Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3763

Chu Yongwoo didn’t realize there was such a channel to recruit super sharp! Money, Jung-woo is absolutely no problem.

Over the past week, Zhou Yongwoo inspected 10 giant warehouses.

It looks like the 10 giant warehouses are full of each and everyone big wooden boxes.

These wooden boxes contain precious material of all kinds, as well as magical stones of the sea.

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Not old village mayors lazy… It is true that there are too many supplies from seabed every day.

It’s not just a superior.

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In this way, there is no statistics at all on the specific number of them.

New shipments of goods every day cannot be cleared.

As for the accumulation of materials and magical stones for two or three years, it would be even more difficult to count.

So for Jung-woo.

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Those are super sharp, but 30 Devil Body.

Even if they’re greedy, how much can they cost?

Or how much do they want


What do you mean, a penny and a penny?

Even if you were so sharp, Devil Body had only 30 paragraphs, and the value was finally limited.

As for silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, this… the late looking at the old captain, Juo Yokoo, careful ways: “What kind of silver light Barrier Breaking Pill do they want?”

How many?

The scepticism looked at Zhou Yoo-woo, and the captain wondered: “How many things do you want?

Can you still insist on it? ”

frowned, Ju Yokota: “No, silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, not the higher the grade, the better the effect?”

Look at Chu Yongwoo, the old captain doesn’t know what to say.

For those super sophisticated pirates leagues.

silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, a hopeless, infinite Supreme Treasure! If it has to be described, the super elites are like the poor who are dying of hunger.

What do you care if you give a chicken or just a white noodle?


long as they don’t starve to death, they’re thankful.

How could you pick a skinny one?

For those super sharp, only one silver light Barrier Breaking Pill would be satisfied.

As for the silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, it was First Grade or Ninth Grade.

They’re really afraid to insist! I never thought it would be strong! Just give them a Barrier Breaking Pill, and let them break through the thirtieth paragraph of Devil Body’s jaw.

Give them a huge sum of money to help them resettle their families.

They’re willing to follow you and work for you.

“Are you sure that First Grade silver light Barrier Breaking Pill?”

In the face of Ju Yongwoo’s query, the old captain laughed at his head.

Meaning your own eyes.

Meaning your own broken arms and legs.

The old captain said, “I was blind for a First Grade silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, and lost an arm and a little leg!”

“Although I seem to be miserable, in fact, I have not regretted the original decision until today!”

“Without that silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, I would never have had the strength today.”

“If the power doesn’t rise to this realm, I’m afraid a few thousand years ago, I’ve been killed.”

Even in the current capacity and status of the old captain.

Even with the strength and authority of the old captain today.

And he still doesn’t regret it! Without silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, it will not be possible to breakthrough 30 Devil Body.

And once breakthrough 30 Devil Body, then, 60 years ago, everything could be slowly achieved through hard repairs, slow breakthrough.

silver light Barrier Breaking Pill’s grade, which is Great Clan, a big brother of power, is only possible.

For ordinary cultivator, Barrier Breaking Pill, it’s all they can do, but it’s impossible.

If they want, it must be Ninth Grade silver light Barrier Breaking Pill.

So even Zhu Yongwoo, it’s hard to get that many silver light Barrier Breaking Pill.

But if they want, it’s just First Grade silver light Barrier Breaking Pill.

It’s all right to say it through Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace and Nine Nether Lands.

Ju Yongwoo can divide a lot of First Grade silver light Barrier Breaking Pill.

In this way, Ju Yongwoo needs just over 100 silver light crystal crystals, so we can split thousands of medicine pills! With thousands of medicine pill, Juo Yokoo can pass through the old captain.

Go to the Stolen League, dig up thousands of super sharp! In this way, even Zhu Yongwoo can quickly supplement thousands of super sharp men.

These super elites, they have to.

They were all in a mixture of thieves’ alliances for years, and they were involved in numerous battles of super sophistication.

As mercenaries, they followed numerous pirates, transcending the oceans.

There’s a lot of experience in combat. It’s exaggerating! There is no need for training to come here to form the army.

Once a military force is in place, the strength that it deserves can be activated immediately.

And this 100 super sharpness before Ju Yokoo is different.

They are basically villagers of the 36 islands surrounding them.

Although they also participated in tens of thousands of battles, they were hostile to them, but only to the snakes of the sea, as well as to those shrimp soldiers and crab generals.

In qualities alone, it’s far less than the super mercenaries of the Sea Island Union! Between thinking, Zhu Yongwoo took a decision.

Look deeply at the old captain, Yokota: “No problem, I’ll get you a thousand First Grade silver light Barrier Breaking Pill as soon as possible.”

“As for money, you can take it from the old village chief, no matter how much, to you!”

What, when you hear Ju Yongwoo, the old captain stares in his eyes.

A thousand silver light Barrier Breaking Pill! Silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, when did it get so cheap?

Look at the surprising old village chief, Jung-woo not at all to explain more.


there is no Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, there is no place for Zhou Yokoo to fuck so many silver light Barrier Breaking Pill.

And with Nine Nether Lands Divine Fire Furnace, everything is completely different.


long as 100 crystal nucles are concerned, Juo Yokoo can pass the Didane method by dividing thousands of silver light Barrier Breaking Pill.

And over a hundred crystal nucles, Zhou Yokoo’s confident is still going to get it.

But it’s not enough to dig the horns, if they’re super sharp.

It seems to Zhou Yongwoo that it is difficult to keep loyalty if it is purchased on treasure and money alone.

Better, even their families, dig it up.

Put their families in the sky Earth Palace.

Only then can those super sharp and truly put them back to their hearts.

For the idea of Ju Yongwoo, the old captain thinks so.

Others, it might be hard to get those super sharp trust.

But Chu Yongwoo is different. He’s a general of the army! In any event, he must guarantee his credibility.

Unlike the pirates, it’s possible to sell everyone anytime.

Even their families are being held hostage and forced to work for them.

It is

, of course, difficult to gain immediate confidence, even if Zhu Yongwoo is the general of the Ministry of General.

After all, the General of the Department of Military Affairs is not too many of those losers.

This world, nothing is absolute.

There are also horses in the army, and there are those who do not speak of credibility.

There is also such a reputation in the Sea Island Union as the old captain, morality reach up to the clouds.

However, Zhu Yoo-woo is not worried about that.

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