Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3762

Ju Yongwoo also wanted to continue to inspect.

However, with the return of the old captain, Zhou Yokoo had to suspend inspections for a while.

After learning of the return of the old captain, Zhou Yokoo left the devil Earth Palace for the first time and drove to Skyland Village.

In the Divine Village’s liquor house, Zhu Yoo saw the old captain, and that hundred well-chosen war sharp! When Zhu Yongwoo appeared, the old captain poured out the wine in the glass and laughed heartily ran over.

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The next moment, millions of war were sharp, eyes looked at Ju Yongwoo, and a standard to the extreme! Look around for a week and watch that full of energy’s all-war elite, Ju Yongwoo is not company nodded.

Militia soldiers, with a unique temperature and atmosphere.

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However, even as an elite of war, there is a strong weakness.

Obviously, the millions of war elites in front of Ju Yongwoo must never wait for their lives.

Even among the elites of the war, they are absolutely outstanding.

The old captain’s eyes don’t need to be questioned.

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Looking at Chu Yongwoo’s excited eyes, old captain laughed heartily introduced it.

This is a hundred sharp, but from the 30 million war veterans, it was carefully selected.


here is over 30,000 years old.

Although, for the time being, everyone’s Devil Body is still stuck in paragraph 30.


Everyone is known as an invincible presence of the same class.

Look at Ju Yongwoo’s happy face, old captain chuckled, face to face.

Old captain, he doesn’t even remember himself.

As a superpirate, the old captain crosses the sea, and that’s called an old hot one.

The millionaire he chose was sharp and absolutely powerful.

Similar existence, even among fierce people, is very rare.

After training over the past three years.

These were already experienced war veterans.

After hundreds of intense fighting, shedding body, exchanging bones have officially become an army.

I’m sorry to see the old captain, Jung-woo sorry, saying, “Next, I’m gonna take this 100 sharp men away, and thank you very much.”

Old Captain’s eyebrows laughed, and one pair of eyes was hard to laugh into two cracks.

between laughed, the old captain set his course: “There’s nothing to be thankful, and now that you’re on your boat, it’s natural to work for you.”

“But I took them. What are you gonna do?”

Lately looking at the old captain, Juo Yokota.

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s question, old captain laughed: “There are more than 3,000 bastard in Earth Palace, and I’ll pick a few, and I’ll be able to form another army!”

Look deep at the old captain, Ju Yokota: “No, that’s not enough!”

Not enough?

When you hear Ju Yongwoo, the old captain’s face is confused.

Look at the old captain, Jung-woo smiled and explained it.

Although, for the time being, Ju Yongwoo is just a hundredman.

You can only be handsome for a hundred soldiers.

But Chu Yongwoo can’t always be just a hundredman.

With the passage of time, with the accumulation of war.


or later, Zhou Yongwoo will be the sheriff, Mr. Wang, and even the handsome magician of the 100,000 troops! As a result, his men will need more and more troops.

Let’s not say the 30 million war veterans in Earth Palace are qualitatively worse than this 100.

Even if it is not bad, only 3,000 soldiers will not be able to meet the needs of Zhou Yokoo.

When you heard Jung-woo, the old captain wrinkled his eyebrows.

For a while, the old captain was so conscious that he was whispering.

As Earth Palace evolves, the elder village chief has begun to strongly encourage childbearing.

As long as the Earth Palace’s newborns are growing, the problem of Ju Yokoo’s military sources will soon be resolved.

But the problem now is, Jung-woo doesn’t have that many times, waiting for those 3 million immigrants to have children.

Even if the child was born, it would take time to grow up, train and boost power.

So it’s really a long way to save the fire. With Ju Yongwoo’s family today, strength, and strength.


won’t take too long to raise to Chiefs, and Mr. Wang.

In less than three years, and in more than ten years, Ju Yokoo will be a long time.

Better luck, even if it’s possible to be Dr. Van! And in less than a decade, the children of the devil Earth Palace have never grown up.

Moreover, both Zhou Yongwoo and the old captain are actually very strong compulsion.


Then they will no longer be able to accept the ordinary gravity of the war.

How can we all be handsome with some ordinary war veterans?

Thus, it is still far from enough that this 100 super sharp people are present.

Between the mumbling rhetoric, the old captain took a slight turn in his mind and looked at the past in Zhou Yongwoo.

Look at Zhou Yongwoo, the old captain’s way; “If… you could give me a lot of silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, I might try!”

silver light Barrier Breaking Pill?

Try it?

Listen to the captain, Jung-woo can’t be confused.

Look at Ju Yongwoo’s confusion.

Old captain chuckled, patiently explained.

Between the 3,000 islands of the sheep archipelago, a large number of pirates live.

Some of these pirates are war veterans.

There is also a lot of such a presence as this 100 super elite in front of it.

But the reason why you’re a pirate is because you can’t live.

If you can live well, who wants to be a pirate?

Speaking of which, these pirates are poor brothers who can’t survive.

Even if they had innate talent, they had great potential and had no access to the resources they deserved.

The pirates, actually fierce man, are countless.

However, pirates can steal a lot of goods and babies.

But those top resources are still scarce.

For example, silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, the pirates, in any case, can’t get it.

Basically, silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, is in the hands of the major sections, the forces, the Great Clan.

In any case, there can be no outflow.

If Chu Yongwoo can get a lot of silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, provide money at sea.

The old captain doesn’t mind going to the pirate’s nest.

Using silver light Barrier Breaking Pill as bait, with huge funds, excavating the super sophistication of the major pirates in the corner.

It is worth mentioning that, as pirates, they are never paid.

You promised a higher salary, and you couldn’t hit a pirate.

For pirates, there are today, no tomorrow.

No one knows if you can come back alive this time.

So what you care most about is not salary.

The only thing the pirates care about is real gold and silver! If you pay enough money on a one-time basis, you can buy them and work for you! And if you can’t pay enough money.

A higher salary commitment, a better blueprint, and a sweet, sweet tongue will not be able to touch them.

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