Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3759

Everyone enjoys the same benefits and treatment.

But those lazy guys don’t do anything. They’re doing lazy every day.

But they enjoy the same treatment as those who work fast.

Everyone lives in the same house and eats the same food.

Even with the same salary.


Especially at work.

Those fast-working people have been working hard.

And those lazy guys, they’re hiding together and sleeping.

Every day after work, everyone has the same pay.

So, do a lot less, do a good job and do a bad job.

Even, dry and dry, all the same.

If that’s the case, why does everyone have to work so hard?

As a result, migrants within the Angel Earth Palace are a series of initiatives for the elders.

From the beginning of the challenge, to the gradual acceptance, to the same enemy.

Throughout the process, three years have been completed.

Today, the devil Earth Palace is shameful of the lazy.

Once you find out those lazy people who like to steal, you mess with the public.

Everyone would be disgusted, even at first.

Once it’s authenticated, it’ll be recorded!

And once the number of lazy times is accumulated to 10, it will be distributed to the mine and will never come back.

Throughout the day, the devil Earth Palace, for more than six months, has not found a new lazy man.

By working hours, everyone is working very hard, even hard to describe.

The more you do, the more you earn.

With the money, they can go to the shops on the streets and buy it.

Whatever you like, you can buy anything.

For this life, everyone is happy.

It is also under the efforts of more than 3 million immigrants, day and night.

This day the devil Earth Palace will build so splendorous and majestic.

More than 3 million people, three years of hard work, in exchange for more than Imperial Capital’s prosperity and heavenly throne!

These immigrants are from more than 300 islands around them.

Although there is a wide range of knowledge, there is a certain market.

But everyone has to admit that this day the Devil Earth Palace is an invisible existence.

Before we get here…

They can’t even dream of a city like this.

Everyone has a luxury big house.

Everyone has a job to do, a salary to pay.

Everyone has free education, training, medical care, food, clothes…

As long as they don’t do lazy guys.


devil Earth Palace was raising them as parents.

In fact, the vast majority of people, their loved ones, are not as good as their parents.

After repeated discussions.

God Earth Palace, actually, doesn’t think they’re parents.

It’s like being one of your own children, the one of your own.

And that’s why all the people on the streets just came from inside, kneeling on Ju Yongwoo.

That’s why…

The reason is simple.

The whole island of God, it’s Fiefdom Ju Yongwoo.

The whole day, Earth Palace, belongs to Ju Yongwoo.

They live in the house, it’s Jung-woo’s.

The food, the clothes that you wear, is also distributed to them free of charge by Jung-woo.

Even free education, medical care, training, are provided free of charge to Zhou Yokoo.

My father and my mother, that’s all.

Everyone’s knees, therefore, come from inside.

If not Zhou Yongwoo, a large proportion of them would be starving and sick.

More than 3 million people, under more than three years of effort.

Construction of a Broadway Earth Palace street.

Its splendorous and majestic places are far better than any city on the surface of the world.


The city is still spreading around at an incredible rate.

According to the plan of the old village chief!

Sky Island, over 300 kilometers below the ground.

It will all be built into Earth Palace!

Once this goal has been achieved, the Island of Sky is more than 300 kilometres away from Underground World.

It will be built into an incredible superEarth Palace city!


And it’s just the First Layer of Earth Palace.

Listen to the old village chief excited about it.

Ju Yongwoo can’t get excited either.

In advance, he didn’t really think that Earth Palace could build so splendorous and majestic.

It’s not just Jung-woo, including the Old Village Chief, but no one ever thought about it, the day Earth Palace was so fit to live.

If expected, the old village chief was afraid thousands of years ago.

We’ve led the villagers and developed Earth Palace World.

But good, it’s not too late.

Even from now on, it is entirely timely to build and build.

Over the past three years, the old village chief has not only opened up the Earth Palace and built Earth Palace World.

Indeed, over the past three years, the old village chief has done a lot of work.

So far, Earth Palace’s immigrants have entered the bottleneck phase.

The sheep archipelago, the poor on three hundred sixty islands, has basically been migrated to Earth Palace, the devil.

On average, every island emigrates more than 10,000 poor people.

At present, in the case of the sheep islands alone, no one can move.

Moreover, according to the old village chief, there is no need to continue immigration.

With more than 3 million demons, the people of the sheep make the foundation.

This will lead to rapid population upgrading by strongly encouraging fertility.

With regard to the idea of the old village chief, Zhou Yoo-woo agreed.


quality of the population, which is always dependent on emigrants, is always mixed.

In the short term, although population numbers can be rapidly raised.

But in the long run, it’s not really very good for the development of the Earth Palace.

The most loyal and reliable is finally the native, the original inhabitants of the Earth Palace.

This is their home country.

They’re gonna love God Earth Palace like they love to protect their eyes.

The most important job today, Earth Palace, is education!

All age-appropriate sheep people have free education.

The sheep are different from other races.

The children of the sheep will walk in a moment.


few days later, you can run away.

In a few months, there’s basically enough wisdom.

With human Race as a reference…

Seven-month sheep children have the body and wisdom of human Race children, well above the age of seven.

A child of sheep who has reached the age of one year is already equivalent to a young man aged 14 and 15 years old in human Race.

The Old Village Mayor has set up the first Academy of Sky Earth Palace.

All children of the devil Earth Palace have free access to schools and to compulsory education.

To improve the overall quality of the inhabitants of the Earth Palace.

The Old Village Mayor himself has created a number of subjects.

All children who have reached the age of one year must enter Academy and receive compulsory education.

You can graduate from Academy until you reach your tenth birthday.

This education cannot be denied.

Access to Academy, education, not only rights but also obligations.

Neither parent nor parent can refuse.

Access to Courtyard

All the children of the devil Earth Palace can learn to write, calculate, print, repair…

Wait for a series of knowledge.

Most importantly, they will undergo innate talent tests to determine whether they are suitable for refining.

If there is a super refined innate talent, it will come out alone and join the elite class, which will be taught by the old village mayor himself.

Astronomical Earth Palace Academy, the most important education, is loyalty education!

It’s just…

The other island Academy, loyalty is for the family, is Demon Race!

And God Earth Palace’s Academy, that’s not true.

On the family and Demon Race, the Old Village Chief set up a top goal: Jung-woo!

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