Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3771

Sword Sect Master of the sheep Sword Sect, although he also owns 60 paragraphs Devil Body.

But he’s not the devil.


terms of identity, status has been completely crushed by Zhou Yongwoo! Moreover, even if they do not speak of identity, they do not speak of status.

Ju Yongwoo now has 60 Devil Body.

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Once in a state of demonization, the demon Battle Physique is gathered.

Ju Yongwoo will have 70 Devil Body powers.

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We can do it in a second! That sheep Sword Sect Master, even Jung-woo’s trick, can’t resist! That is the mighty beast of the ancient magic.

That’s why the devil’s identity and status are so high! Used to be, in Ju Yongwoo’s judgment.

When he comes back to Sword Sect.

That must be the drummer, the artillery, the red flag show, the wide crowd.

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Watching cold and cheerless mountain gates, Zhou Yongwoo laughed.

Obviously, Suko Yun concealed the fact that Zhou Yokoo was also successfully promoted to the devil.

As for why Suko Yun is hiding the truth.

The reason is simple, you don’t have to guess.

He must have wanted to take all the rights of the shepherd Sword Sect in his own capacity as a new promoter.

If he can capture the sheep Sword Sect thoroughly before Ju Yongwoo returns.

Zhou Yoo-woo will not fight and defeat.

In Suko Yun’s vision… the island is flourishing in construction and development.

The whole sheep island, too, is in Su Family control.

If even Sword Sect, the sheep is caught by Su Family.

Ask what Jung-woo took to fight him?

And once Jung-woo loses! So according to the agreement between the two.

Zhou Yongwoo must put down all hatred, follow Suko cloud, become the first General of Suko cloud! To have Ju Yongwoo this most powerful General.

Suko Yun has done his best.

Even a million-dollar chance, it won’t stay for Juo Yokoo.

… coldly snort, for Suzuko cloud practice, Zhou Yongwoo is not sure.

But Zhu Yongwoo fears that Juda Chang and Shih will not be pressured by the clouds of Suko.

Zhu Yongwoo’s personality and temper have always been very gentle.

Even if you do not punish him again, he will not be too angry.

But Chu Yongwoo also has reverse scale, with a floor limit.

Jung-woo’s reverse scale is his friends.

Ju Yongwoo’s bottom line is to move him. He can’t move his friends! If it’s just yourself.

Even if it’s full of wounds, Jung-woo can smile.

But who dares to touch his friend? Then the Emperor will be dragged down by Zhou Yoo! Look at the tall mountain gate of the sheep Sword Sect.

Ju Yongwoo can only hope now that the Suko cloud won’t be that swelling.

Otherwise, Jung-woo himself doesn’t know what he’s gonna do.

Between thinking, Ju Yongwoo, with Jung Xiaoqiao, has moved slowly into the mountain gate of the sheep Sword Sect.

On a journey, soon… Ju Yongwoo entered the gate.


emergence of Ju Yongwoo, not at all, has attracted too much attention.

After all, when I was in the mountains, Zhou Yoo-woo was famously broadcasting.

But because he’s too low-profile, he’s really close to seeing him, not a lot.

Even when the porridge shop was opened, Zhou Yongwoo was hiding behind the kitchen and cooking.

Thus, despite his reputation, most people do not know him even in person.

All the way back to the porridge shop, looking at it, the build-up of the porridge has been broken again.

The demonic energy here, at the heart of the archaeological array, is really too cohesive.

demonic energy erodes, the building will soon collapse.

After a long breath, Juo Yokoo did not come at all into the porridge shop, but turned around and rushed in the direction of the studio with Zheng Xiaoqiao… Soon, the two arrived outside the building.

I saw Ju Yongwoo show up, there was a cultivator who knew Ju Yongwoo, and I was surprised to see Ju Yongwoo soon.

Zhu Yongwoo looked at one cup of one fist in the other hand, and said, “Judas Chang, are you in the hall?”

Judas Chang?

When you heard Jung-woo, that cultivator was confused to look at Ju Yongwoo.

Look at Ju Yongwoo, that gorgeous dress, between a while, a little too scared to admit.

You know, Zhou Yongwoo came to work many times before, but Zhu Yoo-woo was very low at that time.

The most common outer Sect Disciple uniform.

What do you mean, man decorating saddles, dog Pellen running like joy.

Ju Yongwoo’s wearing and dressed this way, it’s just a change of person.

Unless it’s Judas Chang and Shih, very familiar with Ju Yongwoo.

Otherwise, wait for the leisure, don’t even dare! In the impression of all… Zhou Yongwoo is just a little handsome, but very low-profile ordinary person.

But what is now in front of them is a handsome, handsome, handsome man.

In particular, they are dispersed from within and outside each other with the kind of power and temperature that they send.

I can’t describe it in language! Such a wonderful man, looking for the sheep Sword Sect, seems to be the only one in Suko Clouds, who can talk to just about equal terms.

And even Suko Yun, it’s not just one! The cultivator of the building opened his mouth: “Judas Chang is not in the studio right now.” Hear that, Jung-woo’s eyebrows are up.

A painless murderous aura, gushing out.

Judo Yongwoo must have been crushed by Suko Yun! Feel the murderous aura of that cold stab, the cultivator of the studio, the cold heart.

While it is not clear why each other is angry, it is clear that each other has entered a state of anger.

Whatever it is, it’s not surprising.

Sam’s cold looking at the cultivator of the studio, the cold road of Ju Yongwoo: “What’s going on, why isn’t he in the studio, what’s going on here?”

The cultivator of the building was very cautious: “Soon ago, he seemed guilty to Master and was assigned to the mine.”

Deal with the mines! Heard that cultivator, Juju Yongwondon was angry.

Although there is no eye to it, with the wisdom of Ju Yongwoo, the truth of the matter is already on paper.

Smell your eyes, Ju Yokota: “Judas Chang was distributed to the mines, after Suko’s clouds returned, right?”

The late looking at Ju Yongwoo.

Although Zhou Yongwoo feels horrible, like a demon.

But even so, he wouldn’t want to talk about Master and Suko Clouds.

He’s just a little cultivator, and he can’t afford this kind of energy.

Otherwise, even before this guy doesn’t deal with him.

Master and Sue Yun will not forgive him.

By contrast, Master and Suko clouds are more likely to determine their fate.

Look at the cultivator, who wants to stop talking and fears.

Zhu Yongwoo, although extremely angry inside, will not be angry with others.

In any case, this is not about the cultivator in front of it.

The real thing is Master and Suko Clouds.

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