Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3765

Hundreds of super sophisticated people are rapidly refining the three masterpieces of magic.

Most of them have no magic.


them, just learn directly.

And a few of them have learned to inherit magic.

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And magic is not a system.

Thus, under the order of Ju Yongwoo, even if there were original magic inheritors.

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All soldiers must learn and master new magic uniformly.

It is only through integration that it is a complete whole.

Only if we are united can we count as a qualified army.

Two minutes later, the white gold battleship arrived around the sheep island.

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In the face of this scene, Jung-woo is not at all anxious.

Command them to continue to pass the magic ball on battleship refining.

Ju Yongwoo himself left Bucking battleship and stepped on the sheep island.

And the white gold battleship stayed on the docks.

Ju Yongwoo is not worried about the Bucking battleship and the battleship people.

You know, Zhu Yongwoo’s flag is stuck on Bucking battleship.

Attacks with a flag battleship are tantamount to an attack on the devil.

Attacks on the devil would be tantamount to attacks on the military.

Attacks on the Ministry of Military Affairs are tantamount to attacks on Demon Race.

As a result, the white gold battleship is absolutely safe only if it is inserted in Ju Yongwoo’s flag.

The 100 super elites, they can rest in peace with refining to inherit the magic ball.

And without saying, how the hundred elites are refining the magic ball.

On the other hand, Ju Yokou stepped on the dock and then drove over the road towards the market.


are three things to deal with this trip back to Lamb Island.


first thing is to get back to the sheep Sword Sect and deal with the sheep Sword Sect.

The second thing is to go back and see Judas Chang, and Ishih, and get a look at what’s going on between them.


third thing is to go see Zheng Xiaoqiao and see how her struggle with Su Family is going.

Of the three things, the third thing is that Zhou Yoo-woo’s attention is most important.

So as soon as we got to shore, Jung-woo drove all the way to the market.

Within the same time… the sheep city is crowded with crowds.

Look, everyone in the market is angry.

The front of the crowd is three bodies, old man, who needs to be white.

The three old men around, an invisible threat, ravaged the vacuum around them.

There’s no one in ten meters around three old men! To be exact, you don’t dare come near! Otherwise, the rampant pressure will soon overwhelm them.

Three old men are cold, looking at a white building in front of them.

Look carefully, on this white building, it says three big words — Yokohama Chamber of Commerce! Pride in standing in front of Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, the faces of three old men, are immense.

This Yokoo Chamber of Commerce is a Chamber of Commerce that has risen three years ago.

The Chamber of Commerce now covers three hundred sixty islands outside the sheep island.

Each of the large and medium-sized islands has the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce brand.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce sells a lot of rare medicine ingredients outside.

At the same time, for the entire sheep island, large quantities of cheap, common goods and medicine ingredients were purchased.

Nobody knows where this Yokohama Chamber of Commerce goods are purchased.

No one knows where Yokoo Chamber of Commerce purchased the goods and medicine ingredients.

In short, in just three years, Yokohama Chamber of Commerce has developed.

If it’s just a business you do good, it’s nothing.

After all, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce sales are a scarce resource for other businesses.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce purchased cheap goods and medicine ingredients that were totally ignored by other businesses.

Thus, there is almost zero conflict between Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and other chambers of commerce.

But… never, never.

This Yokoo Chamber of Commerce is not supposed to work with Su Family.

Over the past three years, Yokohama Chamber of Commerce has been lending large sums of money to Su Family on several occasions.

In order to develop and build the islands at large, Su Family branches have borrowed large sums of money from Yokohama Chamber of Commerce on several occasions.

At first, Su Family not at all notice.

After all, the average number of funds borrowed by each branch is not too exaggerating.

But in these days.

Su Family, according to the regulations, begins a major inventory of every once every three years.

Found something horrible about Su Family! Over the past three years, Su Family branches have borrowed large sums of money from Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, respectively.

Over the past three years, Su Family has made every effort to develop and build the island.

Eighty per cent of the family’s funds were spent on the island.

In this way, the rest of Su Family’s industry has a tremendous strain on money.

And at this point, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce extended its help to Su Family.

There is no doubt that, in the view of Su Family branches, Yokohama Chamber of Commerce is friendly.

They provided loans to Su Family branches in a timely manner.

The monthly loan is only 2 per cent! If you lend a hundred magic stones, a month’s interest in two magic rocks will be fine.

This interest, in the opinion of Su Family, is insignificant and completely ignored! Moreover, the loan was repaid for a very long period of time.


long as, within the next 100 years, interest will continue to be returned.

If interest cannot be paid in a timely manner, then the principal and interest for the first month is added as principal for the second month.

The second month of interest plus the principal for the third month.

This algorithm, it’s called profit! The funds of Su Family branches were completely cut off.

All funds have been diverted to build a relationship on the island.


financial chain of Su Family branches appears to be particularly tense.

Su Family branches, which have always been used to their hands, are not exposed to the tensions of today.

They’re going to eat well, drink well, dress well, live well, play well, play well… these are all gonna take money and need a lot of money.

Su Family, however, cut 80 per cent of their funds, which makes them tough.

And at this point, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce showed up.

In the face of friendly Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, Su Family branches are not at all too much caution.

After all, they just go to the loan as individuals, or as branches.

Everyone, and each branch, is not too high for loans.

For the past Su Family, that’s just one hair from nine oxen.

Previously, Su Family’s branch brother consumed tens of thousands of magic stones every month.

I don’t think that’s a problem.

Previously, every branch of Su Family consumed millions of magic stones per month.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars now, I don’t think it’s a big event.

Indeed, if borrowed only once, that was not a problem.

But the problem now is, it’s been three years, more than 30 months.

Within more than 30 months, Su Family members are based on individuals and branches, respectively.

Every month, a large amount of money is borrowed from Yokohama Chamber of Commerce.

Previously, the Su Family family was large and accumulated funds in the sea.

Thus, even if they lend, they can be repaid in a timely manner.

But in fact, now Su Family, it’s not as old as ever.

The building of the free island is a bottomless pit! It was never there to build a new city.

Everything there is to be bought, paid to hire, paid to build.

And once the money is spent, it’s completely gone.

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