Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3769

Listen to Ju Yongwoo, Jung Xiaoding.

Zheng Xiaoqiao soon called the head of Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, and put Chu Yongwoo’s thoughts to a brief conclusion.

Soon, the president of Yokoo Chamber of Commerce turned around and walked away.

This Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, the President of the Vision, is a middle-aged woman.

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The whole Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, 100%, is all over Ju Yongwoo.

And actually running the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce is not the president.

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Separate divisions have been constructed.

On the major islands, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce not at all construction shops.

Rather, it works with Great Clan on the major islands, with great forces.

Great Clan and major forces from the diarrhoeal islands helped Yokohama Chamber of Commerce sell goods.

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Throughout the process, Yokohama Chamber of Commerce played only a median role.

Zheng Xiaoqiao actually wanted to build his own shop.

In this way, a dragon can be sold for production.



Not much thought, fighting with local tyrant on the island.

If we can work together, Jung-woo doesn’t want to choose competition.

After all, the distributors of the major islands make more than a little profit from the flies.

A material from seabed and medicine ingredients may cost only one magic stone.

But when it’s sold to businesses on the islands, it’s worth a hundred magic stones! The merchants added a little more profit by selling this medicine ingredients to a hundred and ten magical stones.

For Ju Yongwoo… he has made hundreds of profits.

What about the rest of the profits and the merchants?

With that energy and time, it would be better to open up more islands and open larger markets.

If that is not the case… in just three years, Jung Xiaoqiao will not be able to complete the entire sheep island, even if he was born.

And without saying, Ju Yongwoo and Zheng Xiaoqiao, how to get old in the white floor.

On the other hand… the President of Yokoo Chamber of Commerce met with the three top Elder of Su Family in the living room at Headquarters.

Ms. Wu Xia, President of Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, expressed the attitude of Yokohama Chamber of Commerce.

Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, working in good cooperation with Great Clan and the forces, has been working together with the forces of all sides in the early stages of joint development and progress.

Su Family branches, as well as the loans of Su Family brothers, are purely personal and not confused by Yokohama Chamber of Commerce.

Faced with President Wu Xia’s expression, Su Family’s three biggest Supreme Elder, was furious.

Whatever Yokoo Chamber of Commerce was meant to be.

Ultimately, the Yokohama Chamber of Commerce was finally pushing Su Family to extinction.

If Yokohama Chamber of Commerce cannot give Su Family a satisfactory proxy, Su Family does not mind either the fish dies or the net splits.

Faced with the ultimatum sent by Su Family’s three largest Supreme Elder.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce President, made some concessions.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, no intention of forcing Su Family into extinction.

Although the established facts have been established, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce’s mistakes, although they exist, are not intended to harm Su Family.

The two sides are in the closest relationship of cooperation.

But that’s why Su Family’s brother applied for a loan, and Yokoo Chamber of Commerce did not agree with the slightest hesitation.

Are you saying you’re so close to each other and you don’t lend it to Su Family?

Obviously, that’s not gonna happen.

As for interest… even if the two parties are in a state of cooperation.


can’t tell you, Su Family, you don’t have to pay interest, do you?

In fact, Yokohama Chamber of Commerce had already provided Su Family with an interest-free loan of up to 600 billion dollars.

In the face of General Wu Xia’s statement, Su Family’s three largest Supreme Elder is not allowed to speak.

It is true that the loan was not forced by the family to lend to Su Family.

Su Family brother took advantage of ones position to bully people and pressed the door to order a loan.

Yokoo Chamber of Commerce is a business organization.

Is it wrong to put a loan in front of everyone?

And as for interest, that is what the book deserves.

Isn’t it normal for people to open a Chamber of Commerce to interest on loans?

As for Su Family.

Why would it be necessary to provide Su Family with an interest-free loan of up to 600 billion dollars?

At one time, Su Family’s three top Supreme Elder were in silence.

Su Family, although forced into desperate situations, has to be reasonable… Even if they want to pursue it, they do not know where to start.

Look at the silent three Supreme Elder, President Wu Xia, giving the greatest sincerity.

What really pushed Su Family out of the way was a two-dimensional profit clause.

In so doing… in order to prove that Yokohama Chamber of Commerce is not intended to harm Su Family.

It is also possible to continue in order to maintain cooperation between the two sides.

Yokohama Chamber of Commerce, willing to repeal that provision.

More than 500 billion loans to Su Family brother were converted into interest-free loans.

However, since it is an interest-free loan, the repayment period cannot be 100 years.

Even a father can’t be so generous.

As a result, these 500 billion billion loans are combined with more than 600 billion interest-free loans.

Total 1.2 trillion loans, all interest-free loans.

The repayment period is also calculated on the basis of the repayment period of those 600 billion dollars.

That is, six years from now, Su Family has to repay this 1.2 trillion loan.

Face Wu Xia’s conditions.

Su Family, three big Supreme Elder, was relieved.

While pressure remains high, it is already the best result they can get.

At the very least, Su Family was able to pay the debt as long as it was built and developed.

Su Family will not be bankrupt because of this debt.

With operational time and space.

As for real gold and silver borrowed from people, it was in any case to be repaid.

If you’re relieved of your interest, it’s enough to prove good faith.

As for the repayment period… it is also interesting.

1.2 Trillion’s interest-free loan, Su Family deeply grateful.

What’s the qualification for manipulation and accusation?

While pressure remains high.

But, in fact, Su Family’s three top Supreme Elder, they’re all good.

Everything is not a problem as long as the city is built.

Although it appears in a short time, Su Family must have had a hard time.

But if you can’t even eat this, how can you be qualified to enjoy a better, luxurious future?

Soon, the three top Supreme Elder of Su Family, with President Wu Xia, abolished the original two agreements.

A new loan agreement has been signed.

According to the new agreement, Su Family has borrowed 1.2 trillion funds to build the island.

The repayment period is 10 years… It has now been three years.

We’re about to get into the fourth year.

In other words, more than six years, nearly seven years.

Su Family asked for a lump sum of all arrears.

The three top Supreme Elder has repeatedly looked at the new agreement several times, confirming that there is no error.

They signed their names and pressed their own handprints.


this regard, the new loan agreement has been successfully concluded! Total 1.2 trillion funds, all interest-free loans.

After the signing of a new loan agreement, Su Family’s crisis was dissolved.

The three Supreme Elder sincerely thanked President Wu Xia.

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