Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3760

All the people of the devil Earth Palace are Jung-woo’s brother.

They must be unconditional and faithful to Ju Yongwoo.

Zhu Yongwoo’s identity and status, even over Demon Race! That’s why, in fact, it’s inexplicable.

After all, Jung-woo is now trading with the Snakes.

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Once cultivated very successfully.

Then the first student Academy has raised to oppose, or even kill, is Jung-woo! How could the old village chief tolerate something like that?

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The people of the devil Earth Palace are the people of Zhou Yoo-woo.

Chu Yongwoo is not stupid. How can he educate his own brother and be an enemy to himself?

So the first class in the morning and the last one in the evening.

All faithful education… for the children of the devil Earth Palace.

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Let’s take care of everyone, forget the little house.

When Demon Race’s interests are in conflict with Juo Yokoo’s interests.

And loyalty to Ju Yongwoo and abandon Demon Race! If there’s a day, Jung-woo will not fall.

Then all the people in Earth Palace will be displaced.

Lose a good life now.

Even though what they now possess will be plundered by others.

Only one night, they will return to nothing again.

This world, except Ju Yongwoo.

Anyone else, really take them seriously.

Who cares about them and nurtures them?

The passage of one second was enough to deliver more than three hours.

In the last three years, the Old Village Mayor will finally have all the changes that have taken place in the past three years, such as the truthful statement… The Old Village Mayor has captured the building of the Lord Earth Palace.

At the

same time, he also served as President of the Skyland Academy.

Zhu Xiaoqiao established the first hospital of the Devil Earth Palace.

And provide free medical care for the entire day, Earth Palace.

Zheng Xiayo is sitting on the sheep island.

On the one hand, and Su Family, on the other, the trade with the Snakes is manipulated remotely.

The old captain organized over 30 million war veterans.

Make it a military unit responsible for maintaining the security of the Earth Palace throughout the sky.

Hundreds of apprentices were selected from over 3 million immigrants, and magic Academy was established.

The devil Earth Palace, all the magic tattoos on the building, were connected to his apprentices and stabbed with their hands.

Takasu and the Jen River sit inside the town Academy.

Those who have some talent and innate talent will be trained by both.

The end of the day was Saturday.

Six-Jay, who organized immigrants, had a certain repair of innate talent and a certain strength of the people.


militia organization of the devil Earth Palace was formed.

These militia organizations, deep into each building, each community.

One day, once the devil Earth Palace was invaded.

So every building, every community, will be a fortress.

All the enemies will be subjected to indiscriminate attacks on all sides.

Meanwhile, through militia organizations of more than 600,000.

Saturday, the devil, also controls all intelligence work on Earth Palace throughout the day.

But if anyone tries to slap the mess, Saturday will be told the first time.

And put everything in the shadows.

For the old village chief, Chu Yongwoo is admirable, admirable.

No wonder the Old Village Chief has been guarding the village of the devil and is not going anywhere.

This is not just because the old village chief is of high moral character and protects the villagers.

In fact, the old village chief stayed here for so many years.

The most important reason is that he’s good at this job and he likes it.

Although, the elder village chief refined innate talent very high.

If it is focused on refining, the achievements of the old village chief are definitely not just as they are now.

However, as far as the old village chief himself is concerned.

He doesn’t want to be a Wolf.

If he can choose, he’d rather be a village chief! Thus, over the years, the old village chief has had a lot of choices, but he hasn’t gone anywhere.

Stay in the village of the devil and be his mayor.

For the old village chief, this is definitely the happiest, happy job he can do.

For the old village chief, that’s what his life means! Unfortunately, it is too shallow that the village of Tianjin, the original village of peace.

There is no sufficient resources to make the old village grow up with the macro.

Now, once there’s a lot of money, countless resources.


ability of the old village elder is shown in a moment.

After thousands of years of practice.

Thousands of years of governance experience have been accumulated.

Old Village Mayor finally came to Peak.


just three years, the old village chief built a city that only existed in his ideal city.

Got the baby! Undoubtedly, the old village chief is definitely the biggest treasure that Zhou Yokoo has ever picked up in the past few years.

Only the breasts of the universe can swallow the universe.

Even with more money and more resources, the Earth Palace World cannot be built so ambitiously.

The Old Village Mayor’s refinement of innate talent is also very high.

But his achievements would not be too high if they were refined.

But if a city, even an island, is handed over to him.

Take all the potential of the old village chief, all the talent, all the time.

He’ll give you a great miracle! For the general, the old village chief is just a general leader.


the way, the old village chief is called Heavens Chosen, the world has no choice! This is not a bragging… It has proved that the old village chief has built an unprecedented city of beauty.

Under the old village chief.

The devil Earth Palace is happy to be proud, and the road is not ruined.

The people live in the happy business, with the arrogance of loyalty.

There’s an old village chief, Jung-woo, who doesn’t have to worry about the big rear.

On the contrary, if Jung-woo needs it, the old village chief will do his best to help him! The biggest dream of the old village chief is to build the village of the devil into a huge city.

And the old village chief’s dream is the chief executive of this city! Clearly, for the time being alone, no one can compete with him.

Moreover, Zhou Yongwoo trusted him and was willing to put the city under his control.

With the old village chief, the development and construction of the island of the devil, Zhou Yongwoo can totally let go.

In fact, even if he doesn’t want to let go, I’m afraid there’s no way to compare it with the old village chief.

After all, the city of heaven is now the old village leader in a dream, portraying thousands of cities.

And similar dreams, Jung-woo never did.

Ju Yongwoo would dream, but he had a dream, but he was fighting.

There’s a fight alone.

They’re all handsome, and they’re killing the enemy on the battlefield! This time, the most important task for Zhou Yokoo is to form his own army.


accordance with the rules of the Ministry of Military Affairs, hundreds will have to form a battalion of hundreds.

Once hundreds of fighters have been formed, the army can be formally formed through the Department’s examination.

When a formal army is formed, it will be possible to join the army in a series of tasks assigned to it by the Ministry.

If it’s just alone, it’s impossible to form a battalion.

Alternatively, a battalion was formed, but it was not possible to pass a series of tests by the Ministry of Military Affairs.

They can’t be recognized by the army, the army!

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