

The most horrible thing is…

Once entering the water, hidden magic tattoos on the platinum battleship surface will be activated.

Silver White’s battleship will be integrated with the surrounding sea water.

Even close to foot, I’m afraid it’s hard to distinguish it.

Although this white gold battleship is not all loaded with weapons.

But in fact, there is no need for so-called weapons equipment.

White gold battleship itself is the most radical weapon.

The entire platinum battleship floor is completely used to install the propellant.

Big push, white gold battleship fast out of curiosity.

With the white gold battleship that unshakeable crust.

With the white gold battleship at that incredible speed.

I’m afraid even supermassive battleship can’t bear it.

So, as the eighteen engineers said,

battleship is big, but there’s a great advantage.

But battleship is small, and it’s not completely without merit.

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