Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3766

Money becomes real estate, and I can’t get it back.

Su Family has made every effort to develop and build the island.

Not only has the accumulated funds been invested in the past.

Even the profits earned over the past three years have been invested together.

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Although it appears that Su Family industries still have very good profitability.

The monthly profits are very high.

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Every month, large sums of loans were made.

For some time now, we all have control.

Loans are still relatively low.

However, as time passes, such controls are gradually being liberalized.

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Owing to restrictions on financial flows, it is only on the date of loan.

Every month, they dare to lend only thousands of magical stones for spending.

But the question is, what can thousands of demons do?

Can that satisfy everyone’s consumption?

No, it is clear that there is no such thing as Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, where loans can be made at any time and where there is no limit on the level of loans.

How can the disciple of Su Family control their hands?

Over time… Su Family disciple, from thousands of loans per month to tens of thousands of loans.

And then, from a monthly loan of tens of thousands to a hundred thousand! Even, it’s a lot bolder and a lot more crazy.

Even a month, I dare to lend hundreds of thousands of magic stones to spend.

Of course, these things are all very covert.

In any case, it would be a shame to let Su Family know at the senior level.

Otherwise, Su Family is bound to suffer.

Su Family, therefore, continues to live in drunken stupor on the basis of the Yokoo Chamber of Commerce loan.

Even so, they spilled happier than three years ago.

Su Family from up to down in just three years.

From individual to branch groups.

From Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, more than 500 billion magical stones have been loaned.

If that were the case alone, the problem was not too serious.

Su Family does not shake the roots, although it causes a great deal of damage.

The most serious is the fact that Su Family, in the name of Su Family as a whole, borrowed 600 billion dollars in large sums in order to expedite the construction of the island.

These 600 billion funds are borrowed for a 10-year period.

And most importantly, this part of the money is interest-free loans.


long as the principal will be repaid within the next 10 years.

That’s a good thing, Su Family, of course not.

With these 600 billion dollars, they can all step by step and build a big city on the island! The absorptive capacity of a large city is unquestionable.

Take the sheep Sword Sect, Van Master’s Sea Island.

The annual profits on the island are as high as hundreds of billions of magical stones.

Six trillion dollars, run well, two or three years of interest, can be paid in full.

Thus, Su Family without the slightest hesitation bites the bait from Zheng Xiaoqiao.

And eat the spray, elated.

But it’s just when Su Family has a dream.

The triennial major inventory has begun.

In the course of the survey, Su Family discovered that family brothers, branches, were stealing and borrowing large sums of loans from Yokohama Chamber of Commerce.

By now, its total loan is up to 500 billion! Su Family, the disciple and the major branches were able to lend more than 500 billion dollars, for a simple reason.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce’s trade in sheep islands is in cooperation with Su Family.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce is outside the sheep island, and there is only one headquarters, not at all, to build any shop.

Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and medicine ingredients are sold through Su Family stores.

In the view of the Su Family… Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, it is clearly egged by chicken, which accounts for Su Family light.

So Yokoo Chamber of Commerce is absolutely not guilty of Su Family.

That is why Su Family’s brothers and branches, from Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, have no pressure.


seems to them that Yokoo Chamber of Commerce is in no way guilty of Su Family.

Otherwise, let them have a lot of precious goods and medicine ingredients, and no channels to sell! Under a variety of pretexts, the stores of the branches are often in arrears or squeeze the money.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce personnel, if you don’t want to bribe them.

Not a lot of talking about gifts to the door.

That money, if you don’t, doesn’t give it to you.

If you can, don’t beg us, Su Family. Don’t cooperate with us.

In the face of the Su Family of the hegemony, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce does not really have a good idea.

Ask granddad to sue Grandma and bring up a lot of gifts, and it doesn’t work.

Under the aegis, Yokohama Chamber of Commerce bribed those directors with a great deal of money.

The funds of the goods can be backed up, but in a way that can be replaced?

Isn’t it more appropriate to squeeze that part of the money into Yokohama Chamber of Commerce?

In the face of heavy money bribes, it is clear that the head of Su Family branches has not been able to resist.

Funds continued to accumulate, but the backlog was converted into loans.

都是欠横宇Chamber of Commerce 的钱。


not a big deal to turn into a loan.

Although some additional interest is to be paid.

However, for the heads of Su Family branches, this interest is not required from them.

On the contrary, they themselves, instead of bribing money at sea, plunged it into their own pockets.

There’s nothing better than that.

Large amounts of money squeezed into loans.

Plus the loans of Su Family brothers and Su Family branches.

Under the roll-for-profit calculation model, more than 500 billion dollars were accumulated.

Plus the more than 600 billion interest-free loans from Su Family.

Su Family owes Yokoo Chamber of Commerce 1.2 trillion money! That was hundreds of billions of interest-free loans, which were not a problem.

Once the island has been built, one day it can be repaid.

But the question now is, what about more than 500 billion interest-bearing loans?

If you don’t pay it back as soon as possible, it would be horrible under the profit.

500 billion 资金,月息2% !如果无法尽快还清的话,每个月都会产生一百亿的利息!每年都会产生一千多亿的利息。

More than 500 billion funds will turn into more than 600 billion in a year.

If so sustained, Su Family will be dragged down sooner or later, even if it is richer.

If possible, Su Family would have ignored everything and would have paid those arrears for the first time.

But the problem now is that Su Family has invested all its funds in the construction of the island.

Even if you want to repay, there’s no money to pay.

Now, Su Family earns a monthly profit that is not enough to pay interest.

And don’t forget that, 10 years later, the 600 billion loans will also be repaid.

And the most desperate thing.

This 10-year interest-free loan has been over three years.


That is, six years later, they’re going to repay those 600 billion loans.

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