Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3758

Although there is no doubt in mind, Zhou Yokoo is, after all, a man who has experienced a great deal.

“Let’s all get out of here.”

In the face of Zhou Yongwoo’s orders, everyone stood up.

But there was no one who tried to turn around and leave.

Everyone’s quiet on both sides of the street, looking at Ju Yongwoo with the most fantastic eyes.

In the face of this scene, Jung-woo doesn’t know how to handle it.

frowned, Zhou Yongwoo is looking at the patrol team: “I want to see the old village chief, take me to him!”


Received instructions from Ju Yongwoo, the patrol little Captain responded immediately.

Subsequently, the team of the 10 patrols led the way.

all group moved towards the position of the old village chief.

One minute later…

Under the leadership of the patrol, Zhou Yokoo finally arrived in front of a building.

Look at the gold and jade in glorious splendour, splendorous and majestic buildings.

Ju Yongwoo can’t sigh.

That’s it!

Over the past three years, all the energy of the old village chief has been spent on infrastructure.

But think about it.

There seems to be nothing better to do than do this.

Entered that brilliant building, and Jung-woo finally saw the old village chief again.


excited to look at Ju Yongwoo, the old village mayor’s eyes are tearing.

Ju Yongwoo has been away for almost three years.

Over the past three years, old village chiefs have been brave.

Born afraid of what happened to Jung-woo.

Now we finally see the safe return of Ju Yongwoo, and the heart of the old village chief has finally settled.

Look at the excitement of the Old Village Mayor, Ju Yongwoo smiled and said hello.

Over the years, the work of the old village chief has been very good.

The whole day, Earth Palace, was beaten to make a holy place!

In the case of city profiles alone, as well as living conditions.

Even Imperial Capital, it’s far from here.

The whole city, the streets open, the streets clear on both sides of the street, all tall.

Each high floor is stamped with a lot of stripes.

Under blue rays of light, it’s called splendorous and majestic, nothing more beautiful can be imagined!

The most satisfying thing about Zhou Yoo-woo is…

The whole street is clean and clean.

There’s no stain on the ground where the Aquarium is torn, even though he can’t talk about the light.

If it’s just a good infrastructure.

Even more beautiful and beautiful cities will soon be made up by the inhabitants.

Only the quality of the inhabitants has increased.

This is the world scene!


the ensuing time, Jung-woo learned in detail.

According to the old village chief, Zhou Yokoo has learned about the changes that have taken place over the past three years in the Angel Earth Palace.

Ever since Ju Yongwoo left…

The Devil Sword Sect sent several disciple groups first to help Skyland Island fight the scourge of the oceans.

Jung-woo’s been gone for three years.

In three years, there have been three marine disasters.

In Ju Yongwoo’s current status and status, the sheep Sword Sect cannot ignore Satan Island.

Although the entire island of the devil is Fiefdom Ju Yongwoo, it is now absent, and the sheep Sword Sect is under an obligation to help Zhou Yongwoo guard his home.

If Zhou Yongwoo went to the endless rehearsal, the old man was attacked.

The sheep Sword Sect is responsible.

Thus, not only does Sword Sect send people to help the village of the devil resist the scourge of the oceans, but one party is hundreds of disciple.


this case, try to ask…

How does the old village chief build the city of the Shaitan on the ground, and the eight Days of Devil Village?

And Zheng Xiaoyuang, Ju Xiaoqiao, Gao Yi, Jane River, the old captain, and Ling and Satan, held high-level meetings.

After repeated discussions, a unanimous decision was taken.

That’s to stop the construction of the Sky Island, the terrestrial building.

Instead of pooling all human, material, financial resources, opening and building the Earth Palace of the devil!

Now, there is only one Sky Village above the island.


population of Tianjin Village remains at least 3,000.

From the surface, Sky Island and three years ago, there was no change.

Even the eight mines that were originally left were closed.

Only minerals in the village of the devil remain.

In order for the people of Devil Island to enter and leave Earth Palace!

… for the past three years.

Although the sheep Sword Sect, hundreds of disciple were sent first to help the village of the devil against the scourge of the sea.

But from start to finish, no one can see the presence of the devil Earth Palace.

And in fact, over the past three years, the changes in the island of the devil can be said to be upside down!

By now, the devil Earth Palace has over 3 million immigrants!

All the immigrants live in God Earth Palace.

The streets Ju Yongwoo saw were built hundreds of kilometres!

Every sheep’s people can be assigned to a three-room house.

It’s worth mentioning…

These houses, ownership is ju Yongwoo’s.

Those sheep people have only the right to use, not to trade or sell.

If they are married, the two families are together to use a set of properties.

As for the other set, it is returned for use by others.

Under the administration of the old village chief, the devil Earth Palace has achieved a house for everyone, a job for everyone and a meal for everyone.

As for those lazy men who eat lazy, there’s no room for survival here.

The devil Earth Palace, not working, is a crime!

That is the punishment for committing a crime.

The light is confined and heavy as a miner and goes deep down to Earth Palace to dig ice crystals.

By now, those who work fast can be comfortable and spontaneous.


‘s only three hours a day, so you can rest.

And those lazy guys, they’re completely different.

The greatest, hardest and most dangerous job in heaven Earth Palace.

It’s all by those lazy guys.

Old village chiefs are not good.

Maybe it’s not humane!

But this is the way the old village chief is going to remove all the lazy men in God Earth Palace.

It seems, for the time being, too cruel to do so.

But those heavy, hard, dangerous jobs always have to be done, right?

Relatively, of course it’s lazy people who do it better.

Through this means, the old village chief hopes that lazy genes can be removed completely from the sky Earth Palace.

Over the

past three years…


number of lazy men who died in the mines below is close to 100,000!

Immigrants who want to be lazy and live with the devil Earth Palace can’t survive.

Once discovered, the patrol took it away and sent it to the mine!


Although only three years have elapsed.

But throughout the day, the devil Earth Palace worked hard for everyone.

For the people of the devil Earth Palace.

Lazy, it’s a felony to set fire to murder.

All lazy men, together with the felons who killed people on fire, were distributed to the mine.

For old village elders, nothing at all contradicts.

After all, these immigrants, who were already poor, were insecure and could starve to death at any time.

Now, Skyland Island gave them a big house.

They are also provided with food free of charge and education free of charge.

And even, their children were trained for free!

Most importantly…


long as they’re at work, they pay for work.

The salary will be paid on a monthly basis.

Sky Island doesn’t all let them do white work.


long as it’s working, it’s paid.

Through the propaganda and education of the elders.

Everyone hates lazy, even over old village elders.

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