Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3773

But everything is nothing if it is.

In fact, once the battle starts, Suko Clouds will turn on demonization and bring the devil Battle Physique together.

By that time, his Battle Physique will live for eight consecutive periods, reaching 61 Battle Physique’s strength.

With Suko Yun’s magic set, Sect Master is definitely not his opponent.

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And Suko Yun, too, must leap between, becoming the new Sect Master.

Between Jung-woo thinking, Su Yun has already finished his speech.

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This Suko cloud, used to be his direct disciple.

And the one who was most favoured by him.

But I never thought it was Suko Yun who really shakes his identity and position! From some point of view, it’s a sin too! You know, being a magician can only hold one position outside the military department.

If Suko Clouds were persuasive, there was no need for him to act as Sect Lords Position of Sword Sect.

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Compared to those rich islands, the exodus of sheep is just a dry land.

But there’s no way Su Family wants to take full control of the sheep.

So this sheep Sword Sect, Su Family, has to take it.

The old Sect Master sighs shook the head.

it’s time challenges that don’t need to be done.

Just a while ago, Suko Yun had a private campaign to guide him.

That war, no bystanders, only Suko Clouds and Old Sect Master.

Under that war, Suzuko clouds used to penetrate arrows, earthquake arrows, assault arrows, and indiscriminate snipers! The old Sect Master had nothing to do with it… In that war, Suzuko cloud had not been demonized at all, nor had he gathered the devil Battle Physique.

Even so, with 53 Devil Body, Suko Clouds and Old Sect Master fighting alone.

That is why today’s war is absolutely unnecessary.

Suko Yun, how much did you give Old Sect Master some face?

Let him know the gap between them, and let him be ashamed of here today.

Between thinking, old Sect Master took a few steps forward, loudly said, “This war, I’m losing.” Wow! Listen to old Sect Master, all the audiences are flat.

For Demon Race, even if he knew not to be hostile, that would have to be done.

It’s more embarrassing than defeat.

Listen to people screaming, old Sect Master didn’t close his eyes with pain.

Normally, things are as much as you can imagine.

Even if you can’t beat it, you can’t admit it.

It is absolutely the greatest shame that has failed so far.

But old Sect Master, he had to do it, and he had his hard feelings.

You know, old Sect Master is the top pillar of his family, the ace! He can’t fail, but he can’t fail! Once he’s acting too bad, the strength looks too weak.

Then he lost Sword Sect Lords Position, a lot of nights, and he hit his family’s idea.

Now the problem is, once old Sect Master hits Suko Clouds, he can’t really fight.

Not only will it fail, but it will also be a special loser.

Suko Yun’s range is up to 100 meters away.

There are unlimited locks, and every arrow in Suko cloud is bound to be targeted.

So, old Sect Master can’t do it even close to the 100 meters around Suko Cloud. How do we fight?

Suko Yun’s assault arrow can fly the target out.

An earthquake arrow can target the site and enter a dizziness.

And the tremendous lethal force through the arrow, it’s even more amazing.

Old Sect Master, there’s nothing to fight with.

Even if barely committed to the 100 meters area, they will be pushed off by an arrow.

And then, in the process of retreat, an earthquake arrow was set to live.

Once again, the battle is almost over.

Throughout the battle, old Sect Master was just like a lamb, and there was no room for return.

Thus, while it is clear to me that failure in the first place is the most embarrassing.

But old Sect Master has no choice.

He must maintain his strong image.

He must continue to stand up and become the most reliable pillar of his family.

Heard old Sect Master defeated on the spot, and that Suko Winton was shot in the eyes with a sharp rays of light.

So far, Suko Yun thinks he’s holding the sheep Sword Sect tightly in his hand.

And without saying, Jung-woo hasn’t returned yet.

What if Zhou Yoo-woo comes back?

Zhou Yongwoo was born without background or background.

Over the

past six months, Suko Yun has been supported by Su Family’s vast bottom.

Hard is to raise Devil Body from 50 to 53! Don’t underestimate these three Devil Body.

More than 50 paragraphs, Devil Body’s upgrading is almost impossible to rely on refinement.

Devil Body is almost impossible to breakthrough without a large amount of medicine pill, which is supported by medication.

Of course… you’re hard to repair, to upgrade Devil Body, and it’s not possible.

But the Devil Body, over 50 or more, will take at least a few hundred years, or even thousands of years, to upgrade it.

If it’s bad luck, it’s not good enough.

Even 10,000 years of refinement, 100,000 years may not be possible to upgrade a Devil Body.

From Suko Yun’s point of view, Devil Body of Zhu Yongwoo is definitely still in 50 paragraphs.

… The clouds of Suzuko at this moment are absolutely blatant.

53 Devil Body, for the top 50 Devil Body, it’s definitely a crush! Wait a minute!

Think of how to fix it when the sheep Sword Sect is taken back into the bag.

Together, it sounded out of the crowd.

Hear this familiar sound, Suko Winton was shocked.

Obviously, Suko Yun heard the owner of that sound.

But soon, Suko Yun laughed.

What if Zhou Yoo-woo comes back?

Come on, Suko Yun is confident that he can crush Zhou Yongwoo on battle strength.

Second, old Sect Master has failed, and the sheep Sword Sect is in his place.

Even Zhou Yongwoo wants to rob, it’s not licensed.

And between the Shaitan (Satan) is forbidden.

For example, since Suko Yun has contested the position of the sheep Sword Sect.

Then even Zhu Yongwoo’s power is far above Suzuko’s clouds and cannot be robbed.

Otherwise, the whole army isn’t completely messed up?

Look who’s good at it, just go grab it.

So who’s going to do those bad jobs?

This precedent cannot be opened… Otherwise, the entire sheep will be in a state of instability.

And that turbulence will continue forever.

If anyone is strong, they can challenge better positions.

It was completely disruptive… in the eyes of Suzuko clouds, Zhou Yokou’s self-populated people leap out.

Ling Yu has crossed a distance of more than 30 metres, and Zhou Yokou has fallen on the Sword Sect Square central sword.

Cold across Suko Clouds, Ju Yokoo turned around and looked at the old Sect Master.

Look at old Sect Master, Ju Yokota: “Allow me to question this test!”

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