Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3764

If the credibility of Zhou Yongwoo is not enough, add the credibility of the old captain.

If the credibility of both people is not enough to convince each other.

Then let those super sharp people live in Earth Palace.

Let them feel for themselves, let them judge for themselves.

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By that time, there was no need for Jung-woo to ask themselves to move their families here.


will be no safer, more comfortable and better place in this world than the Devil Earth Palace.

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It’s going to be something they want.

As a result, Zhou Yongwoo weighed repeatedly and eventually abandoned the direct invitation.

For the time being, only silver light Barrier Breaking Pill, as well as the amount of money from the sea, would hire those super sharp.

As for their families, do not take the initiative to move.

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And that’s the only way to truly, completely, completely take these super sharp uniforms! After the negotiations were concluded, Zhou Yokoo left the liquor with the entire 100 super sharp ones.

As for the old captain, he continued to eat shouted in the liquor.

With hundreds of super sophisticated people, Zhou Yokoo left the village of the devil and drove over in the direction of Bucking battleship.

It is worth mentioning that in the course of the inspection, Zhou Yokoo unloaded all kinds of material within the Ice Crown’s bracelet into the warehouse.

At the same time, Zhou Yokou loaded marine material in the warehouse, as well as magic stones, into the Ice King’s bracelet, within the space of those eighty-one diameters.

All the way to Bucking battleship.

Look at the ocean, within sight, nothing.

Did the three girls leave on battleship?

Of course not.

In fact, those three girls are absolutely afraid to disobey any order of Zhou Yokoo.

Since Zhou Yongwoo keeps them here, they won’t leave at all.

Jill, Jean, and Cole both know.

Their presence is to strengthen the emotions between Zhou Yokoo and to strengthen cooperation with each other.

Instead of destroying everything.

Once it really touches Ju Yongwoo, they will die.

Even their families are implicated.

One, but accidentally, undermined the cooperation between Zhou Yongwoo and the ice craftsman.

They’re more likely to be demon Race’s sinners! So, when it comes to Jung-woo.

Three girls have always been wary and cautious.

Zhu Yongwoo, if he changes in one eye, will give them the nerve and the nerve to shake! With Ju Yongwoo on the beach.

The next moment, the water in front of the sea, it fluctuates dramatically.

Look at that fierce wave of sea water, hundreds of elites behind Juo Yokoo, and they’re vigilant.

I see everyone pulling out their weapons, and Zhou Yongwoo can’t laugh.

Let’s get rid of it and show everyone to relax, Ju Yokoo turned around and looked at the sea.

In the eyes of Ju Yongwoo… between the drastic rolling of sea water, a silver white battleship floats from beneath the sea.

Soon, a long, silver starboard ladder stretched out of the white battleship.

Zhu Yongwoo led hundreds of sharp men on the platinum battleship! Usually, before leaving, Jung-woo would like to see seamounts, water, and cherry.

Unfortunately, these three guys have gone to the dragon pool deep in the North Sea to wash Battle Physique.

For the time being, no one knows when they’ll be back.

The trade of the Snakes is also handled by the three individuals.

So before the sea mountains, the water, the cherry returns.

Jung-woo can’t see them.

After having boarded the White Kim battleship, Zhou Yokoo ordered that Bucking battleship fast as lightning be driven to the sheep island.

In the cabin, Juo Yokoo convened hundreds of super sharp and held its first meeting.

At the speed of the white gold battleship, it takes only two minutes to reach the sheep island.

However, with these two moments, it is enough.

It’s a conference, actually, what Jung-woo’s gonna do, it’s just that he’s going to inherit the magic ball and distribute it to these super sharp.

A million war sharp, Chu Yongwoo sent a hundred sets of legacy balls.

Every set of magic balls contains magic, magic eyes, magic snipers, these three tricks! At the order of Ju Yongwoo, everyone must be on the outskirts before they arrive.

refining these three masterpieces of magic.

Successful mastery of these three legendary tricks! Look at the three masterpieces of magic in hand, and everyone’s excited to shine their eyes.

The three main inheritance techniques are primary, intermediate and advanced inheritance techniques.

And most importantly, the three medals of magic are called complementarities.

Together, the three powers of inheritance can form a complete system of combat.

Although in a single-team battle, the formidable power that inherits magic may be just general.

But once the army is formed, it’s completely different.

Hundreds of demons can snip under fire, even Jung-woo, I’m afraid they can’t resist! The devil can walk, and the sight of the devil is better.

One is to increase the pace of walking.

One is to increase the visibility distance.

It’s just ancillary inheritance magic, and there’s no increase in destructive power.

The most terrifying thing is that the devil can snip! The reason why the devil can snip, not the devil can snip! Because the devil can snip, he can ignore all defenses and cause constant harm to the target.

Once a demon can snip, at least 1 per cent of life force will be damaged.

Once life force is less than 10 percent, it’s more like sniping! Under a sniper, life force is less than 10 percent of the target, and it’ll all be killed instantly! Of course, this devil can snip, not just with fixed injury, to kill the target.

In fact, magic can snip itself formidable power, too.

Under the same class, no one can resist the shots that the devil can snip.

Even if one or two demons can snip, they can’t resist four or five.

The fixed harm that the devil can snip is directed at super expert.

With the strength of Devil Body today in Zhu Yongwoo, almost 30 Devil Body injuries can be immune.

But there is still no way to be spared if there is a way to snip.

Every remembrance can snip, at least it can cause constant harm to Zhou Yongwoo.

And this fixed injury is 1% of Zhou Yongwoo’s life force! Once ordered in a row, a hundred of the devils can snip.

Even if Zhu Yongwoo had 60 Devil Body, it would have been killed in seconds.

Of course, the fact is that Zhou Yongwoo will not be killed in seconds.

There’s a turtle shield in there, Juo Yokoo can react to all long-range attacks.

However, this shield of shields, searching for the entire battlefield of destruction, is also on this side.

Although there will certainly be similar treasures and Magic Item in there, there will be no way too much.

Otherwise, there’s no distances in the battlefield.

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