Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3757

into the village of the devil…

Look inside the Sky Village, everything you know.

Zhu Yongwondon wrinkled his eyebrows.

Compared to three years ago, there was really no change here.

Even, as compared to three years ago, there’s a step back!

What’s going on?

Did Zheng Xiaoyuang, Chu Xiaoyuan, Gao Yi, Jane River, and the old village chiefs have been mixed up for three years?

But even if it’s a bad day, it’s not like this.


devil village has not changed at all!

At the end of the village, Zhou Yongwoo was found.

Soon, a couple of familiar villagers came up with a fantastic welcome.

Wait for the villagers to talk, Jung-woo said coldy: “Where are they now?”

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s inquiries, the oldest of those villagers opened the mouth and said, “Old villagers, they are now in the holy Earth Palace.”

Heaven Earth Palace?

When you heard the old village chief, Zhou Yokowson wrinkled his eyebrows.

Not many of the villagers were cold, Zhou Yokoo turned around and moved towards Earth Palace’s entrance went past.

Although there are full doubts, Zhou Yongwoo knows that even if there are any more questions, he cannot ask a regular villager.

After all, they just saw the results.

The reasons and processes are unknown.

The Sky Earth Palace, after the ice crystal mineral excavation, forms underground space.

To avoid the scourge of the oceans.

And to avoid a leak of information on the island.

Immigrants from Tianjin Island live underneath the earth, inside the ice crystal mines.

The journey quickly arrived at the entrance of the devil Earth Palace, located in Tianjin Village.

God Earth Palace, there are eight entrances.

Northwest of Tianjin Island and south-east, north-east, south-west, north-west, north-west, eight places.

One of the eight places is the location of the village of the devil.

As a result, the centre of Tian ‘an village, above the Plaza de Avenue, has an entrance to Earth Palace.

All the way to Skywood Village Square, Jung-woo entered a building near the Square.

There was an empty building with only a giant Demon King statue, arrogantly standing ahead.

In front of Demon King’s statue, it’s an empty ground.

Before coming to Demon King’s statue, Zhou Yokoo will demonic energy and enter the Crystal Ball in Demon King’s hand.

Next moment, before that Demon King statue, that big beneath seat, slowly moving up to the side.

Show the huge passage covered by the bottom.

The corridor is located at the bottom of Demon King’s sculpture and is a three-metre radius that extends downwards.

Look, inside the corridor, shining blue rays of light.

Blue light goes down, a Dao Altar class, stretching down.

Look at that whole, splendorous and majestic passage, Juo Yokoo can’t wrinkle her head.

Is it true that their spirit has been used in the three years to refine it?

between brows tightly frowns, Zhu Yokoo took a step along the steps, headed towards the devil Earth Palace.

Along the spiral steps, all the way down…

Soon, Ju Yongwoo arrived in a hole in incomparable gigantic.

Three years ago…

Ju Yongwoo came here before he left Skywood Island to inspect.

Even then, many caves have been built here to accommodate those immigrants.

But honestly, Earth Palace was not too fit to live at that time.

But three years later, when Jung-woo arrives here again.

Everything is different!

Look, throughout the cave, blue rays of light, lighting the whole cave.

blue rays of light are scattered from ice crystals embedded in caves.

blue rays of light are screened in the cave as daylight.

blue rays of light on the cave, looking at it, a splendorous and majestic.

Even if compared to Imperial Capital, it won!

Look around…

Broadly available for eight carriage blocks across the street.

A tall building.

Each building is more than 30 metres tall.

Look at the past, on both sides of the street, it’s all the same. Ten floors of all forms!

On the street, a carriage came back to Mercedes.


both sides of the street, each and everyone the sheep’s people, just walking around and laughing.

If it wasn’t Chu Yoo-woo’s spirit, he’d even think he was dreaming!


arrival of Ju Yongwoo, not at all, has attracted attention.

After all, that many people on the street, Dojo Yongwoo, is not much.

No one will notice him.

Shortly on foot, Zhou Yokoo followed the street and watched it all the way.

Walk all the way to the streets, all the big buildings.

The most astonishing thing is, these buildings, each of them, are different.

He’s been gone for half a day, and he’s hard enough to see a decent building.

Gotta go for a minute, Jung-woo finally set it down.

These buildings, actually, come out of stone wall in Aquarium with tools.

Not with building materials, a bunch of pieces.

From some point of view, the rooms on these buildings are actually the caves pulled out of the rock wall.

Zhu Yongwoo knows that the buildings that were pulled out of these young stone wall are solid enough to reach exaggeration.

The name of the Aquarium is because it’s too hard.


means, harder than steel, azure rock!

Of course, it’s just an exaggeration.

Real compared to steel, it’s still slightly worse.

But even if there is a gap in intensity and intensity, the gap will never be large.

Therefore, these buildings around them are absolutely stubborn enough to describe.

Over the past trillion years, these glaciers have been standing here.

They will certainly stand here in the next trillion years.

There is no power to destroy it.

Amazing sideways to watch between.

Chu Yongwoo laughed at shook the head.

Obviously, old village chiefs, they might really use all their energy on the sculpture.

It must be said that their work is still very productive.

In more than three years, they opened up more than 10 metres of highway to more than 30 metres of height.


both sides of the street, there was no more rough, no less shallow rock hole.

It has also been transformed into a splendorous and majestic building.

At this point, those immigrants lived in luxury suites.

In each housing set, the standard third room is the first room.


‘s a hundred square metres.

between Zhou Yongwoo and Zhou…

A whole bunch of teams, along the street, came this way.

Look, that’s a team of dozens of people.

Every man in the team has 30 Devil Body.

The most astonishing thing about Ju Yongwoo is that these 10 men are all war veterans!

At the same time as the patrol was discovered in Ju Yongwoo, the patrol also found Ju Yongwoo.

I saw Ju Yongwoo show up, patrol Captain with strong eyes.

Lead the team and ran all the way to Ju Yongwoo.


With a bright slogan.

in an instant, ten men, to Zhu Yoo, to the highest rank!

See this scene, up the street, all the actors, and they stopped and looked this way.

in an instant, on both sides of the street, all the people, turn around, face Zhou Yongwoo, kneel down, kneel down, kneel on that week!

Ju Yongwoo stayed completely out.

What’s going on? Why are these people on their knees?

The most confusing thing about Ju Yongwoo is the flame that shines in the eyes of these people. What’s going on?

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