Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3754

battleship is stronger, and there’s no sense of it.

Real weakness, or people do it.

Don’t say anything else

White gold battleship, absolutely capable of defeating black gold battleship.

But whoever wins and loses, see who’s driving!

After a few rounds in Bucking battleship, Zhou Yokoo was no longer satisfied.

Although battleship does not seem large, it is enough for Zhou Yokoo.

With this steel battleship, it’s big, but Chu Yongwoo has nowhere to go.

Even in the deep sea, Zhou Yokoo can break into it.

Especially the speed of the white gold battleship, absolutely invisible.

In terms of speed alone, white gold battleship is far beyond known, all creatures and battleship.

Even if you can’t fight, there’s no power to hurt Bucking battleship.

And, white gold battleship has hidden magic tattoos.

Once in danger, it is perfectly possible to turn around and run away.


‘s nothing to catch up with if Bucking battleship wants to run away.

However, Zhou Yongwoo is not very good at driving Bucking battleship.

Not even, not at all!

But, well, the ice craftsman is short of talent.

Soon, the ice craftsman sent three drivers.

These three persons are professionals specializing in testing battleship performance and collecting testing data.

Full money as an ice craftsman.

Those who are qualified to be drivers are naturally within the craftsman of ice, the best, the best talent.


In Ju Yongwoo’s view, the best, the best pilot, must be a strong man!

But, in fact, when Jung-woo finally saw those three drivers, it was not for the big startled.

Those three drivers are not strong men, but three beautiful girls.

The late looking towards the master engineer is sceptical about this arrangement.

Three girly girls are the best drivers of ice craftsman?

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s question, the 18 engineers were not happy.

You can question them too straightforward, too frank, too uncomfortable.

But in any case, you can’t question their seriousness and their integrity.

With regard to driving, women have a great advantage that is comparable to men.

First, males are always cyclical, with some impulse.

And as the male of the sheep, more than once a month.


And the female doesn’t have that problem anymore.

They will not have this impulse, and they can be completely watered and sustained for a long time.

Secondly, females are always more patient than males.

Male animals, it’s hard to do for a long time, single and dry job.

The females of the sheep are different, and even if they sit there for a full year, they will not be upset.

Finally, and most importantly.

Female sheep cultivator is much more careful than male.

In practice, each of the finest information in the drivers will be captured by them with sensitivity.

This is the most important quality for safe driving.

Of course, female sheep drivers are not flawed.

As female drivers, their biggest disadvantage is that they’re not bold enough, they’re not strong enough!

Especially in combat situations, they lack some strength and very ruthless.

But there’s Jung-woo, and there’s no need for them to have strength.

As captain, all orders from Zhou Yokoo will be faithfully implemented by them.

The strength and so on… as long as Ju Yongwoo has it.

In contrast, the three women drivers have no strength, but a good thing.

Otherwise, the master of Chu Yongwoo is going to be empty.

General speaking of that


courage and prudence of female drivers make them destined for self-preservation, but insufficient access.

And that’s exactly what the eighteen engineers value most.

That’s a good thing to say. Hiroshi is not afraid of firewood!


long as Zhu Yoo-woo’s life is preserved, even if it comes down at once, it’s nothing.

As a result, under repeated weights, the Icelandic craftsman sent three female drivers as close escorts to Ju Yongwoo.

Look at the three women drivers in front of them, Jung-woo’s head is wrinkled.

Don’t blame Zhou Yoo-woo for being suspicious.

It’s the three women drivers. It’s so long.

Zhou Yongwoo had to suspect that the three women drivers were also spying and acting as agents, as agents of the special services.

Ju Yongwoo had to suspect that the 18 engineers were trying to control Zhu Yongwoo indirectly through these three girls.

In fact…

Even the eighteen engineers themselves cannot deny this fact.


any case, the ice craftsman, between Zhu Yongwoo, is already an ant on a rope.

Ju Yongwoo wants to control the ice craftsman and hold his death in his own hands.

And why doesn’t the ice craftsman want to control Zhou Yongwoo, to keep him working again and to provide sea-level funding?

Don’t think that steel battleship is designed, and this is all about it.

The initial steel battleship, and the ultimate steel battleship, has a distant distance.

Even from now on, research is under way.

Hundreds of millions of megabytes will also be needed to build a true ultimate steel battleship.

In this process, the funds that need to be invested are really huge.

They’re just on their way!

As the full owner of the ice craftsman.

There is no doubt that Zhou Yongwoo has the life artery of the ice craftsman.

As the descendants of the Ice King, they will certainly try to deepen their feelings through a variety of means.

Strengthen each other’s bondage.

Thus, even those dozens of engineers are afraid to say that they have absolutely no other intention.

A lot of things, actually, can’t be declared.

You can’t be obsessed with beauty if you’re able to.

You stay away from these three girls and don’t even smell it!

Anyway, whatever the future is.

Since they’ve given these three girls to Ju Yongwoo.

No more arrangements will be made.

Otherwise, isn’t it the face of Zhou Yoo-woo?

And in the end, they’re not trying to control Zhou Yongwoo through these three girls.

This is definitely a taboo for Jung-woo!

If anyone really dares to do so, once Chu Yoo-woo finds out, it’s a dead enemy.

By that time, it wasn’t you or me!

Look carefully…

Three girls, they’re all very beautiful.

The first one, with a high body, has a big, big eye with a big pair of water.

Inside, through a big, sexy temperature.

This atmosphere, but this sexy girl, Jung-woo, is still the first time to see her.

The second girl, fitting, fitting, fitting, but not overly exaggerating.

A nice face, more sophisticated to the perfect.

Just looking at that face, a beautiful breath, doesn’t have to assaults the senses.

As for the third girl, look at the past, as if it were only 13 or 4 years old.

Looks cute, cute.

It is clear, however, that her actual age is unlikely to be 13 or 4 years old.

If you can, Jung-woo would really like to say no.

But the problem now is, although the eighteen engineers do have a lot of thoughts and ideas.

But, in the main, they’re actually just having fun with Ju Yongwoo to strengthen each other’s feelings.

Say it, it’s a sign from the lower class to the superior.

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