Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3756

Three years ago, Zhou Yongwoo left the sheep island.

Jung Xiaoya, Takayo, Jane River, and Zhu Xiaoqiao have all been arranged on the island of the devil.

Now, there’s only Juda Chang and Shih on the sheep island.

Even if you go back to the sheep island, there’s nothing to do.

Now, Jung-woo’s most important thing, there are five.


The second is an understanding of the island of Tianjin, the transactions with the Snakes, the omission of gaps and the improvement of the trading system.

The third is an understanding of developments in Su Family over the past three years, as well as of the construction process on Lamb Island.

The fourth, as the new Brother-in-law devil.

Ju Yongwoo must also pick up as soon as possible a hundred sharp soldiers to form a hundred fighters belonging to him!

Only through the successful formation of the hundreds of fighters will they be able to move to the Ministry of Military Affairs for official registration.

The Department of Military Affairs has issued a series of tasks based on the positions of the battalions.


Fifthly, Zhou Yongwoo has to put the ice crown in the ring as soon as possible, full of eighty-one warehouses, all unloaded.

These materials must be sent as soon as possible to the seamounts, to the water and to Shenzhen, to convert them into magical stones.

And a large number of sheep are scarce, but the snakes are everywhere scarce.

The sixth, Ju Yongwoo, is going to put the magic stone that has been earned over the past three years, as well as all the precious materials into the Ice Royal bracelet.

If you take Imperial Capital, you can sell a gift!

Under Ju Yongwoo’s guides.

白金battleship 很快便抵达了天魔岛,停靠在了一处天然码头之旁。

Cleaning up a shirt, Jung-woo seriously looked for three girls.

In the face of the serious faces of Ju Yongwoo, those three girls were not supposed to get serious.

They all know that Chu Yongwoo must have something important to tell them.

In the eyes of three girls, Zhou Yokoo lists three rules.

First, three girls are not allowed to leave battleship and not to enter Tianjin Island.

The second is that three girls do not allow their own driving battleship to leave the vicinity.

Third, three girls can’t listen to anything about Zhou Yokoo at any time.

Of these three, no matter which article has been breached, it is a great sin.

Chu Yongwoo doesn’t know that’s all.

Once Chu Yoo-woo finds out, don’t kill him!

Look at the face of Jung-woo murderous aura, three girls know that Ju Yongwoo is definitely not joking.

In fact, Chu Yongwoo does not mean a joke.

If they go into Tibetan Island, all the secrets here will be at risk of leakage.

If they drive battleship, they leave this hidden dock.

It is

likely to encounter the sea snakes and even to break the sea snakes that are trading with Skyland Island.

As for article 3, prevention is unavoidable.

Anyway, when these three girls tried to come up with information on Ju Yongwoo.

Then there’s a heart of betrayal.

If it wasn’t for sale, why would it have to be that many?

Therefore, whatever one of these three rules they violate, Zhou Yongwoo is bound to kill them.

Don’t blame Chu Yoo-woo for being hot.

You know, once the news leaks.

Not just Jung-woo will die!

Everyone around him, all friends and relatives, will be trapped.

The whole island of God, all the people, will be executed.

If, kill these three girls.

If you can save the lives of millions, Jung-woo will not hesitate.

After all, they betrayed first.

Since they have betrayed, it is natural that they pay the price they deserve.

Faced with the three main rules set out by Ju Yongwoo.

Three girls don’t all say anything, and nodded promised to come down.

They know very well that Zhou Yongwoo has a caution against them.

But in fact, as a girl.

As the son of the King of the Unknown Ice.

They will never betray!

If it’s in Great Ancient Era, the Ice King is still in position.


three of them, actually, were Princess Ju Yongwoo and kissed.

If they betray the targets of their loved ones, the Ice King will lose his credibility completely.

For Demon Race, credibility is higher than everything.

Even if he died, he would not betray his sins.

After all, if the Emperor of the Unknown Ice were a little man who had betrayed his faith, he would not be a king.

Even if it’s done, it’s going to be beaten up for losing credibility!


Eighteen engineers, whether it’s ice craftsman.

Or the three girls.

They are all very clear.

In any case, Ju Yongwoo cannot tolerate their unscrupulous peeking at his bottom.

Not to give them the chance to betray.

As long as there’s a little suspicion, Jung-woo can hurt the killer and get rid of them.

In the capacity and status of Ju Yongwoo.


Not even punishing him.

Only by deducting some of the warfare successes can they be exempted from responsibility.

Eighteen engineers or three girls.

Obviously not a retarded fool.

What they think is that we’re better tied up with Ju Yongwoo, but we don’t want to be completely guilty of it.

Arrange three girls after.

Ju Yongwoo left the steel battleship and ran towards the devil island.

Zhu Yoo-woo chose the registration position, very remote.

This hidden dock, right in the northwest corner.

This is the most remote, deserted corner of the island.

The ports where Skyland Island trades with the Snakes are located in the southeast corner opposite the front.

If three girls don’t mean to visit.

As long as they stay in the vicinity Sea Territory.

There can be no breakthrough in trade with the Snakes.

The three girls left without a moment.

After three days and three nights of sailing.

Three people have collected a great deal of data.

These data may not be very useful for outsiders.

But for the ice craftsman, it’s the most valuable test material.

By collecting this information and data, they can calculate the shape of battleship and the structure and reasonableness of it.

Through these data, they can continuously change steel battleship, improve, even upgrade!

And don’t say how busy three girls are.

The other side…

It took more than half an hour between Ju Yongwoo’s journey to reach the village of the devil.

At the speed of Ju Yongwoo today, more than half an hour is enough to cross hundreds of kilometres away.

That’s true!

Three years later, the size of Tianjin Island, compared to three years ago, is no longer the same.

Three years later today, the size of the island has increased dramatically.

Three years ago, Sky Island was just a small island that crossed 100 kilometres.

But now, as Skyland Island continues to rise.

Sky Island occupies more than 300 kilometres!

Ju Yongwoo parked battleship in the northwest corner.

In order to arrive in the village of the devil, it will be necessary to tilt through most of the islands of the Skyland.

Straight line, close to 300 kilometers!

At last… when Ju Yongwoo arrived in the village of the devil.

Look at everything familiar with you, Jung-woo can’t wrinkle his eyebrows.

It looks like everything in Skyland Village, and almost three years ago, is nothing different.

The wall is still those walls.

Buildings are still those buildings.

Even the population in the village does not seem to have changed in number.

Do you think…

In the

past three years, there has been no progress in the construction of the island of the devil?

With a full stomach question, Jung-woo walked into Sky Village!

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