Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3755

If Chu Yoo-woo insists on not taking it, it’s not possible.

But in this way, it’s too personal.

And you threw it out when people came to the door with gifts.

For the ice craftsman, the three girls belong to nothing at all.

If Chu Yongwoo is pushing out, it’s going to make each other irrelevant.

If that’s not the case…

They had to suspect that Zhu Yoo-woo was going to do no good to them.

Under the aegis, Ju Yongwoo can only choose to accept.

These three girls are the sons of the Ice King.

Put it in Great Ancient Era, it’s all kingdom!

Now, however, the fame of the King of the Ice is still here, but the family of the Ice King is gone.

Qin Ice’s name is Qin!

These three girls are Qin’s grandchildren.

The highest body, the biggest name is Qin Gang.

The most beautiful face is Qin Yul.


, looks cute, Qin Keer.

Look at three beautiful, charming girls.

Honestly, inside, Jung-woo is happy.

Although Chu Yongwoo was really not planning on what happened to them, it was finally a pleasant thing to be with these three beautiful women in the morning and evening.

Hands off…

Ju Yongwoo drove 18 engineers, all of them off battleship.


One order, three beautiful women, Sakael, Jean, will be seated in the cockpit.

With a faintly discernable buzz.

That silver white white white white white white battleship, silent sinking into the water.

There is only one flower left to float over the sea.

Ice craftsmen, though close to the sea, often have battleship and ships outside the dock.

If you don’t want to expose Peking battleship, it would be better to be careful.

Of course…

Even if you don’t hide, it’s not too impressive.

After all, just look at the outside.

Iron battleship, with iron armoured ships, is not really the same.

The armoured ship is outside the wooden ship, covering the upper layer of iron armour.

And steel battleship is built entirely by steel.

However, as far as the appearance is concerned, it is iron armour, and there is no difference at all.

However, be as it may, but Jung-woo still doesn’t want to Jang.

Drive under three girls.

White gold battleship infiltrated below the surface of 10 meters, slowing down the pace and moving towards the outer sheep island.

Bucking battleship’s cabin, located in the front of the top.

The hatch made by a mixed white gold was isolated.

Although the white gold battleship is completely closed battleship.

But in fact, inside battleship, there’s a full picture of the magic tattoo.

Sit in the cabin, everything around it is clear.

From all around, this battleship wall is as transparent as it is.

There is no way of blocking the observation of the sight…

Of course, battleship’s walls cannot be transparent.

Everything you see is just a change of images of projection.

But that’s enough.

Stand in the open cabin and look at three girls…

Three girls serve in each department.

Among them…

Qingcheng is responsible for driving white gold battleship, beneath the sea.

Qin Yuan, for his part, assists Qin in driving battleship.

Qin Keer is responsible for monitoring the detection system, leading the course and determining the route.

三人合力之下,才可以将battleship 开动起来,驶向目的地。

In a minor tsunami, battleship slowly left the docks and entered the vast ocean under Qin’s driving.

After entering the vast sea.

Qin Keer determined his destination to Ju Yongwoo.

The course was immediately revised to determine the course.


Under the control of Qin and Qin Yuen.

Skyland battleship, gradually starting to speed up.

At the beginning, it was less obvious.

With the cooperation of Qin Qin and Qin Yuan, battleship rates have been rising, although it has been rising.

But the accelerated process is too smooth.

Ju Yongwoo can’t feel at all that speed has been increasing.

If you don’t see the view out there, the pace of backward has been accelerating.

He doesn’t even feel battleship accelerating.

speaking of that was slow, but in fact, it took only ten breaths of time.


speed of the white gold battleship has risen to a height of terror!

Between the Mercedes, Qin Keer turned around and applied to Juo Yokoo.

At this point, Bucking battleship has been far away from Lamb Heart Island.

If it floats up to the sea, battleship will be faster.

In the face of Qin Keer’s application, Zhou Yokoo only hesitated and promised to come down.

By now, Zhou Yongwoo is the master of the Broadway!

Do what you have to do, don’t be afraid of the end.

Even if found out by others, it’s not a big deal.

Even if you see Bucking battleship, who will connect it to Ju Yongwoo?

What if it’s connected?

Between fast as lightning, Zhu Yongwoo looked at these three daughters and fell into a deep mind.

This time you go back, you’re gonna have to go to Devil Island.

The question now is, are these three girls really trusting?

Once on the island of God, it will be difficult to hide these three girls from the business of dealing with the snakes.

Once these three girls report this to the ice craftsman.

One accidentally, the news will leak.

By that time, Jung-woo would be in danger.

If possible, Jung-woo would like to take these three girls completely.

But obviously, it’s not possible.


Their loyalty to the ice craftsman is far from what Zhou Yongwoo can compare.

As the descendants of the Ice King, they have an unparalleled loyalty to their families.

But it would be too convenient if they could not be completely absorbed.

Looks like he still needs to learn how to drive.

Those more hideous things, Jung-woo could totally drive battleship himself.

In this way, it is possible to avoid leaks.

As for children, Yuan and Koel, they may be left on the outer sheep island.

Long, long distances drive before they need help.

Of course…

If Zhu Yongwoo is hard to keep them in battleship, they are not allowed to leave the boat and not to board the island.

Similarly, confidential leakage can be avoided.

It’s just that for three girls, it’s really cruel.

The next time, Ju Yongwoo sought to teach.

And three girls learn about parts of steel battleship, as well as some functions.

At the same time, Ju Yongwoo also needs system learning about steel battleship driving methods and techniques.

Three days, it’s over.

When Ju Yongwoo felt, Bucking battleship was slowing down.

Looking forward, the mighty sheep island has appeared ahead.

So far, Ju Yongwoo has only just begun to touch.

After all, it’s too short to be able to learn even if they want to teach.

Even if they were unaware, it would take time for them to give him all their knowledge, a little bit of teaching.

Look at the fast-approaching sheep island, between Zhou Yokoo’s head, and give orders.

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