Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3772

In Ju Yongwoo’s view… after the Suzuko cloud successfully promoted to the devil, the Master must have been unable to resist pressure and turn to Suko cloud.

And as a ballot, Master put Juddachang in the mine and hit the cold palace completely! Don’t look before, Master can resist Su Family.

Strong standing behind Juda Chang, becoming the strongest mountain in Juda Chang.

But once Suko Yun is promoted to the devil, it’s completely different.

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And the power of the devil will never be confronted by ordinary people.

When a magician wants to trouble you.

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Even if you don’t die, it’s definitely derelict.

The furious, not Master’s approach.

In Ju Yongwoo’s view, there must be a shadow of Suko Yun in this matter.

In order to take complete control of the sheep Sword Sect, Suzuko cloud must completely remove all traces of Zhou Yokoo.

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And, of course, Suko Yun didn’t have the guts to kill them.

After all, people may not know.

But Suko Yun knows himself, and Jung-woo is also the devil.

In that case, as a friend of the devil, Suko Yun would never dare to conspire to frame, let alone kill each other.

Otherwise, as soon as the Department of Military Affairs investigates it, no one dares keep him secret.

Everything he does will be in vain.

By that time, Suko Yun wouldn’t die.

But the future is gone.

Normally, they will be assigned to the vicious frontier, with no future to say.

In one way or another, it’s like life imprisonment.

It is therefore very united among the general leaders of the Ministry of Military Affairs.

They can’t see each other, but they will never attack each other.

Otherwise, it’s gonna be really bad.

Zhu Yongwoo randomly threw a pistol pocket to the cultivator.

Then, with Jung Xiaoqiao, he went in the direction of Dan Hall.

It’s been a long time since Zhou Yoo-woo and Jung Yu left.

Until the silhouette of the two people disappeared, it was down and looked at the past in the pocket in hand.

Open your pocket gently, and look in the eye… and inside the beast pocket, there’s a full pocket of magic.

Especially a couple of magic stones, and more flashing! And don’t say how fantastic that cultivator is.

On the other hand, Ju Yongwoo and Zheng Xiaoqiao are on their way to Dan Hall.

And when I asked, I learned that the stone was also distributed.

As a member of Dan Hall, Ish was distributed to the pharmacy.

The so-called pharmacy is where medicine ingredients are cultivated.

Like mines, nurseries are also places where basic materials are provided for the building.

Typically, mineral pits and nurseries are hard workers who are responsible for disciple outside the mountains.

But now, Juda Chang and Shih were distributed there.

It’s too much bully intolerably for Jung-woo! Obviously, the Master, and the old Dan, have been firmly on the side of Suko Cloud.

In this way, Suko cloud has basically all the doors.

Three years ago, there was no exhaustion before the purgatory opened.

Suko Yun controls the sword hall, the law enforcement hall, the beast hall, the three gates.

And now, with the Dan Hall, the building has taken full control of the five main gates.


‘s only one cafeteria left, and the sheep Sword Sect will be completely under control! However, Zhou Yongwoo, although not yet in the cafeteria, is convinced that Van Master will not be able to confront Su Yun.

You know, between Van Master and Ju Yongwoo, there was no very deep source.

Although Zhu Yongwoo is a member of the cafeteria, it is clear that Ju Yongwoo is not Master of Van Master.

From that moment on Ju Yongwoo and Suko Clouds.

Old Master and Dan, not at all, remain steadfast in their support for Judachan and Shih.

But Van Master is different! Although he didn’t all turn down to Suko Yun, he left Zhou Yongwoo directly.

Apparently, Van Master chose to be a wall rider. That’s why Van Master is too helpless.

If you stand directly on the side of Suko Yun and betray Zhou Yoo-woo completely.

So, how is he still in the cafeteria, how can we convince everyone?

Master and Dan are so tough, against Suko Clouds.

Chu Yongwoo is a member of the cafeteria, and you can’t sell it if you don’t fight?

So, even though Van Master seems to be a Wall Rider, he has completely abandoned Ju Yongwoo.

He’s done everything he could have done at that time.

Ever since he entered Sword Sect, Zhou Yokoo never got a little support and help from Van Master.

So cunning an old fox.

Ju Yongwoo still expects him to fall back to Suko’s cloud at this time?

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

You can’t be surprised to hear this creepy whimper.

And it is not a man who cries out.

It was blown out by the horn.

And once the horn blows, it means the sheep Sword Sect, and it must have happened.

And Zheng Xiaoqiao looked at it, and Ju Yoon bited his teeth, moved towards the magic horn and drove over.

At the same time… it is not just Jung-woo.

All those who hear the horn are rushing towards the sound of the moving towards the road.

The sheep Sword Sect occupies a huge area of land.

As a result, Ju Yongwoo and Zheng Xiaoyuang arrived at Sword Sect Square for a minute.

It appears that the Sword Sect Square on ten thousand meters in diameters has been crowded.

Just a little bit, Jung-woo was surprised to find out.


are 2,300,000 people here.

For the first time, Zhou Yokoo knows that the sheep Sword Sect disciple is so much! mixed up in the crowd, ju Yoo-woo and Zheng Xiaoqiao, looking for a remote corner.

It stopped in the back of a big copper.


appears to be at the center of the square that the sheep Sword Sect Master, as well as the six main lobbyists, are present.

In addition to these seven people, Suko cloud, who was in the white robe, stood in the square center.

Over time, more and more people have come from all sides.

The eyes are swept, the eyes are full of people.

Even Zhu Yongwoo can’t see where the crowd’s boundaries are.

I don’t know how much disciple the sheep Sword Sect is anymore.

Finally, whimpering magic horns chill down.

The next moment… the crowd surrounds, the sound of Suzuko clouds is ringing.

Listen to Suko Yun’s generous and generous words, Chu Yongwoo can’t hold on to.

this time was summoned from Suko cloud.

And the reason he’s bringing you together is to challenge the Sect Master of the Sword Sect, the sheep, and to compete for his position! According to Demon Race’s rules, whoever has a big fist should be in charge.

This is the case in the army, and the natural exception in the Sword Sect is far more unlikely.

Look at that, Devil Body of Suko Cloud, has risen to 53! And the Devil Body of Sword Sect Master is only 60! If neither side opens the demonization and brings the Devil Battle Physique together.

Then there is no doubt that Suko Clouds is definitely not Sect Master’s opponent.

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