Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3767

Su Family wanted to build the island as soon as possible to repay the loan with the profits of the island.

But the problem now is… the financial chain is broken! Su Family now faces a difficult choice.

If the profitable funds continue to be used to build the island.


is true that in four to five years, the island will be completely built.

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Even after four or five years, the island had been constructed, the $600 billion loan had to be repaid first.

If they do not return, they will certainly apply to the Ministry of Military Affairs for arbitration.

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And even after the construction of the free and remote city of the island, it is not immediately possible to profit.

As a new city, you cannot count on his achievements to begin profiting.

It takes him at least 10 years to gradually expand visibility, increase influence and increase the flow of visitors.

Thus, the decade that began is basically unprofitable.

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Once the free city is completed, it is possible to apply for low-interest loans to Great Clan and the forces.

The loan was used to repay Yokohama Chamber of Commerce’s 600 billion loans.

So, if they give them another 10 years, they can let the town go completely.

However, in the current state of affairs, even four to five years, and even after 5-6 years.

What’s the point of getting out of town, even if it’s done as scheduled?

500 billion billion billion dollars, two percent of the moon’s profit, and in four years, it’s going to turn into more than 10 trillion dollars! Even if it was built, it was already a debt overhang.


will be no family or power at all, dare they lend.

And it’s not going to stop for that.

More than 10 trillion loans, two percent of the monthly profit rolls, and Su Family is not sure if he dies.

The more that debt will remain, until Su Family collapses completely.

There is no doubt that this is a dead end.

In the face of such death, Su Family is naturally in a hurry.

So three Great Elders of Su Family, had to stand up.

To Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, let’s say something.

Although it is not clear what Yokohama Chamber of Commerce thinks, it is clear that they have pushed Su Family into extinction.

If Yokoo Chamber of Commerce can’t give Su Family a saying.

That Su Family even spelled either the fish dies or the net splits.

And not to mention that Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, Su Family’s masters.

Nor did it mention that Su Family had to be white, and Devil Body had as many as 60 Supreme Elder.

This way, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce’s White House.

Zheng Xiaoqiao is sitting there in a bitter face.

Now, Jung-woo’s not back yet.

But Su Family’s plan has been lost in advance.

Who would have thought that Su Family was so cautious that every three years, you’d have to check the accounts! Zheng Xiaoqiao’s plan is without any problems.

If everything is normal, Su Family should be bankrupt by now.

If Zhou Yoo-woo wants to be the devil.

With the identity of the devil, Zhou Yongwoo is fully capable of pressuring Su Family, forcing all Su Family industries to be taken back into the bag.

But now, Jung-woo is not a magician, not yet known.

The Suko cloud is already the devil.

So, everything Zheng did before yoga, it was a big deal! By now, Suko Yun is the top leader of Su Family.

plot against Su Family, it’s plot against Suko cloud.

Suko Yun is the devil, protected by the Ministry of the Army.

Once things fail, the army will definitely come to the door.

By that time, even Jung-woo was promoted to the devil.

Others do not say that once the Ministry of Military Affairs conducts its investigation, the enormous funding of Ju Yokoo becomes problematic.

Where did you get all this money?

And, as the devil general, why would you plot against another demon general?

Even Zhu Yoo-woo won’t suffer too much punishment.

But from now on, the reputation of Zhu Yongwoo in the military department has completely stinked.

There will certainly be unanimity among other demons.

In this way, Ju Yongwoo is very difficult to develop.

For Chu Yongwoo, the region’s $10 trillion money, he’d rather throw it away than cause it to happen.

But now, things have been lost, and Jung Xiaoqiao has been completely fucked up.

I don’t know what to do next.

Just as Zheng Xiao-yo thought.

In an open laugh, a silhouette that was familiar, walked in from the door.

Zheng Xiaoyuang is annoying… when he hears this incredibly familiar laugh, he stretches his eyebrows.

Show me a happy, exciting, happy smile face.

Turn around and look… but it’s not someone else, it’s Chu Yoo! Long before going back to Lamb Island, Jung Yoo-woo knew where Zheng Xiaoqiao is now.

Know what she’s been doing for three years.

What Jung Xiaoqiao did was exactly three years ago when Zheng Yoon left and discussed it with Zheng Xiaoqiao.

Look at Zheng Xiaoqiao’s happy smile, Chu Yoo-woo’s head: “What, do you think of me?”

When you heard Ju Yongwoo’s question, Jung Jung-young yoton’s face was red.

This guy, he hasn’t seen in three years, and his mouth is a lot of hooligans.

What do you think of me?

So you let her have a girl, how to answer.

If you don’t want to, that’s too relentless.

Friends of all, and relations among themselves, belong to the Lord.

If you don’t want to, it’s absolutely impossible.

But if you think about it… it’s from Jung Xiaoyuang speaking of that, it’s too twisted, too vague.

For girls, a word that can represent means too much.

How can it be explained is incomplete?

If you meet those flowers young Master.

You answer, think about him, and he’ll be chasing questions right away… What do you think of me? Where do you want me?

What do you want me to do to you?

Open your mouth and Zheng Xiaoqiao doesn’t know how to answer.

But he suddenly saw the womb eyes of Ju Yongwoo.

Obviously, Zhu Yongwoo’s question is dignified right, and there’s nothing in it.

Old friends have been missing for years, and this is just a question from the inside.

Zheng Xiaoyao even suspects this guy that she’s a girl’s fact has been ignored.

It’s just that the flowers are deliberately flowing, the water is heartless and the laughed of Zheng Xiaoqiao.

Look at Zheng Xiaoqiao’s lonely face, Ju Yoon not at all thinking too much.

Just walked all the way, Ju Yongwoo first arrived at the front door and saw the crowd outside.

We also have a general understanding of this incident.

So now I see Zheng Xiaoqiao so lonely.

Chu Yoo-woo thinks she’s upset about what’s happening now.

In fact, Zheng Xiaoqiao is indeed grieving about this.

But more, it’s because of the deliberate and ruthless water between her and Juo Yokoo! shook the head, Juo Yokota: “This doesn’t seem difficult to deal with.”

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