Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3770

Obviously… Yokoo Chamber of Commerce has proved that it is really heartbeat to Su Family.

That was really good… a total of 1.2 trillion interest-free loans were made to Su Family.

Even if my father was a relative to his son, he wouldn’t have been able to do that.

Before leaving, the three top Elder and General Wu Xia agreed.

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Yokoo Chamber of Commerce must be the first time to convey this message to Su Family High Level.

Anyway, there’s no way to lend those nasty Su Family brothers any more credit.

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But if you let those little brats go so bad again.

Su Family can’t afford it even if it’s big.

Now, Su Family is in the most important period of change.

Su Family will have its own city as long as this difficult time passes.

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Su Family will be between, from a small family to a medium family! It’s really important for Su Family.

Especially Su Family, born of Suko Yun, the devil! Its potential for development is really too big.

Just give them time.

Su Family 完全有能力,有机会,发展成为一个大型家族。

Su Family’s real ambition is attached to Suko Clouds.

To develop Su Family into a superfamily of three hundred sixty islands! All the requests of Su Family three Supreme Elder were accepted.

President Wu Xia personally sent three top Elder outside the gate.

The three top Supreme Elder, who saw Su Family, led the departure of a crowd of Su Family leaders.

Although on the surface, Yokohama Chamber of Commerce appears to be weak.

But this time is weak, but it’s Yokoo Chamber of Commerce, and it’s a great reputation.

Yokohama Chamber of Commerce preferred to lose its own interests and not the interests of its partners.

The Yokohama Chamber of Commerce has proved to be friendly and trustworthy.

And most importantly, Yokoo Chamber of Commerce is able to release 1.2 trillion funds.

This is enough to show that Yokohama Chamber of Commerce rich and imposing, as well as the huge bottom.

The Chamber of Commerce, which is so strong and so humane, is naturally willing to cooperate with it.

President Wu Xia returned to the White House with a new loan agreement.

After the new loan agreement, Jung-woo and Zheng Xiaoqiao looked at it.

Then Ju Yongwoo and Zheng Xiaoqiao laughed.

Old loan agreements have been recovered and completely destroyed.

And the new lending agreement is totally no problem.

I’ll lend you free money to help you build, right?

Yokohama Chamber of Commerce only needs to wait for the building of the city to be completed.

By the sea mountains, the sky, the three of them, we can take them back.

A small island of 1,000 miles in the area, if lost, would not attract the attention of the Ministry of Military Affairs.


sheep archipelago, with a total of 3,000 islands.

Of these, the three hundred sixty islands of the sheep islands are one of those three thousand islands.

Of the 3,000 islands of the sheep population, the sheep islands are small.

Those larger islands, even thousands of islands.

Thus, the Haitians bordering the sheep are almost infinite.

Every day, hundreds of islands fall.

Every day, hundreds of islands will also be taken back.

Changes in island ownership are taking place almost every moment.

The people of the sheep, and even the entire army, have become accustomed to this change.

The sheep have been fighting the sea.

But don’t think the sheep are hostile to the sea! Indeed, the sheep have never taken the initiative to launch attacks against the Haitian community.

The first to launch an attack has always been the sea, not the sheep.

As you know, the three thousand islands occupied by the sheep are actually taken from the sea.

Sea people are the original inhabitants of these islands! Even if the Haitians attacked, the islands were taken back.

Nor will the sheep fight the sea.

Not that you don’t want to fight.

Nor are they afraid to fight.

The key is that the sea community is deep beneath the sea, and the sheep are simply powerless to fight with one.


long as the Navy does not retreat, the sheep can only be ignored.

But, well, the sea community cannot survive on land for a long time.

Even if they hit the island, they were basically just trying to loot the land.

After the pillage, those seafarers will return to the sea.

Only a fraction of the separatists remained brave and stationed on the island.

By this time, the sheep can react and take back the lost islands.

Until the large Haitian forces have withdrawn, the sheep will not be able to approach the island.

Supported ships are attacked by the Haitian community on a half-way basis.

And above the sea, the sea people are basically invincible.

As a result, once the island has fallen off, the Ministry of Military Affairs will not ignore it at all.

Not to send troops to take back the island.

Indeed, the sheep are very afraid of the sea.

The attack will only be carried out by the sea, and never by the sheep.

The relationship between the sheep and the sea.

Like the relationship between rats and cats.

The relationship between food and predators.

If it is not for the Haitian community to survive on land for a long time.

The sheep archipelago is simply not in the hands of the sheep.

Once it really pisses off the sea.


triggered a war between the sheep and the sea.

The infinite Haitians come to shore, a bad, and the sheep may be extinct! In fact, for millions of years Demon Race, who has been completely exterminated by the sea, has been a low race of tens of thousands.

Only a relatively powerful Demon Race can continue to live on the island.

Back inside Yokohama Chamber of Commerce… In Ju Yongwoo and Zheng Xiaoqiao laugh, the inner resentment of Su Family has disappeared.

Compared to the forthcoming cost of Su Family.

Su Family’s oppression against Ju Yongwoo, as well as Zheng Xiaoyu and the others, is not enough.

After the complete completion of the layout, Jung Xiaoqiao doesn’t have to stay here anymore.

Next, it’s all under the responsibility of President Wu Xia, enough.

Next, Jung Xiaoqiao must leave the sheep island with Ju Yongwoo.

Here, Ju Yongwoo’s ambitions and aspirations are no longer acceptable.

However, there was still something to do before Ju Yokoo left.

Since Judas Chang and Shih are not meant to be military.

Then Zhou Yoo-woo must build a future for them.

There’s too much to say, at least within the sheep Sword Sect, to get a prominent place for them.

Half an hour later, Jung-woo and Zheng Xiaoqiao left quietly from the back door of Yokohama Chamber of Commerce.

The position of the sheep Sword Sect was rushed past.

On the journey, the two people said that they were laughing and talked about each other’s experiences for three years.

Soon… the two men arrived before Sword Sect, the sheep.

Look at that fantastic mountain gate, Ju Yongwoo can’t be impressed for a while.

Three or four years ago, Zhou Yokoo passed the exam and entered the sheep Sword Sect.

But today, three or four years later, Zhou Yokoo’s identity and status have prevailed over the sheep Sword Sect.

At this point, even if the Sect Master of Sword Sect, the sheep, saw Zhou Yongwoo, he would like to see you on his own initiative.

Not for anything, just because Ju Yongwoo is now the man of the hundred!

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