Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3768


Listen to Jung Yoo-woo, Zheng Xiaoqiao made up his mood.

No more thinking about those daughters.

Concentrate all the spirit, Jung Xiaoyuan: “Isn’t it hard to deal with?

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Hands off, Chu Yoo-woo smiles and says, “You’re fighting now, aren’t you Mr. Suko Yun?”

nodded, Jung Xiaoyuan: “Yeah, as the General, we can’t plot against him, or we’re gonna get involved in the military department.”

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Hands off, Chu Yongwoo’s head: “Unless we really plot against the devil general, the military department will not care.”

“You’ve actually done a little too much, two cents of interest rolling, which is really exaggerating, and we didn’t seem to decide that!”

In the face of Jung Yoo-woo, he smiled and said, “I don’t know.”

When Zheng Xiaoyuan was heard, Jung Yoo opened his mouth and couldn’t say a word.

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That Suko Cloud, it’s really impossible to be a magician.

Even if Chu Yongwoo helped him that many, Suzuko clouds were just dangerous and barely robbed of ancient magic.

The point is, that Suko cloud did help him a lot, even to save him.


can’t give it back, right?

Ju Yongwoo is not like that.

Grab your head, Chu Yokota: “It’s not too late, you go out and talk to Su Family right away from interest on all loans, and the repayment period is one decade!”

Ah, this… hears Jung Yongwoo, when he opened wide, it’s unbelievable.

More than 500 billion interest-free loans.

More than 600 billion interest-free loans.

A total of over 10,000 taels of huge funds.


repayment period lasted 10 years! Isn’t that a white gift?

Look at Zheng Xiaoqiao, he can’t shake his head.

Although Zheng Xiaoqiao is indeed smart, she is very high and determines her eyes.

In fact, in this matter, interest and so on, it’s nothing.

The reason that Ken lent Su Family was not how generous Zhou Yongwoo was.

Ju Yongwoo is worried that Su Family’s home is not thick enough to pay to build them a free island.

Although it appears that the money was lended to Su Family.

However, the money is still used to build the island.

In the future, once the sea mountains, the sky, thank you for returning.

The war could be waged and the island could be taken away completely.

By that time, everything Su Family built on the free island became Jung-woo’s.

Moreover, even so, Su Family is genuinely gold and money borrowed from Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, which is finally to be repaid.

Su Family took Ju Yongwoo’s money to help Zhu Yongwoo build the island.

And finally, Su Family will pay every penny taken from Ju Yongwoo.

This is enough… I never thought that Jung Xiaoqiao was still not satisfied.

I got two cents a month, and I added a profit.

There’s no need for that. There’s no point! Once there is a day, the island will fall completely.

Su Family alone is a gold silver, and 1.2 trillion taken from Yokohama Chamber of Commerce has been unable to repay it.

It’s like… a beggar owes you a million, or a 100,000, is there a difference?

It’s not enough. It’s all about dumping.

If so, why would it be necessary to transform the debt from 1.2 trillion to 2 trillion, or more?

1.2 Trillion’s arrears are sufficient to make Su Family lean.

Why do you have to get out of here and drop your tongue?

What if Suko Yun is the devil?

Don’t the devil have to borrow money?

I’ve had no interest in loans, and it’s been ten years since the repayment period.

What else do you want?

If the military department is going to interfere, the world will be completely fucked up.

All demons will be able to borrow money with impunity.


borrowed it and didn’t have to pay it back.

If anyone dares to rush the debt, let the military be involved.

Obviously, the Ministry of Military Affairs is also not all-powerful.

The devil will owe the money, and that will be paid back.

Otherwise, why didn’t Li Family of the purgatory restaurant fall?

Otherwise, how could the Qin family of the ice craftsman be in danger of bankruptcy?


may be said that the Ministry of Military Affairs has lost its reasons for intervention as long as interest is waived.

On the contrary… as the devil, Suko Yun would dare not pay his debts! Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, in turn, has the right to apply for arbitration by the Ministry of Military Affairs.

As Demon Race’s devil, if Suko’s debt is not repaid, only the Ministry of Military Affairs can sanction it.

Listen to Ju Yongwoo, Jung Xiaoding.

Yeah, yeah… she’s always overvalued the proceeds.

Always trying to maximize the benefits in this war.

But in fact, she did too much.

The benefits have spilled, and she’s doing everything she can to make the benefits greater! All this is meaningless at all.

Su Family would not be in arrears of 1.2 trillion, even if it were dumped.

So, as Jung-woo said.

What if all loans become interest-free loans?

What if the repayment period is extended to 10 years?

Ultimately, this money is going to be paid back to Su Family.

You really borrowed it, and you’re going to return it.


makes sense to walk all over the world.

Even the Ministry of Military Affairs cannot forcibly intervene.

Su Family has never figured it out that the island is at risk of falling.

Ten years later, as long as the island does not fall, they can use the island as collateral to apply for loans to Great Clan, the major forces and the Ministry of Military Affairs.


this way, borrowing new debts to repay old debts.


long as it lasts a few years, it can be repaid gradually.

But the problem now is that once the island has fallen off, it is completely different.

Su Family can never make so much money by earnings from the sheep island alone.

Even if they don’t have to pay interest, they don’t pay off.

Even if they could apply for loans from other families, other forces and even the Ministry of Military Affairs.

But it’s all back.

So much money, that is to say, that interest is too low, has exceeded Su Family’s income in the sheep island.

Su Family will therefore be bankrupt soon.

Ten thousand steps back, even if Su Family survived by then, there was no bankruptcy.

It doesn’t matter to Jung-woo.

He didn’t have to bankrupt Su Family.

If Su Family can resist, it has nothing to do with Jung-woo.

Anyway, he has scratched all Su Family assets, all in his pocket.

Zhou Yongwoo first loaned Su Family 1.2 trillion to build a free island.

It wasn’t easy to build the island, but Zhou Yongwoo went straight into his waist bag.

Not even a word of gratitude… The saddest thing is that Su Family must also be a gold silver and give it to Zhou Yokoo 1.2 trillion.

Even if Su Family hadn’t collapsed, Jung-woo could be satisfied.

Su Family has lost so much to compensate for the persecution they had imposed on Juo Yokoo.

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