Spirit Sword Sovereign Chapter 3774


Listen to Jung-woo, Suko Yun and Old Sect Master, and they’re stuck.

What are you questioning?

Is there anything to question?

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It’s not just the six cathedrals on the sword.

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Hear Ju Yongwoo, the crowd around is sudden.

That sounds really creepy.

But think about it. It’s possible!

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Even if demonized, only the strength of paragraph 61 Devil Body is available.

Old Sect Master’s Devil Body, although only 60 paragraphs.

But you know, old Sect Master has lived hundreds of thousands of years.

He’s the oldest man in the 60th.

In fact, the experience of war, the experience, the skill, is never comparable to that of Suko Yun, who is only about 20 years old.

The gap between a Devil Body in the district area is not irreparable.

Think about it.

Even if you start refining from a mother’s womb.

How can we win the old Sect Master, who’s been rehabilitating hundreds of thousands of years?

Just now, old Sect Master took the initiative to defeat, and that’s why everyone was so surprised.

Old Sect Master is not a failure, but cannot fail without being war-torn and voluntarily defeated.

Obviously, old Sect Master is afraid of acting, so you can see weak spot.

Otherwise, a district 20-year-old cunt.

Why are you hostile to the old poker?

Even if you can barely win, it must be very difficult, very ugly.

Between now and then, the surrounding audience is talking about it.

It’s a mess.

When you see this scene, Suko Yun can’t be angry.

gnashing teeth ‘look at Ju Yoo, Suko, angrily said, “Ju Yongwoo, what are you doing to me?”



you heard Suko Yun, Jung Yokoo coldly smiled, it didn’t explain.

See this scene, Suko Yun can’t be extremely angry.

Bite your teeth, Suko Yun said coldy: “People don’t know my ability, don’t you know? What did he fight me for? I got him!”


you hear Suko Yun, old Sect Master’s face is sunk.

Although that is true, it is not appropriate that Suko Yun speak out in public.

As Master of Suko Clouds, in any case, he should leave some face for old Sect Master.

Face Suko Yun’s drink, Jung-woo sneered.

Look at Suko Yun, Chu Yongwoo: “The last thing you should do is move my friends, and if you touch them, don’t blame me for being polite to you!”


the face of Zhu Yongwoo’s blame, Suzuko Winton stared in his eyes, angrily said, “I didn’t do that to them, Master and Dan himself!”


coldly snort, Ju Yokota: “You should know my personality, and since you moved my friend, I don’t care how it moves, it’s only on your head.”

Between words, Zhu Yongwoo turned around and looked at the past at Dan and Master.

Between cold and cold, Zhou Yongwoo continues on the road:

“Their accounts, I’ll sort them out later, and as for you…”

“You know why they did it, but they didn’t stop it, and that’s why it’s hard to blame!”


you hear Ju Yongwoo, Suko Yun can’t talk.

Indeed, Suko Clouds can fool people.

But he cannot deceive himself alone, nor will he deceive Zhou Yoo-woo.

If Suko Yun really cares about Jung-woo, he will definitely stop Dan and Master.

Anyway, Jung-woo’s friend can’t move!

The most frightening thing about Suko is that now he can’t see the depths of Ju Yongwoo.

Used to be, Devil Body of Zhu Yongwoo must have stopped at 50.

But the truth is, Devil Body of Juo Yokoo, at least three paragraphs.

Because of Suko Yun, the Devil Body of Zhu Yongwoo has not been fully seen, and what exactly has it reached?

This is a situation that will arise only after three paragraphs.

If it’s really over to Ju Yongwoo, let it get yellow.

So, as part of the sheep Sword Sect, Juo Yokoo is entitled to compete with Suko Clouds.


long as Suko Yun is not in this position, anyone can compete with him.

And as long as Suko Yun sits in this seat, Jung-woo can’t come and steal it.

A bite of teeth, Suko Clouds: “Well, then I fought with Sect Master.”

Between words, Suko Yun looked at the past and went on to say, “Before Sect Master defeated me, you had no right or right to participate in this.”

Hear Suko Yun, Chu Yongwoo’s curl one’s lip.

Obviously, in the eyes of Suko Yun, Ju Yongwoo was trying to ruin this and then compete with Suko Cloud Sect Lords Position.

Unfortunately, Zhu Yongwoo’s eyes do not see the sheep outside the district.

The sheep Sword Sect Master position is still too small.

Far from the centre of politics and rights, it is completely impossible to meet the demands of Juo Yokoo.

So, from the beginning to finish, Jung-woo never wanted to compete with Su Yun for this position.

But even if Zhu Yongwoo doesn’t want to fight, it doesn’t mean he’ll sit around and take the sheep Sword Sect back in the bag!

Cold looking at Suko Clouds…

Zhou Yoo-woo, you’re welcome.

“Suko Yun, you can have today, and I did it with my own hands.”

“Since I can push you to this position, I will certainly be able to push you out of this position!”


Listen to Ju Yoo-woo, again.

Zhu Yoo-woo, it’s too big!

From Ju Yongwoo’s words…

The reason the clouds of Suzuko were promoted to the devil was the achievement of Zhou Yoo-woo!

That’s exaggerating!

Moreover, the vast majority of people have lost sight of Ju Yongwoo’s position.

As you can see, Zhou Yongwoo’s power is still above Suko Yun!

It’s horrible.

It is most surprising that in the face of the seemingly embarrassing rhetoric of Zhou Yokoo, Suko Yun has not refuted at all.

And morally, it’s just a little bit of a feeling.

Faced with everyone’s attention, Suko Yun also knows that he does not do much in this matter.

But it really doesn’t blame him…

He also knows that the distribution of Juda Chang and Ish will be a complete source of anger to Zhou Yongwoo.

But in order to defeat Jung-woo completely, he had to do so.

According to his agreement with Jung-woo!

Once he defeats Jung-woo, Ju Yongwoo must lay down all hatred and follow him faithfully.

It’s because of the deal that Suko Yun ignored and distributed Judachang and Stone.

But I never thought, at the most critical moment, Jung-woo came back!

If Chu Yoo-woo comes back one day later, it’s already a canoe.

In Suko Yun’s view…

Su Family built a free island and held the business of the sheep island.

If the sheep Sword Sect is captured again.

Su Family then captured all the military and commercial branches of the sheep island.

By that time, Jung-woo was not even qualified to fight him.

To defeat Jung-woo.

In order to bring Jung-woo back to himself.

Suko Yun would do anything. What would you do?

But it’s clear that Suko Yun is just thinking more.

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