Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3761

Those who are unable to form a formal army can only join the ranks of other generals and serve as ordinary military officers.

If Zhou Yongwoo is unable to form a battalion or a battalion formed, it cannot pass the military exams.

Then Zhou Yongwoo lost his qualifications to become a soldier alone.

In so doing, he must join other armies.

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Obviously, Zhou Yongwoo never wanted to be a subordinate to anyone.

If he is to be a soldier, then he must establish and control a Legion that belongs to himself.

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Except for the unconditional acceptance of the operational tasks given by the Ministry of Military Affairs.

This Legion is entirely personal.

And that’s why it starts with the ocean disaster.

Ju Yongwoo went crazy and searched the 36 islands around, all the soldiers of the war.

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After countless years, tempering out 30 million war veterans is the treasure of the real company.

So far, Jung-woo doesn’t have to worry about the source.

The war veterans are more than 3,000.

And now Ju Yongwoo needs only a million war veterans.

Therefore, Zhou Yongwoo can be luxurious, and from among the 30 million war veterans, he has a good choice.

The old captain is very clear about Zhu Yongwoo’s plans and plans.

Therefore, over the past three years.

Although Zhu Yongwoo is not here, the old captain is not at all leisure.

Not only did he help Zhou Yongwoo, he chose a million war sharp.

Most importantly, the old captain took even three years to sharpen this millions of war and to train them thoroughly into the army.

But, for the time being, Jung-woo hasn’t been to see the old captain.

I don’t know what that 1 million war is right now.


you can, Jung-woo would love to meet the old captain for the first time.

Unfortunately, the old captain is not on the island of the devil.

Instead, they were handsome to the 100 sharp warriors, running the Ban battleship, running across the sea.

To train the 100 elite soldiers through the war! In accordance with past rules, at least one more week.

The old captain will be the handsome army and will return to Tianjin Island for supplies.

So, in a short period of time, Jung-woo can’t see the old captain.

I can’t see that a hundred trained more than three years of war.

But well, it’s been three years.

Ju Yongwoo has too many things to examine and understand.

As a result, the old captain and the millionaire veterans are perfectly able to put them back.


next few days, without mentioning Ju Yongwoo and Ju’s little sister, Takasu, how excited it was to meet Jane River… It is worth mentioning that Zhou Yongwoo, accompanied by the old captain, inspected the entire day Earth Palace.

Under the authority of the Old Village Mayor… everything the devil Earth Palace has developed in a well.

The devil Earth Palace, every day, takes six hours to work.

No exception can be made to children under the age of one year, to the age of one thousand.

Children also formed child patrols to patrol the streets on a regular basis.

Once they find out, people don’t talk about hygiene, spit around, or dump garbage.

Immediately, they will be stopped and the names of each other will be recorded and criticized.

This is absolutely embarrassing for the sheep people to go to Grandma’s house.

Even kids know about hygiene. How can an adult be so mean?

Once, ten consecutive arrests.

So, as a saboteur of urban hygiene, it will be distributed to the mine, working for 10 months to punish.

So now, urban hygiene is pure to the extent that others sigh.

Even if you fall asleep on the floor for a while, you don’t get dirty clothes.

It’s just that the ground is so clean.

Not only is there garbage, because of underground relationships, but there’s almost no dust.

As for the elderly, who are too old to move.

Each has its own work.

They’re old, though old.

However, there is an infinite life experience and common sense.

The work of these older persons is, in fact, simple.

Every week, a survey report is submitted.

Urban development and construction.

A number of observations and suggestions were made with regard to the precision of divine symbols for the citizens, as well as material civilization.

To be honest, they’re actually helping the old village chiefs to identify gaps, find problems in a timely manner and solve problems.

As a result of immigration, all of them are homeless poor people.

Thus, the elderly among them are very few.

The majority of older persons, once they are caught in extreme poverty, cannot live long.

These older persons are therefore the most valuable asset for the city of the Shaitan.

Living so long, they saw a wide range of people, and they saw the shadows.

Under the mandate of the old village chief, each building has a building chief.

Each street has a street chief, as well as several deputies.

Each district has a district governor and several deputy governors.

These architects, street chiefs and district chiefs have the right to regulate the behaviour of citizens.

The right to organize buildings, streets, municipalities in the districts, to meet and inform the public in a timely manner.

At the same time, a series of decrees issued by the elder village governors were sent to the streets and then to the heads of the buildings.

Decentralization, until every citizen, has a clear understanding of the intent of each decree, as well as of the objectives to be achieved.

Through this system… the downward distribution of the upper level continues to be distributed to every citizen.

The downward level is uploaded and concentrated in the hands of the old village chief.

It is through this system of administration that the Lord Earth Palace administration is so perfect and without blemish.

Even older people and children have jobs to do.

Not to mention the young, and the wealthy middle cultivator.

They are the masters of the sheep.


construction and development of the sheep people depend primarily on them.

A company inspected for over a week.

Until the old captain managed to run the Banglay battleship back to Skyland Island.

Ju Yongwoo was so satisfied that this time was stopped.

As a result of this visit, Zhou Yokoo sighs to the elder village chief that there can be no repetition.

Now, Ju Yongwoo’s been to the city, really.

Don’t say goat outskirts, and Imperial Capital.

In the event of the ocean disaster alone, Zhou Yokoo went to the periphery of the thirty-six islands.

What do you mean, you know a lot? But Chu Yoo-woo went to all the cities.

Including Imperial Capital! There is no administration in any city that can be with the devil Earth Palace mention on equal terms.

Not even close.

Zhou Yongwoo knew that there was an old village chief, the development and construction of the devil Earth Palace, and he really didn’t have to worry about it.

If you’re messing with me, it’s not just nothing.

Ju Yongwoo’s messy interference would instead undermine old village development plans.

And most importantly, all the old village chiefs have done is indeed a loop, and there is no room for selectivity.

Don’t look at the devil Earth Palace so well developed.

But the old village chief has not been at all greedy, nor has he been proud of himself.

In the area of advocacy and education, the elder village chief has also placed Ju Yokoo at the forefront.

Everything was wrong, the old village chief resisted himself.

All the credit is Zhou Yongwoo’s vision.

In particular, loyalty education within Academy, which is the sole goal of supra – is – tence.

And the old village chief himself hides behind the curtain, bows down and silently works.

Such an old village chief, Jung-woo, is not satisfied, and there is no reason.

More than a week after the visit, though not at all, the whole sky Earth Palace was inspected.

But, in general, Juo Yokoo has a clear understanding of the construction and development of the Earth Palace of the devil.

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